A-train 8
    A-train 8.

    Become The Manager Of A Railway Company, Create The Best Public Transports And Manage Them To Successfully Expand Your City.more Than 50 Types Of Trains With An Inner Viewmore Than 100 Buildingsan Innovating Stock Exchange System (with 120 Companies)change Of Seasons And Moments Of The Day City Editorpossibility To Integrate Your Own Music‚†

    Manufacturer: Dhm Interactive
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-at8

Beauty Factory
    Beauty Factory.

    Create Your Own Cosmetics Empire Become The Ceo Of A Beauty Products Company. Follow Your Intuition When Selecting Market Offers And Make Appropriate Economic Decisions In Order To Develop Your Company Into An Impressive Corporation. You Will Begin By Researching Several Product Types - Perfume, Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, Nail Polish, Blush Or Madcara. The Development Of Ingredients And Scent Composition Are Just The Beginning. Later On, You Will Have To Take Care Of Appropriate Packaging Design...

    Manufacturer: Ci Games
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-bf

Trials 2 Second Edition
    Trials 2 Second Edition.

    Redlynx Has Extended Its Hugely Popular Trials 2 Motorcycle Game Into A Completely New Level.‚† Trials 2 Second Edition Includes 40 Different Tracks, Own Player Profiles, Team Building, Statistics, Achievements, Global High-scores, Online Replays And Much, Much More.4 Game Types (race, Flip, Wheelie, Dynamic)race: Race Against Other Players To Compete Levels As Fast As Possible.flip: Try To Make As Many Backflips Or Frontflips With Your Bike To Reach A Top Score.wheelie: Drive On Your Backwheel...

    Manufacturer: Redlynx
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-trials2

Homefront : The Revolution - The Voice Of Freedom
    Homefront : The Revolution - The Voice Of Freedom.

    You Are Benjamin Walker, Hero Of The Resistance And The Most Wanted Man In America. Now You Are Risking Everything To Infiltrate Philadelphia And Ignite A Revolution That Will Sweep The Kpa Out Of America On A Tide Of Bloody Vengeance.if You Fail All Hope For Freedom Is Surely Lost...

    Manufacturer: Deep Silver
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-homefront-the-revolution-the-voice-of-freedom

Grow Up
    Grow Up.

    While Out Exploring The Galaxy With Mom, Bud‚źôs Parental Spaceship, She Goes To Pieces. Literally ¬źď Mom‚źôs All Over The Place. The Positioning Of That Moon Was Inconsiderate. Now Her Ship Parts Are Scattered Far And Wide Across An Entire Alien Planet So Rich In Flora And Fauna It Would Make Even The Most Jaded Galactic Gardener‚źôs Heas Spin.it‚źôs Up To Bud To Collect All Her Parts And Get Them Back To The Moon.key Features:join This Adorable Wobbly Robot On His Fantastical Acrobudic...

    Manufacturer: Ubisoft
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-grow-up-gn

Alien Stars
    Alien Stars.

    Leave Your Fears Behind And Set Your Mind Free As You Embark On A Breathhtaking Vertical-scrolling Space Shooter Game!in An Endless Universe There Are Millions Of Alien Galaxies. As You Journey Out You Will Find All Sorts Of Different Enemies, Weaponry And Armor And As Much Action As You Can Imagine! When Running Your Futuristic Space Ship You'll Have A Chance To Enjoy The Beautiful Space Landscapes And Listen To The Original Soundtracks. Alien Stars Is Absolutely A Blistering Game With A...

    Manufacturer: Masque Publishing
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-aliens

Warbirds Red Baron 2012
    Warbirds Red Baron 2012.

    Get Ready To Test Your Mettle, To Face The Ultimate Challenge.take To The Skies On Wings Of Wood And Fabric, And Face Fierce And Determined Foes Over The Skies Of Europe During Bloody April Of 1917. This Is Not A Place For The Feint Of Heart. The Fighting Is Fast And Furious, And The Machine You Fly May Often Prove More Dangerous Than The Enemy.do Not Forget What You Learned During Those Grueling Days Of Flight School:secure An Advantage Before Engaging. Keep The Sun Behind You.always Follow...

    Manufacturer: Ientertainment Network
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-warrb

Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills
    Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills.

    Find The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow And Save Your Brother In A Mystical Forest Where Myth Becomes Reality!everyone Knows That People Aren't Allowed In The Forest On Samhain Night Because Of Countless Tales Involving Strange Spirits And Otherworldly Creatures. Unfortunately For You, It Was A Necessary Path To Get To Your Destination And Now Your Little Brother Has Wandered Off. Can You Find Him Before The Two Of You Become Part Of The Local Legends Surrounding The Forest?search The...

    Manufacturer: Masque Publishing
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-sidhe

Heroes Of A Broken Land
    Heroes Of A Broken Land.

    Heroes Of A Broken Land Is A Turn-based, Dungeon Crawling, Town Management Rpg. Explore Procedurally Generated Worlds And Dungeons With Multiple Parties Of Heroes. Ally With Other Towns To Recruit New And More Powerful Heroes. Explore And Loot Countless Dungeons On Your Quest To Save The World. First Person, Turn-based Dungeon Crawling Action Manage Multiple 6 Parties Of Up To 6 Heroes Each To Explore The Word Manage Towns, Constructing Buildings To Upgrade Your Heroes And Kingdom...

    Manufacturer: Winged Pixel
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-hbl-steam


    Voxeliens Is A Retro-stylearcade Shooter In Which You Defend Your Planet From Waves Of Descending Enemies. The Gameplay Is Simple And Fast Paced As You Battle Your Way Through Different Environments Uing A Variety Of Powerups. Think Space Invaders Would Have Been Better In 3d? Yoj‚źôre Right,so Play Voxeliens Today!

    Manufacturer: Volumes Og Fun
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-voxel

Dogfight 1942 Fire Over Africa
    Dogfight 1942 Fire Over Africa.

    An Ominous Shadow Of The Axis Alliance Is Being Cast Over The Sands Of Africa. The Scorching Hot African Sky Will Soon Burn With The Flames Of Heavg Cannons And Fill With Smoke Of Bullet-ridden Fighter Planes. Become Britain‚źôs Top Pilot And Help The Allies Repel The Nazi Threat. Face The Infamous General Rommel, Clash With His Forces Above Tobruk And Stand Up To The Challenge In One Of The Most Pivotal Battles On The African Front ¬źď The Battle Of El Alamein.

    Manufacturer: Ci Games
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-df1942dlc2

Babel Running
    Babel Running.

    Welcome To Babel Running! Your Mission: Bring As Many Stones As Possible To The Tower Of Babel To Build The Structure That Will Get You Closer To The Gods. Beware Of The Godly Wrath And The Numerous Obstacles You Will Find On Your Way! Improve Your Score And Beat Your Friends' Records On An Unlimited Journey. And For Even More Fun? The Bonus Mode Will Spice Up The Race: Intensified Rhythm, Invicibility, Super Score Multiplier...and Also: Get New Trophies And Publish Your Score Online...

    Manufacturer: Bulkypix
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-brun

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
    The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

    Help Quasimodo Save His Beloved Esmeralda. The Horrible Gargoyle Kidnapped Her And Imprisioned In The Catedral. The Road To The Cathedral Is Long And Full Of Obstacles. Fight Your Way Through Five Beatyfull Levels Swarming With Strange, Magical Creatures.5 Different Themes‚†10 Levels‚†distinctive, Old-school Graphics‚†lots Of Unique Enemies‚†beautiful Sound Themes‚†‚†

    Manufacturer: Playway
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-hnd


    Platypus Is A Fast, Frantic And Fun Arcade-style Shoot-em-up!! The Vast Continent-spanning City Of Collosatropolis Has Finally Reached The Limits Of Its Expansion. Tall Buildings Cover Every Available Space. The Air Is Thick With Smoke And Poisonous Chemicals. Parking Is A Nightmare. The Collosotropolan Leaders Have Decided The Simplest Solution Is To Invade The Neighbouring Country Of Mungola. They Don't Anticipate Much Of A Struggle - Mungolans Are Simple, Earthy Types Without Much...

    Manufacturer: Kiss
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-platypus

Sniper Elite 3 Eastern Front Weapons Pack
    Sniper Elite 3 Eastern Front Weapons Pack.

    Wield Iconic Guns From The Eastern Front In This Weapons Pack For Sniper Elite 3 That Combines Power With Speed, And A Re-tuned Variant Of The Mosin-nagant. All Weapons Are Usable In All Game Modes.this Dl C Pack Includes: 1.‚†‚†‚† Mosin-nagant Rifle. 2.‚†‚†‚† Blyskawica Submachine Gun. 3.‚†‚†‚† Tokarev Tt-33 Pistol.‚©2014 Rebellion. The Rebellion Name And Logo And The Sniper Elite Name And Logo And The Sniper Elite Eagle Are Trademarks Of Rebellion And May Be Registered Trademarks In...

    Manufacturer: Rebellion
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-se3efwp

Train Simulator: Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-on
    Train Simulator: Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-on.

    Some Of The North East Of England‚źôs Oldest And Most Important Railway Lines Come Together In The Stunning New Weardale & Teesdale Network Route For Train Simulator.the Broad Network Of Railway Lines Connected Some Of The North East‚źôs Largest Town And Cities With Collieries Across The Pennines, With The First Line Opening In 1825 That Connected The Collieries Near Shildon With Stockton-on-tees Via Darlington.at This Time, The Line Was A Mere 25 Miles In Length, But By 1860 It Had Grown...

    Manufacturer: Dovetail
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dlc-weardale-teesdale-route-add-on-gn

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Trader Pack
    Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - Trader Pack.

    New Package Of Cars, Parts And Possibilities For All Car Maniacs!3 Brand New Cars Selected By Cms Community: Delray Customsakura Gt20salem Spectre Fastback New 2-carb, V8 Enginenew 3-carb Inline 6 Enginetuning Kits For Each Newcar (works With Tuning Dlc)

    Manufacturer: Playway
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dlc-cms2015tp

Sid Meier's Civilization Iv: The Complete Edition (mac)
    Sid Meier's Civilization Iv: The Complete Edition (mac).

    Sid Meier‚źôs Civilization Iv Is The Ultimate Strategy Game, Offering Players The Chance To Lead Their Chosen Nation From The Dawn Of Man Through The Space Age And Become The Greatest Ruler The World Has Ever Known.civilization Iv: The Complete Edition Includes The Original Strategy Classic, Plus The Two Expansion Packs And The Standalone Game Colonization In One Box, For One Incredible Value.sid Meier's Civilization Iv 3d Living World: Detailed Environment Where Animals Roam And Smoke...

    Manufacturer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Ddb-civ4cemac

9 Clues: Secret Of Serpent's Creek
    9 Clues: Secret Of Serpent's Creek.

    As A Paranormal Private Investigator Summoned By A Friend's Terri‚≠fied Plea, You Quickly Travel To Coastal Town Of Serpent Creek To Help Her. As A Reporter, Your Friend Had Been On Assignment To Cover A Local Festival In The Town ¬źď But You Arrive To ¬≠and That She's Disappeared Without A Trace! Weirder Still, The Town's Streets Are Rawling With Snakes, The Citizens Seem To Be Sleepwalking Through Life, And The Ground Shakes With Violent Tremors. Your Talents As A Detective Will Be Put...

    Manufacturer: Encore Software
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-9cssc

Plancon: Space Conflict
    Plancon: Space Conflict.

    The Choice Is: The Universe ¬źĒ Or Nothing.near Space, The Future - Year 2600. Your Home - The Training Orbital Station - Has Been Destroyed By A Treacherous Alien Attack. There Are Thousands Of Casualties. Only One Pilot Has Survived ¬źď And That Pilot Is You. Your Trusty Ship And Your Thirst For Revenge Will Guide You To The Correct Orbit. On Your Travels, You Will Encounter A Dangerous Stranger Who Happens To Know Your Childhood Secrets. Space Bandits Will Make Offers That Are Impossible To...

    Manufacturer: Herocraft
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-plancoon-space-conflict

Talisman - Character Pack #5 - Martyr
    Talisman - Character Pack #5 - Martyr.

    Character Pack Release For Talisman: Digital Edition - The Martyr.the Martyr Has An Extremely Powerful Ability ¬źď She Can Autoamtically Win A Battle For The Price Of One Life!purchase This Character Pack To Add The Martyr To Your Character Collection. She Is Then Available To Choose In All Game Modes.martyr Statsstrength - 3craft - 3fate - 4lives - 5alignment - Goodspecial Abilities (from The Character Card)when You Attack Another Character, You May Choose To Make The Attack Psychic Combat...

    Manufacturer: Nomad Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dlc-talisman-character-pack-5-martyr

Euro Fishing Urban Edition
    Euro Fishing Urban Edition.

    This Euro Fishing: Urban Edition Includes Not Just Euro Fishing And Its Five Unique And Stunning European Venues But Also The First City-based Add-on ¬źď Foundry Dock.by Purchasing This Urban Edition You Will Get:6 Stunning Venues100+ Boss Fish To Target32 Unique Achievements To Unlock18 Different Character Personalisation Options100+ Different Pieces Of Equipment To Purchase: Including Equipment From Korda, Mainline And Soniksingle Player Or Hosted Multiplayer Tournaments, Tracking And...

    Manufacturer: Dovetail
    Category: Sport
    SKU: Dd-euro-fishing-urban-edition

Wwe 2k18 - Kurt Angle Pack
    Wwe 2k18 - Kurt Angle Pack.

    After More Than A Decade-long Hiatus, Your Olympic Hreo Has Returned! Receive Two Playable Versions Of Wwe Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle: His Wwe ¬źúamerican Hero‚źĚ Persona (2001) Or His Ecw ¬źúwrestling Machine‚źĚ Persona (2006).note: This Item Is Included In The Deluxe Edition Premium Content Purchase.this Content Requires The Base Game Wwe 2k18 In Order To Play.key Provider Instructions:in Order To Activate This Game, You Will Require A Third-party 'steam' Account. For Full Details On How To...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Sport
    SKU: Dlc-wwe-2k18-kurt-angle-pack

Airline Tycoon Deluxe
    Airline Tycoon Deluxe.

    Airline Tycoon Deluxe Is A Funny Economy Simulation Proceeding In Realtime And Assigning You The Complete Responsibility For An Airline. However, Don‚źôt Be Fooled By The Funny Comic Style Or The Included Jokes: A Variety Of Tasks Are Requested And Your Competitors Never Miss A Chance To Set A Trap For You In Order To Put A Spoke In Your Wheel.your Abilities Are Put To The Test Continuously Playing Airline Tycoon Deluxe: Will You Be Able To Use Your Aeroplanes To Capacity And Land Some...

    Manufacturer: Thq Nordic Gmbh
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-airline-tycoon-deluxe

Fractured Space - Ultimate Skins Pack
    Fractured Space - Ultimate Skins Pack.

    Fractured Spacefractured Space Is An Award Winning Free-to-play Space Combat Game Where You Control A Gigantic Capital Ship To Seize Mines And Bases For Resources And Buffs. Play Solo, Co-op Pve Or 5-v-5 Pvp. The Intensity Of A Shooter Combines With Tactical Decision Making As You Battle To Capture The Enemy's Base.ultimate Skins Packthe Ultimate In Skins, Each One Of The 10 In The Pack Giving You Not Only A Purified And Distinct Appearance In Game But Also A 20% Credit Boost In Every Battle...

    Manufacturer: Edgecase Games
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-fractured-space-ultimate-skins-pack

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