Wetting Agent 8 Oz.
    Wetting Agent 8 Oz..

    Wetting Agent Is A Surfactant-a Concentrated Surface-active Liquid Which Reduces Surface Tension, Thus Improving Wetting And Increasing The Flow Of Acrylic Waterborne Paints. Surfactants Are Used To "wet Out" Pigments To Ease Their Introduction Into An Acrylic Resin, Medium Or Gel. They Can Also Be Added To Thinner Paint Mixtures, Such As Stains, To Help Reduce Surface Tension. Wetting Agent Is Very Useful For Staining Techniques, As It Dramatically Reducds The Surface Tension Between The Stain (paint/water) And The Support. Certain Supports, Especially Raw Canvas, Are Inherently Water Repelling In Nature And Require The Use Of Such A Surface-active Agent To Allow The Stain To Wet And Penetrate Into The Support. Golden Wetting Agent Also Improves Flow For Brushing Acrylic Paints. This Allows For Improved Leveling, And Reduces Bead Up Due To Surface Tension.

    Manufacturer: Golden
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 40788

Graduate Acrylic Paint Mixing White 75 Ml
    Graduate Acrylic Paint Mixing White 75 Ml.

    Daler-rowney Graduate Acrylic Paints Are Water-based, Contains No Solvents, And Are Able To Flow Easily From Your Skirmish Onto A Wide Variety Of Surfaces. This Range Of Paint Has Strong Colors Due To Good Pigment Strength, And Are Fast Drying, Durable, And Flexible. Works Of Art Painted With Graduate Acrylic Paints Can Be Loosely Rolled Up Without Fear Of Cracking. Available In 75-milileter Tubes.

    Manufacturer: Daler-rowney
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 99662

Glitter Tape 3 8 In. Chestnut 3 Yd. Spool
    Glitter Tape 3 8 In. Chestnut 3 Yd. Spool.

    American Crafts Glitter Tape Lets You Piece Together Your Projects, Not With Boring Clear Tape, But With Tape Coated In Sparkling Glitter It-s Easy To Use, Tape-on Glitter, And Is Available In An Array Of Colors And Widths.

    Manufacturer: American Crafts
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 13727

Caps Level 1 Ultra Skinny
    Caps Level 1 Ultra Skinny.

    Montana Gold Cans Feature A Level Cap System With A Variety Of Interchangeable Caps That Allow Artists To Customize Spray Width On The Same Spray Can To Achieve Different Effects For Different Projects. Cap Nozzle Sizes Range From Ultra-thin For Detailed Work To Extra-fat To Cover Large Areas.the Green Level Caps Offer An Easy-to-unders Tand Identification System Based On Shape And Color, Giving An Output Of Very Skinny To Super Fat Lines. The Three Skinny Caps Have An Indented Cap Head And A Black Dot Nozzle. The Three Fat Caps Have A Rounded Head And Pink Or Orange Dot Nozzle. Within Both Groups Of Skinny And Fat Caps, They Range From Narrow To Wide Spray Widths Based On The Cap Color - The Green Darkening Ass The Spray Width Increases.

    Manufacturer: Montana Gold
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 04860

Super Point Mini Manual Helical Pencil Sharpener Each
    Super Point Mini Manual Helical Pencil Sharpener Each.

    The Super Point Mini Manual Pencil Sharpener Uses A Helical Blade, And Sharpens To A Super Fine Point For Detailed Work. Uses An Extendable Front Plate / Self Feeding Mechanism. The Sliding Tray Reservoir Is Easily Emptied, And The Included Clamp Will Attach The Sharpener Securely To Your Desk. This Sharpener Will Easily Sharpen Round Or Hexagonal Pencils, From 7mm To 9mm.

    Manufacturer: Derwent
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 05404

Dispenser Packs Tarnish Resistant Silver Plate 18 Gauge 4 Yd.
    Dispenser Packs Tarnish Resistant Silver Plate 18 Gauge 4 Yd..

    Artistic Wire Is Ideal For Jewelry, Beading, Arts, Crafts, Scrapbooking, Home Decor And More These Handy Dispenser Packs Contain Tarnish Resistant, Silver Plated Wire And Are Available In Various Gauges And Lengths.

    Manufacturer: Artistic Wire
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 62336

Grids & Giudes Gray
    Grids & Giudes Gray.

    Map Out Graphs, Schematics, Sketches, And Dreams With This Sleek And Durab1e Workbook. Inspired By Vintage Laboratory Notebooks, Grids & Guides Features 144 Pages Of Graph Paper Interspersed With A Multitude Of Scientific Charts, Tables, And Infographics Featuring Everything From The Periodic Table To Alternative Alphabets To Newton's Law Of Motion. This Journal Is The Perfect Tool For Right-brainers And Left Brainers Alike.

    Manufacturer: Princeton Architectural Press
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 48639

Mini Glue Gun Each
    Mini Glue Gun Each.

    Mini Low Temperature (250 Degrees Fahrenheit) Glue Gun Is Ideal For Crafts, Floral, And Do It Yourself Projects. Safer Way Of Gluing-100 Degrees Fahrenheit Lower In Temperature Than High Temperature Glue Guns. Use For Bonding Delicate Material Such As Lace, Foil Ribbon, Floral Form, And Lightweight Fabric. 10 Watts, 120 Volts. Use 0.28 In. Diameter Mini Round Glue Sticks (not Included).

    Manufacturer: Surebonder
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 68880

Grey Pad Paper Palette Hand Held
    Grey Pad Paper Palette Hand Held.

    The Gray Pad Disposable Paper Palette Pads Is Made With The Artist In Mind Its 50 Sheets Of Grey Toned Durable Stock Paper Enhance Your Color And Value Gauging Experience. Clean Up Is Easy Just Peel The Paper From The Pad, And Toss It Away Each Sheet Is Coated To Ensure The Next One Remains Dry, And Is Glued On 3 Edges To Prevent Them From Blowing In The Wind While Painting Outdoors And Ensuring They Stay In Place While Mixing Paint. Featuring A Patent Pending Ergonomic Design That Evenly Distributes The Palette-s Weight Among You Hand, Arm, And Torso For Painting With Comfort.

    Manufacturer: New Wave Products
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 07904

Sign Cloth 43 In. X 12 Yd. Roll
    Sign Cloth 43 In. X 12 Yd. Roll.

    An Outstanding Value In An All-weather White Banner Cloth. A Smooth Acrylic-coated Polyester Fabric Resists Mildew And Weather Exposure In Most Normal Applications Or Moderate Wind Pressure. Cloth Has Outstanding Strength.

    Manufacturer: Fredrix
    Category: Display , amp, Presentation
    SKU: 33037

Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner 2 Oz.
    Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner 2 Oz..

    Eco-house Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner Combines Highly Purified Mineral Oils With He Natural Solving Action Of Orange Peel Oil. This 100% Volatile And Aggressive Aromatic-free Thinner Is Perfect For Thinning And Cleaning All Eco-house Inc. Oils, Resins, Varnishes, And Waxes, And Can Also Be Used With Most Conventional Oil-based Paint Products Such As Tars, Gums, Caulking, And More. Use Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner For All Of Your Artistic Endeavors Such As Oil Painting, Pastels, Encaustic, Colored Pencils, Letter Press, And Sculptural Work.

    Manufacturer: Eco-house
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 22245

Beaded Jewelry: Stringing Techniques Each
    Beaded Jewelry: Stringing Techniques Each.

    This Beginner's Guide Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To String Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets, And Other Jewelry With A Professional Look And Finish. Clear, Illustrated, Step-by-step Instructions Walk You Through The Basic Techniquues, And The Book Covers Bead Types, Shapes, And Sizes; String Types; How To Choose And Use Various Types Of Pliers, Wire Cutters, And Crimping Tools; And How To Select And Attach All Kinds Of Clasps, Rings, Bead Tips, Cones, And Crimps.authors: Carson Eddy, Rachel Evans, Kate Feld88pp., 5x7 Paperbackisbn: 9781612124827

    Manufacturer: Storey Publishing
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 24063

400 Series Toned Sketch Softcover Pad Tan 5.5 In. X 8 In. 56 Sheets
    400 Series Toned Sketch Softcover Pad Tan 5.5 In. X 8 In. 56 Sheets.

    These Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Softcover Pad Feature 100% Recycled, Acid-free Toned Sketch Paper. These Gray And Tan Toned Paper Pads Are Great For Light And Dark Media, Including Graphite, Chalk, Charcoal, Sketching Stick, Markers, China Markers, Colored Pencils, Pens, And White Gel Pens. Pads Com Ein A Variety Of Sizes, And Contain 30% Post-consumer Fiber. Available In Tan And Gray Toned Papers. These Flexible Softcover Pads Include 56 Sheets.

    Manufacturer: Strathmore
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 28265

Renegade Krome "2 In 1" Ultra Fine Airbrush Rk-1
    Renegade Krome "2 In 1" Ultra Fine Airbrush Rk-1.

    The Badger Renegade Krome Rk-1 Is A Dual Action, Gravity Feed, Internal Mix Airbrush Designed For Applications Requiring The Finest Detail. The Airbrush Has An Improved Finish On The Trigger And Rocker Lever For More Precision And Less Friction. Achieve Greater Control With The Soft Trigger Tension, While The Improved Micrometer Trigger Stop Will Help You Achieve The Finest Spray Patterns. The Ergonomic Underbody Finger Rest Offers The Utmost Comfort. The Rk-1 With Non-removable 3/8 Oz Color Cup And Cap Includes: 0.21 Mm Fine Needle/nozzle, 0.33 Mm Extra-fine Needle/nozzle, Two Spray Regulators (one For Open Spraying, One With Protective Horns), Protective Rubber Tip Cap, Air Hose Adaptor For Connecting To Non-badger Compressors, And Black-finished Locking Aluminum Storage Case With Steel Reinforced Corners.

    Manufacturer: Badger
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 51300

Transparent Base 16 Oz. Bottle
    Transparent Base 16 Oz. Bottle.

    This Transparent Medium Extends Airbrush Colors To A Lighter Value And Will Not Affect The Permanence Of The Color. Add Small Amounts Until The Desired Transparency Of The Color Shade Is Achieved. It May Also Be Used As A Top Binder On Fabrics And Then Heat Set.

    Manufacturer: Createx
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 43058

Glaze & Bisque Cutter Each
    Glaze & Bisque Cutter Each.

    For Difficult Ceramic Cutting Jobs. A Remarkably Tough 6 In. Steel Rod Coated With Tungsten Carbide Particles. Tool Cuts Throughglaze, Bisque, Tile, Etc. Wood Handle. Ideal For Enlarging Holes That Have Become Filled With Glaze.

    Manufacturer: Kemper
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 47294

Brush Cleaner And Preserver 1 Oz.
    Brush Cleaner And Preserver 1 Oz..

    Saves Time And Trouble, As Well As Your Brushes. Works On Oil, Acrylic, Or Watercolor Brushes. Will Not Harm Red Sable Or Any Type Bristle. Will Keep Brushes Like New. Also Easily Restores Old, Hardened Brushes.

    Manufacturer: Masters
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 00240

Creative Studio Getting Started Watercolor Pencil Art Set Watercolor Pencil Set
    Creative Studio Getting Started Watercolor Pencil Art Set Watercolor Pencil Set.

    This Complete Set Has Everything The Student, Artist Or Hobbyist Needs To Get Started Drawing And Sketching With Watercolor Pencils.the Set Comes With 8 Watercolor Pencils, Artist Brush, Pencil Sharpener, And Acid-free Art Pad. It Also Comes With An Informative 24 Page Tips And Techniques Guide For Watercolor Pencil Art.

    Manufacturer: Faber-castell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 58561

The Original Wax Metallic Finish Gold Leaf
    The Original Wax Metallic Finish Gold Leaf.

    Made From Imported Carnauba Waxes, Fine Metallic Powders, And Select Pigments, Rub 'n Buff Gives Almost Any Surface A New Look In Minutes. This Unique Blend Gives Objects Decorated With Rub 'n Buff A Finish That No Paint Can Duplicate. It Can Be Applied To Any Clean, Dry Surface As Well As Over Previously Painted Surfaces. One 1/2 Oz. Tube Covers Up To 20 Square Feet. It's Easy To Apply. Just Rub Onto Any Surface With Finger Or Soft Cloth, Then Buff To A Lustrous Finish. Rub 'n Buff Is Ideal For Picture Frames, Stenciling, Faux Finishing, Antiquing, Home Decor, Restoration, And Crafts.

    Manufacturer: Rub 'n Buff
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 14726

Rectangular Melamine Palettes 9 In. X 12 In.
    Rectangular Melamine Palettes 9 In. X 12 In..

    These Palettes Feature A Smooth Melamine Surface On Both Sides Of The Palette To Accommodate Both Left And Right Handed Painters. They Also Include A Neoprene Thumb Insert For Comfort And Ease Of Use.

    Manufacturer: Jack Richeson
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 11196

Metal Foil Tape Brass
    Metal Foil Tape Brass.

    Add Metal Edges Or Striping To Greeting Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Photo Frames, And Dozens Of Other Art And Craft Projects With Metal Foil Tape. Available In Brass, Copper, And Aluminum, Each Roll Is 1/4 In. Wide And 16 Ft. Long.the Strong Adhesive Bonds To Most Any Clean Surface. Tape Can Be Embossed With A Fine Point Stylus To Add Patterns Or Texture To Your Design.

    Manufacturer: Artemboss
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 22230

Cowboys Of The Old West Coloring Book Cowboys Of The Old West Coloring Book
    Cowboys Of The Old West Coloring Book Cowboys Of The Old West Coloring Book.

    Discover How The Texas Revolution, Then The Civil War, And Finally The Coming Of The Railroad Changed The Way Cowboys Lived And Worked. Find Out The Difference Between "buckaroos". "vaqueros", "waddies" And "broncobusters". With This Inexpensive, Educational Coloring Book, Youngsters Can Learn All About The Sstory Of One Of The Most Colorful Figures In Our National Heritage. Includes 37 Accurate Drawings Of Exciting And Authentic Scenes For You To Color. Paperback, 48 Pages. Isbn:486250016. Dover

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 68105

The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook
    The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook.

    Renowned For Its High-gloss, Hyper-realistic Imagery, Airbrush Is The Medium Of Choice For Commercial Illustration And Fantasy Art And For Decorating T-shirts, Cars, And Motorcycles. But Airbrush Is Also Used To Create Dramatic Body And Fingernail Art And To Embellish Scale Models, Decorative Objects, And Interiors. The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook Covers All Of These Applications And Presents Basic Information On Equipment And Mediums, Airbrush Operation, Essential Exercises, Studio Setup, And How To Develop Original Source Material, All In An Easy-to-understand Style And Format Accessible Even To Beginners. Experienced Airbrushers Who Have-or Who Want To Start-their Own Business Will Appreciate The Wealth Of Professional Tips, Tricks, And Techniques That Are Revealed. Features Demonstrations By Noted Airrush Artists And 312 Full-color Illustations. Paperback, 160 Pages. Isbn:823055744. Watson-guptill

    Manufacturer: Watson-guptill
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 31340

Gothic Vinyl Letters Sets 2 In. Black Capitals And Numbers
    Gothic Vinyl Letters Sets 2 In. Black Capitals And Numbers.

    These Permanent Vinyl Letter Sets Offer An Easy Way To Accomplish Professional Lettering At Home, School, Office And More Permanent Self-adhesive Vinyl Capital Letters, Numerals, And Symbols Adhere To All Clean Smooth Surfaces Such As Metal, Paper, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Leather And Fiberglass. Use Indoors Or Outdoors To Make Signs, Instruct Projects, Posters, Labels And Many Other Applications. Available In A Gothic, Sans Serif Font. Each Set Includes Capital Letters, All Numerals And Some Symbols, Except In The 4 In. And 6 In. Size Where Numbers And Letters Are Sold Separately.

    Manufacturer: Duro
    Category: Display , amp, Presentation
    SKU: 16300

Calligraphy Chisel Tip Marker Set Set Of 3
    Calligraphy Chisel Tip Marker Set Set Of 3.

    These Markers Give You The Edge Calligraphy Set Contains Three Markers With Chisel Tips For Elegant Writing On Invitations, Letters, And Memos. The Markers Use A Dense Water Based Ink That's Nontoxic And Acid-free.each Marker Has A Different Writing Tip: 2.0 (fine), 3.5 (medium), And 5.0 (wide).

    Manufacturer: Yasutomo
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 25581

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