Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition Upgrade
    Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition Upgrade.

    Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition Upgradein Addition To Early Access To Interstellar Marines (including All Future Updates And Expansions), The Spearhead Edition Includes:spearhead Identity  A Unique Honorary Game Profile That With Time Will Grant You Access To Special Skins, Helmets, Weapons Etc. (does Not Alter Gameplay).* Hall Of Honor & Credits  Your Name Will Be Acknowledged In A Special In-game Hall Of Honor And You␙ll Also Get Your Name In The Credits.* Digital...

    Manufacturer: Zero Point Software
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dd-imseu

Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons Addon
    Ship Simulator 2008 New Horizons Addon.

    Challenge Your Friends Online With New Horizons, The Official Add-on For The Hit Game Ship Simulator 2008. Try Your Hand At Sailing A Luxury Cruise Liner & A Classic Yacht Or Feel The Impact Of The Waves As You Guide Your Fishing Vessel Home Through A Storm! New Horizons Offers New Highly Realistic Enviroments And Adds Eight Exciting New Vessels For Your Sailing Pleasure. Includes All New Missions And Free Roaming Multiplayer Mode Too! New Horizons Requires A Valid Installation Of Ship...

    Manufacturer: Vstep
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-shs2008a


    A New Twist On Puzzle Games. Spin Entire Levels Around! Circulate Spheres Around 100 Levels By Spinning Each Level Left And Right. Levels Contain A Variety Of Over 20 Sphere Types Which Can Be Controlled, Collected Or Destroyed, Depending On The Level's Objectives. Circulate Is Easy To Pick Up And Play. The Left Mouse Button Activates The Various Sphere Types, The Right Button Rotates The Level.features:original, Dynamic And Challenging Gameplay.120 Unique Rotating Levels.5 Themes And Over 20...

    Manufacturer: Clockwork Pixels
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-circ

Pet Show Craze
    Pet Show Craze.

    Pets Offer A Lot Of Love, But They Need A Lot Of Care, Too! Transform The Cuddly Kittens And Adoring Doggies Of Petsville Into "best In Show" Contenders As You Wash And Groom Your Way To Success. Along The Way, You'll Sharpen Your Business Sense And Become The Talk Of The Town As You Save Petsville From A Greedy Industrialist Who Wants To Replace Live Animals With Plastic Imitations. Catch The Pet Show Craze With Thrilling Gameplay And Stunning Graphics In 48 Levels!48 Levelsthree...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-psc

Space War Commander
    Space War Commander.

    Your Starbase Has Been Sabotaged. You Are Badly Outnumbered And Outgunned. The Enemy Fleets Are On Their Way To Destroy You. It␙s Time To Hand-pick Your Force And Make A Stand, Commander. Do You Have What It Takes To Win Against All Odds?take Control Of The Last Human Fleet In A Universe Where Your Race Is All But Extinct. You␙ll Have To Truly Use Your Mind To Win, As Every Galaxy Is Unique And Requires A Different Strategy. For Example, You Can Trade Cargo, Fight Over Planets, And Even...

    Manufacturer: Dreamspike Studios
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-swc

Stronghold Hd
    Stronghold Hd.

    The Original Castle Sim, Stronghold Hd Allows You To Design, Build And Destroy Historical Castles. Engage In Medieval Warfare Against The Ai In One Of Two Single Player Campaigns Or Online With Up To 8 Players. Story With 21 Missions To Test Your Mettle And Four Renegade Lords To Defeat, It Is Up To You To Reunite Medieval England And Take Back Your Lands From The Treacherous Rat, Pig, Snake And Wolf. Missions Range From Breaking Sieges And Capturing Eenemy Castles To Raising Gold And...

    Manufacturer: Firefly Studios
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-shhd-steam

Starpoint Gemini
    Starpoint Gemini.

    Starpoint Gemini Is A Role Playing Tactical Simulation, Set In A Unique And Diverse Science Fiction Universe. Smart Use Of Your Upgradable Skills And Vessel Is The Key For Success. As A Player, You␙re Free To Roam The Rich And Living Gemini Star System And Advance Your Avatar The Way It Suits Your Playing Style The Best. When You␙re Ready You Can Tackle The Challenging Campaign And Discover What Secrets This Troubled System Is Hiding. Sift Through The Massive Selection Of Ships And Ship...

    Manufacturer: Little Green Men
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-spg

Pool Pro Online 3
    Pool Pro Online 3.

     play Online With Your Friends Anywhere In The World With Pool Pro Online 3! Visit The Online 8-ball, 9-ball Or Snooker Lobbies And Hustle Your Way Around The Globe Against Players On Pc, Iphone And Ipad! Chat In Real-time During Your Game With Your Opponents, Play Offline Against The Computer, Or Sit Down With A Friend And Play Hotseat Mode. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Challenge Friends Or Wannabees Alike With Your Own Stacks Of In-game Scratch. Once You've Taken Them To The...

    Manufacturer: Namco Networks America Inc
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-ppo3

Ashton␙s Family Resort
    Ashton␙s Family Resort.

     leave Your Worries Behind And Take That Much Needed Vacation, By Helping The Ashtons Launch And Grow Their Very Own Resort Business!travel All Around The World - From Camping On A Lakeshore, To Skiiing In The Alps, Even To An Exotic Safari In Kenya And Scuba Diving In The Pacific.  all The While, Build Up Unique Resorts At These Locations, Attract Tourists And Then Be Sure To Keep Them All Happy! As You Grow, Be Sure To Upgrade Your Resorts With Fun And Colorful New Services And Bonuses;...

    Manufacturer: Masque Publishing
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-ashton

Burly Men At Sea
    Burly Men At Sea.

    One Of Time␙s Top Five Games Of 2016, Burly Men At Sea Is A Folktale About A Trio Of Large, Bearded Fishermen Who Step Away From The Ordinary To Seek Adventure.set In The Waters Of Early 20th-century Scandinavia, The Game's Story Branches Through A Series Of Encounters With Creatures From Folklore. You Play As Storyteller And Wayfinder, Shaping The Narrative Around Three Ungainly Heroes. Play Through Once For A Single Tale, Then Set Sail Again To Uncover Paths To New Adventures.named Best...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-burly-men-at-sea

Fury Of The Gods
    Fury Of The Gods.

    Wield The Authority Of A God In Your Fingertips. Your Once Faithful Followers Have Revolted Against You By Renouncing Their Faith And Tearing Down Your Temples. Unleash Your Wrath With The Almighty Finger And Smite Those Heathens Down! Play As One Of Thfee Greek Gods In Three Unique Campaigns. Command The Power Of Lightning As Zeus, The Overwhelming Force Of The Seas As Poseidon, And The Flames Of The Underworld Itself As Hades. Tap The Screen To Send Your Almighty Finger Plummeting Down On Your...

    Manufacturer: Libredia
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-fotg

Aqua Park Tycoon (mac)
    Aqua Park Tycoon (mac).

    It's Never Been So Much Fun To Be A Tycoon!at The Aqua Park, You're In Charge! Build Gift Shops, Snack Stands, Workshops, Animal Enclosures And More To Bring In Visitors And Keep Them Happy. Quickly Expand Your Park And Make More Money, As You Adopt Cute Seals, Penguins, Otters And Dolphins To Perform Fun Tricks For Your Visitors.adjust The Prices For Entry Fees, Snacks And Souvenirs To Maximize Profits And Attendance.add Upgrades To Keep Attendance High And Visitors Happy.feed And Care For...

    Manufacturer: Selectsoft
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-aptm

Pool House
    Pool House.

    The Ultimate Billiards Game!experience The Ultimate Billiards Game: Snoooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, Russian, American Pyramid, One Pocket Pool, Call-your-shot Games, Plus Others! A Precise And Robust Physical Model Helps You To Make Angled Shots, Spin The Cue Ball, Perform Complex Combination Shots!true To Life Physicsall Sorts Of Games: Snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, Russian, American Pyramid, One Pocket Pool, Call-your-shot Games, And Moreplay A Variety Of Trick Shots

    Manufacturer: Masque Publishing
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-pool

Sins Of A Solar Empire: Trinity
    Sins Of A Solar Empire: Trinity.

    Reviews␜sins Of A Solar Empire Bucks The Current Rts Trends Of Break-neck Speed And Small-scale Battles, And Allows Strategy Gamers To Think Big And Control An Entire War In Real Time␝ 91  Pc Gamer␜a Must For Any Strategy Gamer's Collection.␝ 92  Game Chronicles␜combining Elementss From Different Genres Is A Risky Proposition, But Ironclad Has Managed To Create A Truly Unique Hybrid With Sins Of A Solar Empire.␝ 96  Cheat Code Centralabout The Gamecomplete Your Sins Of A...

    Manufacturer: Stardock Entertainment
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-soset

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis
    Eternal Journey: New Atlantis.

    Travel From The Deepest Trenches Of The Atlantic Ocean To The Awe-inspiring Wonders Of Mars As You Solve The Greatest Archeological Puzzle Known To Man: The Origin Of Atlantis. Begin This Epic Sci-fi Journey In The Present As You Guide Amrite Stone On Her Latest Dig, And Then Continue It 150 Years In The Future When She Wakes Up From Cyro-sleep Following An Unexpected Tragedy. As You Explore The Scientific Installation, You␙ll Use Video Clips And Journal Entries To Piece Together The Events...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-eterna

Dragon Kingdom War
    Dragon Kingdom War.

    In A Magical, Far Away Realm, Seven Kingdoms Lived In Harmony.... Until One Day... When The Sky Rained Fire. Its Time For Legendary Heroes To Rise Once Again!welcome To The Magical World Of "dragon Kingdom War: Puzzle Rpg", An Adventure That Combines Addictive Game Play From Turn-based Strategy, Role Playing, Card Battle & Gems Matching.collect The Best Cards And Grow An Epic Army To Battle Your Enemies For Thrones. Become The Best Dragons, Werewolves, Vampires And Other Amazing Monsters...

    Manufacturer: Play Spirit Limited
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-dragon-kingdom-war

Alpha Kimori™ Great Doubt™ Episode Two
    Alpha Kimori™ Great Doubt™ Episode Two.

    Alpha Kimori™ Is Set 50 Years After The Alien Invasion Of Earth When The Newly Discovered Planet Kimori Plays Host To Two Warring Human Factions  The Bidarians, Who Want To Reclaim Earth, And The Jinrians, Who Are Contented With Their New Home. Even As The Bidarians Destroy With Their Mighty Robotic Intelligent Cybernetic Armor (rica) Technology, The Jinrians Defend The Planet With The Ability To Transmute Into Colossal Indigenous Creatures. Amidst The Turmoil, Young Bidarian Warrior...

    Manufacturer: Sherman3d
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-akgde2


    You Are Mr. Travel, A Genius Scientist. You Have Just Invented A Time Machine. Explore Different Civilizations Throughout History, And Bring Back A Symbolic Object From Each Of Them. But Beware! Some Situations Can Be Dangerous. Dodge Traps, Avoid Hazards And Use Your Common Sense To Travel Safely! Are You Ready For An Adventure?travelling Is Such A Marvellous Adventure But When Unprepared It Can Easily Become A Nightmare. Discover And Learn How To Avoid Unpleasant Situations ! Get The Right...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-mrt

We Are Rock-men 2!
    We Are Rock-men 2!.

    Composer: Capcom Sound Team 01 Metamorphose 02 Theme Of Rock Man Xover 03 Napalm Man Stage 04 Skull Man Stage 05 Dr. Wily Stage 2 06 Explose Horneck Stage 07 Doppler Stage 1 08 X Vs Zero 09 Dr. Wily Stage 1 -omega Man Mix- 10 Snake Man Stage 11 Theme Of Rock Man Exe 12 Sky Wave 13 Flutter Vs Gazel Shaft 14 Time Again Featuring Dimension 15 Time Again (rock Ver.) 16 Metamorphose Featuring Dimension

    Manufacturer: Sumthing Else Music Works
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-warm2ost

A Game Of Changes
    A Game Of Changes.

    Chance And Destiny Find Themselves Intermeshed In A Game Of Changes.unravel And Decipher The Mechanics Of These Worlds, And Journey Through The 64 Unique Puzzles That Draw Inspiration And Teachings From The I Ching [book Of Changes], One Of The Oldest Classic Books In Human History.its Wisdom Originates From Philosophical And Scientific Observations Of The Laws Which Rule Existence. It Invites Us To Conscientiously Look Within, At One␙s Own Personality, Character, Perspective And Purpose...

    Manufacturer: Immanitas Entertainment
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-a-game-of-changes

Flying Islands Chronicles
    Flying Islands Chronicles.

    At The Very Edge Of One Of The Flying Islands There Lived A Typical Farmer, Dreaming Of A Rich Harvest. But His Dreams Were Interrupted By Giant Cogwheels Falling From The Sky Into His Garden. The Farmer Vowed To Do Everything In His Power To Find Out Who Or What Caused The Ruin Of All His Crops. It Turned Out That Robots, Having Been Designed By The Realm's Finest Masters And Having Served Humanity For Many Years, Suddenlg Went Mad And Are Now Bent On Death And Destruction. Now The Farmer...

    Manufacturer: Encore Software
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-fic


     lavapools Is A Hardcore Arcade Game, All About Dodging Death In A Rising Hell. You Play Krusty, A Crab Whose Child Have Been Kidnapped By A Terrible Octopus. But As He Was Looking For Him, Krusty Fell Into The Octopus' Deadly Traps! And Now He Needs You To Escape From This Evil Place And Rescue His Progeniture. There Are No Weapons In Lavapools. It's A Game Only About Dodging, Pure Skill And Understanding Regular Patterns. Be Careful Though, While Levels Get More And More...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-lavapools

Railroad Tycoon Ii : Platinum
    Railroad Tycoon Ii : Platinum.

    Includes Raiload Tycoon Ii And The Expansion The Second Can Take You From New Yor To South Africa. It Can Take You From The Year 1804 To The Year 2000. It Can Take You From Penniless Manual Laborer To Powerful Can Take You From A Normal, Well-adjusted, Well-rounded Person To An Obsessed, Singled-minded, One-tracked Train Head. This Is A Real Railroad Game, Not Just A Strategy Game That Happens To Involve Railroads. If You Want To Hop On A Plane, Car Or Ship...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-railroad-tycoon-ii-platinum


    In The Times Of Darkness, Only The Mightiest Of Heroes Can Save The World. Stand Out Against The Evil All By Yourself In Epic Single Player Mode, Or Form An Unstoppable Team With Up To 7 Of Your Friends In An Extraordinary Co-op Mode. Swarms Of Bloodthirsty Monsters, Loads Of Epic Gear To Collect, Dozens Of Skills To Obtain. Grab Your Sword And Fling Yourself Into Action Now! Phenomenal Single And Multiplayer Mode:a Fantastic, Action-packed Single Player Mode.amazing Co-op Multiplayer...

    Manufacturer: Forever Entertainment
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-iseabel-steam

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Vr
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Vr.

    Notice: Requires A Virtual Reality Headset.a True, Full-length Open-world Game For Vr Has Arrived From Award-winning Developers, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim Vr Reimagines The Complete Epic Fantasy Masterpiece With An Unparalleled Sense Of Scale, Depth, And Immersion. From Battling Ancient Dragons To Exploring Rugged Mountains And More, Skyrim Vr Brings To Life A Completeopen World For You To Experience Any Way You Choose. Skyrim Vr Includes The Critically-acclaimed Core Game And Official...

    Manufacturer: Bethesda Softworks
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-vr
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