Construction Simulator 2012
    Construction Simulator 2012.

    Roll Up Your Sleeves And Join Us On The Construction Site! Step In The Shoes Of A Real Construction Worker With All It Needs To Set Up Small, Mid-sized And Big Buildings. In The žconstruction Simulator 2012␝ You Have The Possibility To Take All The Steps It Needs For The Construciton Of Those Buildings Yourself. Heave The Base Of A Small Garage With A Mini-digger Or Cast The Concrete Of Your Neighborhood␙s New Elementary School. Get Behind The Wheel Of An Angledozer And Compress The...

    Manufacturer: Astragon Entertainment
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-cs2012

Mafia Ii Dlc : Vegas Pack
    Mafia Ii Dlc : Vegas Pack.

    Bring A Taste Of Old School Vegas To Empire Bay As You Cruise Through The Town In 2 New Cars With Smooth Handling And Timeless Lines. Vito Shows His Vegas Style In 2 New Suits Inspired By The License Terms Available In Game Manual And At Non-transferable Access To Special Features Such As Exclusive, Unlockable, Downloadable Or Online Content, Services, Or Functions May Require Single-use Serial Code, Additional Fee And/or Online Account...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-mafia-ii-vegas-pack-gn

Autoahn Racing
    Autoahn Racing.

    Slicing Through The Entire Country, Ripping Through Small Towns And Large Cities With Equal Abandon, The Autobahn Carves Up The Premier Driving Experience.these Roads Were Built For The Best - The Best Cars, And The Best Drivers. Speed Limits Aare A Joke. This Asphalt Cries Out To Be Ridden Hard And Fast. Drive Against The Clock, Or Pit Yourself Against Other Speed-crazed Fanatics. Some Drivers May Crawl Along; Others Push The Limits, Passing You In A Second. Each Driver Is Unique With Their Own...

    Manufacturer: Incagold
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-ab

Mike Stewart␙s 360⺠Beach Bodyboarding
    Mike Stewart␙s 360⺠Beach Bodyboarding.

    This Is The Most Radical Way To Ride The World's Most Wicked Waves. Master The Technique To Carve Through The Water As You Gain Speed For Awesome Air Moves And Totally Awesome Tubes! Slap On The Wetsuit And Hit The Waves! Eight Locations From Around The World Such As Hawaii And Tahiti Eight Playable Characters, Plus Secret Bonus Characters Eight Different Bodyboards With Bonus Hidden Boards Over 15 Tricks To Master Real-time 3d Waves, Particle-effects Including Water Splashes...

    Manufacturer: Incagold
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-ms360bb

The Undergarden
    The Undergarden.

    The Undergarden Is A Casual Zen Game That Challenges Players To Explore Beautiful Underground Caverns Filled With Strange Life Forms, Sound, Music And Plenty Of Hidden Secrets.casual Gamers With An Affinity Towards Puzzle Games Will Enjoy The Undergarden␙s Modern Exploration Quest Filled With Brain Teasing Games That Combine State Of The Art 3d Rendering And Physics Based Puzzles. Players Traverse Large Underground Worlds In Search Of Members Of Their Musical Band. The Goal Is To Bring Them...

    Manufacturer: Retroism
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-tug

Jane␙s Realty
    Jane␙s Realty.

     build Your Own City And Grow The Real Estate Market To Become The Biggest Mogul In Town!an Extraordinary Adventure For Everyone. Build Your Own City With The Help Of The Successful Young Woman Jane. Begin With All Necessary Infrastructures, Such As Water Towers And Electric Power Stations. And Then Grow The Real Estate Market By Using The Most Modern Equipment To Build And Decorate Each House... Get Top Dollar On Your Properties And Become The Best Real Estate Mogul In Town!fun Blend Of Time...

    Manufacturer: Masque Publishing
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-janer

96 Mill
    96 Mill.

    Abandoned And Marked For Demolition, But Its Infamous Legacy Refuses To Be 96 Mill Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Sits The Edmont Worsted Industrial Complex, A Derelict, Condemned Building With A Checkered Past Of Unexplained Events Since Its Construction In 1820. You Are An Employee Of Hamilton Demolition Company, Tasked With Assisting Demolitions Expert Frank Galvani In Rigging The Building For Implosion.key Features:multiple Endings With 8 Different Outcomesa Genuinely Creepy...

    Manufacturer: Strategy First
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-96-mill

Assassin's Creed Rogue - The Templar Legacy Pack
    Assassin's Creed Rogue - The Templar Legacy Pack.

    Become The Most Feared Templar Whether On Land Or At Sea, Geared Up With Any Weapons, Outfits And Ship Items Anyone Could Dreak Of. Get Two Bonus Missionsthe Armor Of Sir Gunn Quest, Where You Explore North America To Find The Remains Of Sir Gunn And Solve His Great Mystery.the Siege Of Fort De Sable, Set In The Unexplored Northern Territory Of The New World.

    Manufacturer: Ubisoft
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-acrtlp-na-gn

Chronicles Of A Dark Lord: Episode Ii War Of The Abyss
    Chronicles Of A Dark Lord: Episode Ii War Of The Abyss.

    A Year Has Passed Since Anto Calias Fused With The Essence Of The Dark God Xe'on And The War Of The Abyss Began. The Forces Of The Abyss Are Relentless In Their Campaign To Annihilate The World Of Cora. Magus Lee Must Unite With Allies Both Old And New To Prevent The Coming Apocalypse...but What Will Be The Cost? Features The Epic Saga Of Magus Drakhen Lee Continues With Over 30+ Hours Of Gameplay.all New High-resolution Artwork And Lush Landscapes Will Immerse You Into The World Of Coraa...

    Manufacturer: Kisareth Studios
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-cdle2wa-steam


    Many Years Have Passed Since The Alltynex Incident And Humanity␙s Resettlement Of The Earth. The World␙s Nations Have Joined To Form A Unified Economy And A Global Militaristic Government. However, In Opposition To The Worldwide Mass Oppression, A Resistance Organization Arose: Valkyness.the Decades Long Conflict Between The Global Unified Army And Valkyness Is Suddenly Interrupted When An Alien Force Arrives Seeking Vengeance On Humanity For Atrocities Inflicted Upon Their People. Earth's...

    Manufacturer: Nyu Media
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-reflex

Siege Of Turtle Enclave
    Siege Of Turtle Enclave.

    Siege Of Turtle Enclave Is A Turn-based Strategy Game With Real-time Battles! Through The Course Of The Game The Player Must Amass Resources, Build And Upgrade Mighty Structures, Train A Wide Variety Of Troops, Cast Spells, Conquer Territory And Wage War Against A Mighty Foe In An Attempt To Reclaim Their Fallen Capital And Stop The Horde Of Evil That Has Encroached Upon Their Once Peaceful Lands. Take Comman Dof Your Troops And Fight In Action Packed Battles! Deploy The Right Unit For The Job...

    Manufacturer: The Conjurer's Tower
    Category: Straetgy
    SKU: Dd-ste

Igt Slots Bombay
    Igt Slots Bombay.

    Igt Slots Bombay Is The Latest Premium Slot Experience Available For Your Pc System. Featuring Authentic Casino Slot Machines From Igt - The World's Leading Slot Machine Manufacturer!play Real Las Vegas Slots Bring Casino Games Into Your Home!! Escape To The Opulent City Of Bombay Or Explore The Treasures Of Troy In Igt Slots Bombay. Plus, Two More Exciting Themes! Amazing Graphics And Video Bonus Rounds Make These Exciting Games Addicting. Simulate The Feeling Of Being In A Real Casino ...

    Manufacturer: Encore Software
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-igtsb

Omerta City Of Gangsters
    Omerta City Of Gangsters.

    O␢mer␢taâ  (-măťrt, Mr-tă¤) A Rule Or Code That Prohibits Speaking Or Divulging Information About The  activities Of A Criminal Organization. Omerta - City Of Gangsters Puts You Into The Boots Of A Fresh-from-the-boat Immigrant With Dreams Of The Big Life. Work Your Way Up The Criminal Hierarchy Of 1920␙s Atlantic City, Starting With Small Jobs, R Ecruiting New Gang Members And Expanding Your Empire By Taking Territory From Other Mobsters. Establish Your Own Crime Syndicate And Become...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-omerta

Max, An Autistic Journey
    Max, An Autistic Journey.

    Max, An Autistic Journey Is A Retro Style Top-down Turn-based Rpg Filled With Mini Games, Monsters And Most Of All, Heart. Developed By StăŠphane Cantin, Who Is Just A Devoted Dad Who Made A Game With His Son About His Son␙s Autism.during The Game Player␙s Step Into The Shoes Of Max, A Ten Year Old Boy Who Must Find Ways To Deal With Everyday Life While Being Diagnosed With An Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd). Many Players Will Discover A World Familiar But Alien To Them. Some May Relate To...

    Manufacturer: Game Producers, Artists & Consultants, Llc
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-max-an-autistic-journey

Inside My Radio
    Inside My Radio.

    Can You Beat The Beat? Jouney As A Green Led Mysteriously Trapped Inside A Dying Boombox And Play The Ultimate Musical Experience. In This Rhythmic Platform Adventure Where Your Every Action Needs To Be Right On The Beat, Bring Electro, Dub And Disco Music Back To Life!key Features:rhythmic Awareness Is Vital When You Jump, Dash Or Slam. You Have To Hit That Beat! Never Under Any Circumstances Should You Play On Mute!feel Creative, Play With The Music And Unleash Your Inner Musician! Inside My...

    Manufacturer: Iceberg Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-imrce

The Ship: Murder Party
    The Ship: Murder Party.

    For Pc Gamers Who Enjoy Multiplayer Games With A Bit Of Intelligence, Intrigue And Ingenuity, The Sship Is A Murder Mystery Alternative To Traditional Fps Multiplayer Games. Each Player Is Given A Quarry To Kill - And Must Evade Their Own Hunter In The Process, All Set On Board A Series Of 1920s Art Deco Cruise Ships. The Ship Is Owned By The Myssterious Mr X And As One Of Many 'lucky' Recipients Of A Free Ticket You Rrive On Board The Ship To Find There's A Catch To Your Luxury Cruise...

    Manufacturer: Blazing Griffin
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-shipmp

Battlezone 98 Redux
    Battlezone 98 Redux.

    One Of The Greatest Sci-fi Strategy Games Of All Time Returns With Remastered Visuals, Online Multiplayer, And Near Unlimited Mod Content From Steam Workshop.enter An Alternate Vision Of The 1960s Where The œspace Race␝ Is Nothing More Than A Cover For An Interplanetary War Between The Us And Soviet Russia Over Mysterious Alien Bio-metal.take Command Of An Army Of Sleek Heavy Assault Tanks, Strike Cruisers, Apcs And More, And Wreak Havoc With Super-heated Projectiles In Your Mission To...

    Manufacturer: Rebellion
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-battlezone-98-redux

Batman Arkham Origins: Season Pass
    Batman Arkham Origins: Season Pass.

    Enhance Your Arkham Origins Experience By Purchasing A Season Pass Today! Gain Access To New Challenge Maps, Two Skin Packs, And An Epic New Story Campaign Adventure. In Addition To Hours Of New Content, You'll Also Unlock Two Exclusive Batman™ Skins: Gotham By Gaslight Batman™ And Brightest Day Batman™. All Skins Can Be Used In The Story Campaign Upon Completion Of The Main Sory, In The Challenge Maps, And Online. All Other Season Pass Content Is For Use Exclusively In The...

    Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dd-baosp

Fritz Chess 13
    Fritz Chess 13.

    Take Your Game To A Higher Level With Fritz Chess 13 And Experience Its Array Of Exciting New Features! Take Your  game  into  the  cloud  and  enter  a  virtual  world  of Chessw Here Players Of All Abilities Can Plya And Train Using The Revolutionary New Functions!      whether You␙re A Chess Beginner, Club Player Or Professional Grandmaster, Fritz Chess 13 Has It All!  the Top-ranked Fritz Chess Engine Adjusts Its Playing Strength Automatically, Offers Coaching At All Levels...

    Manufacturer: Encore Software
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-fritz13-ec

Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition
    Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition.

    Deluxe Edition Includes:base Gameseason Pass (includes Target: Făźhrer Mission Dlc)continuing The Series␙ World War Two Heritage, Sniper Elite 4 Delivers Critically Acclaimed Gunplay Across The Striking Landscapes Of Wartime Italy, From Sun-drenched Mediterranean Coastal Towns To Giddying Mountain Monasteries And More.sniper Elite 4 Combines Genre-defining Ballistics, Breathless Emergent Stealth And Gripping Third-person Action. Experience Unrivalled Freedom Across Levels Many Times The...

    Manufacturer: Rebellion
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-sniper-elite-4-deluxe-release

Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle Bundle Pack
    Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle Bundle Pack.

    This Bundle Includes:mahjong Pretty Girls Battle Japanese Pretty Girls Mahjong #1! Japanese œpretty Girls␝ Have Been Gathered Together. The Heated Struggle To Determine The World␙s Top Mahjong Girl Is About To Begin!mahjong Pretty Girls Battle: School Girls Edition An Ext Raordinary Collection Of Pretty School Girls Is Waiting For You!the Heated Struggle To Determine The World's Top School Mahjong Girl Is About To Begin!

    Manufacturer: Sticky Rice Games
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-mahjong-pretty-girls-battle-bundle-pack

100% Orange Juice - Kiriko & Noname Pack
    100% Orange Juice - Kiriko & Noname Pack.

    100% Orange Juice - Kiriko & Noname Pack Adds 2 New Playable Characters From Developer Orange Juice's Games. Meet Team Waruda's Crazy Doctor Kiriko Who Lives On The Edge, And Noname Who Is Always Up To No Good. Character Pack Includes:kiriko From ˜xmas Shooting - Scramble!!␙ Noname From ˜acceleration Of Suguri␙new, Unique Hyper Cards For Both Characters To Bring Chaos To The Battlefield With!new Music Tracks Play As Kiriko And Noname's Themes The New Characters Are Designed By...

    Manufacturer: Fruitbat Factory
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-100-oj-kiriko-noname-pack


    œback In The Earliest Days, There Was No Sun And The World Was Dark. The Heavens Opened Up And Stars Fell Like Beacons Into The Pitch Black World, And They Were Known As œembers␝. Powerful And Wise Druids Of A Primordial Race, œthe Lightbringers," Roamed The Land Searching For Thiis Luminous Matter. They Performed A Ritual Of Awakening To Call The œembers␝ Out Of Their Deep Sleep. Suddenly The World Became Bright, And The Veil Of Darkness Was Lifted. The Embers Were The Embodiment Of...

    Manufacturer: 505 Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-ember

Train Simulator: First Capital Connect Class 321 Emu Add-on
    Train Simulator: First Capital Connect Class 321 Emu Add-on.

    Considered To Be One Of The Most Reliable And Trouble-free Emus Of The Mk3 Family, The Class 321 Is A Popular Commuter Train Operated By A Number Of Companies Across The Uk, And Now Available For Train Simulator In First Capital Connect Livery. Based On The British Rail Mk3 Body Shape, The Class 321 Emu Was Originally Built For The Network Southeast Sector By Brel York Between 1998 And 1991. Three Sub-classes Were Built, The 321/3 And 321/4 For Network Southeast, And The 321/9 For Services...

    Manufacturer: Dovetail
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-fccc321-gn

Rhem I Se: The Mysterious Land
    Rhem I Se: The Mysterious Land.

    Rhem Is A First Person Adventure Featuring Brain-teasing Puzzles For Your Pc .you Arrive In The World Of Rhem By A Rail Car. For A Moment, You Must Simply Sit Tight, Unable To Escape. Then, The Car Begins To Roam This World, Revealing Its Mysteries, Little By Little. You Soon Learn That The Only Possibility For Your Safe Return Home Is A Letter Consisting Of Four Hidden Fragments, Which You Must Not Only Find, But Also Put Together. Upon Disembarking The Rail Car, And Now In Search Of The...

    Manufacturer: Runesoft
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-rhem-i-se-the-mysterious-land
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