King's Bounty Warriors Of The North Valhalla Edition
    King's Bounty Warriors Of The North Valhalla Edition.

    The Special Valhalla Edition Of The Game, Including: Valhalla Armor Setthese Unique In-game Items Are Parts Of An Armor Set The Hero Can Collect In The Course Of His Journeys. Combined Together These Artifacts Give Additional Boost To Character␙s Artwork And Wallpapers Digital Bonuses  Ultra-high Resolution Artwork Depicting An Epic Battle Of Olaf And Valkyries Against Undead Hordes And Wallpapers Of It Available In All Popular Desktop Resolutions.a New Hero, Young Olaf...

    Manufacturer: 1c Online Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-kbwnwe-new

Bet On Soldier - Blood Of Sahara
    Bet On Soldier - Blood Of Sahara.

    You Play The Role Of The Wrf Soldier And Feared B.o.s. Champion, Max Balding, And Deliver Yourself Up To The Deadly Syndicate In North Africa! Max Balding Is A Wrf Soldier And A Big Fan Of The Renowned Champion, Nolan Daneworth. Max Rapidly Moves Up League 3 To Become A Fierce B.o.s. Opponent. He Travels Around The World Winning Fight After Fight, Until He Achieves His Objective: League 1. This Takes Him To A North African Stronghold Of The Uan, Where The Bitter Struggle For The Crucial Oil...

    Manufacturer: Fip Publishing
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-bosah

Yumsters 2: Around The World
    Yumsters 2: Around The World.

    Not Only Are These Yumsters Crazy For Strawberries, They Can Rock The Bongos. For The Love Of Fruity Music, Help Them Earn Money By Cleaning Gardens To Promote Their Band. To Really Skyrocket, Yumsters Need The Best Equipment To Win The Ultimate Grand Prize At The Fairy Town Music Showdown. Get Fruitilicious In Five Vibrant Locations Of Yumsters 2, A Sweet Match 3 Puzzler.match 3, Drag-n-droprhythm-based Gameplayadorable Characterswin The Grand Prize!

    Manufacturer: Kranx Production
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-yum2

Civilization V - Cradle Of Civilization Map Pack: Asia (mac)
    Civilization V - Cradle Of Civilization Map Pack: Asia (mac).

    This Product Requires Sid Meier's Civilization V (mac) To Play.the Indus River Valley Was Home To The Early Harappan Civilization While The Yellow River Valley In China Saw The Rise Of The Earliest Chinese Dynasties. Both These Regions Are Included On The Same Map. The Cradle Of Civilization Map Packs Are Firaxis-designed Maps Of Real-world Locations. You Can Play Random Leaders In These Settings, Or Choose Leaders Appropriate To The History Of These Areas. The Maps Can Also Be Opened...

    Manufacturer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dd-civ5dlca

Civilization V - Cradle Of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia (mac)
    Civilization V - Cradle Of Civilization Map Pack: Mesopotamia (mac).

    This Product Requires Sid Meier's Civilization V (mac) To Play.this Is The Traditional Western And Middle Eastern cradle Of Civilization." It Includes The Fertile Crescent, With The Nile River Valley To The West And Extending East Down The Tigris And Euphrates River Valleys To The Persian Gulf. The Cradle Of Civilization Map Packs Are Firaxis-designed Maps Of Real-world Locations. You Can Play Random Leaders In These Settings, Or Choose Leaders Appropriate To The History Of These...

    Manufacturer: Aspyr Media, Inc.
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dd-civ5dlcm

King Of Kings 3
    King Of Kings 3.

    Gamersgate Exclusive Start Pack Includes: Fyron Mount (duration: Permanent)crafting Material:o Wrought Steel Lvl 4o Heavy Leather Lvl 4o Silk Cloth Lvl 4o Teak Lvl 4o Gem Lvl 4costume Package (duration: 1 Day)o Luxury Sailor Suit (for Female Characters)o Luxury Swashbuckling Swordsman (for Male Characters)treasure Collecting Badge (picks Up Loot Automatically) King Of Kings 3 Combines A Unique Approach To Guilds With Epic Battles, Player-owned Towns And Many Other...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Mmo
    SKU: Dd-kk3

Dungeon Gate
    Dungeon Gate.

    Rpg Dungeon Gate Is Different. You Can Not Equip Your Character. You Must Drain The Dna Of Creatures To Use Their Equipment, Power Or Capacity.why Do You Shapeshift? Because It Will Take You Deep In The Game. You're Too Weak To Fight Or You Want Infiltrate An Enemy Camp, Drain The Dna Of One Of Them And You Turn Them. Beings Too Tall To Access A Passage, Drain The Dna Of A Small Creature To Pass. You Must Transform Into Different Creatures Through The Adventure. You Can Drain The Dna Of All...

    Manufacturer: Wild Games Studio
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-dg

Hunter's Trophy 2 America
    Hunter's Trophy 2 America.

    Experience The True Thrill Of The Hunt!more Complete, Fun And Realistic Than Ever, The Hunting Challenge Series Has Earned A Reputation As The Best Hunting Simulation For Consoles.realistic Animal Behaviour, A Variety Of Environments, Weapons, Animals, Hunting Plans, Equipment And Skills To Unlock, Online Leaderboards, Training In Shooting At Fixed And Moving Targets␦ All Are Brought Together To Offer A Unique Gaming Experience Which Will Delight Experienced And Novice Hunters As Well As...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-ht2am

Wild Romance
    Wild Romance.

    Unhappy With His Life In Tokyo, Kazuma Returns To His Hometown In The Japanese Countryside Where He Reconnect Swith Four Female Classmates. When The Girls Accidentally Reveal That They Are Not Mere Humans But Actually Magical Animal Spirits In Human Form, A Journey Of Discovery And Constant Flirtation Begins. Sumire Is The Fox And Leader Of The Pack. She Has A Motherhood Instinct And A Deep Desire For Physical Contact. Tsubaki Is The Cat And Second In Command. She Knows What She Wants...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-wild-romance


    Take To The Streets For Intense Close Quarters Combat, Where A Team's Survival Depends Upon Securing Crucial Strongholds And Destroying Enemy Supply In This Multiplayer And Cooperative Source Engine Based Experience. The Follow-up Game To The Award-winning Source Mod, Insurgency Is Highly Competitive And Unforgivingly Lethal, Striking A Balance Between One-life Gameplay And Prolonged Action!key Features:over 40 Weapons With Numerous Attachments, No Crosshair, And A Focus On Realistic Weapon...

    Manufacturer: New World Interactive Llc
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-insurgency

Mafia Ii Dlc : Jimmy's Vendetta
    Mafia Ii Dlc : Jimmy's Vendetta.

    Jimmy's Vendetta Will Take Players Into An Alternate Perspective Of The Mob Through The Eyes Of Jimmy, A Mercenary. Jimmy Is The Guy The Other Guys Call When They Need To Finish The Job. Jimmy's Vendetta Features Dozens Of Intense Newly Created Arcade-style, City-based Missions That Keep Jimmy Driving, Shooting And Rampaging Through Empire Bay. Missions Will Unlock As They Progress, Activating A Slew Of Assassination And Timed Vehicle Missions Ending In Dramatic Shootouts And Explosive...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-mafia-ii-jimmys-vendetta-gn

Mx Vs. Atv Supercross Encore
    Mx Vs. Atv Supercross Encore.

    Rip, Jump And Scrub Your Way To Victory With Over 35 Tracks In This Vastly Extended Version!only The Encore Edition Features The Brand New Rhythm Racing Mode, Extra Outdoor Nationals Tracks, And Exclusive Waypoint Races In Open World Maps. The Improved Game Engine Brings Remastered Hd Graphics &amo;amp; Sound, Smoother Online Gameplay, And Updated Riding Physics For Full Control.key Features:more Than Twice As Many Tracks As The Original Mx Vs. Atv Supercross.12 Player Online.rhythm Racing Mode:...

    Manufacturer: Thq Nordic Gmbh
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-mvase

Oil Enterprise
    Oil Enterprise.

    I Noil Enterprise, You Enter The Multi-million Dollar Business Of Black Gold As A Shrewd Businessman. Accept The Challenge And Grow From A Small-scale Entrepreneur, Investing In Your First Oilfield, To A Global Oil Magnate. Acquire Oil Production Rights In Up To 15 Regions Around The World And Use The Potential Of Your Oil Reserves As Efficiently As Possible On The Dynamic Global Market. F Ulfill Lucrative Long-term Contracts To Improve Your Reputation And Make Your Cash Registers Ring. But...

    Manufacturer: Astragon Entertainment
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-oil-enterprise

Darkness Within: In Pursuit Of Loath Nolder
    Darkness Within: In Pursuit Of Loath Nolder.

    As Police Detective Howard E. Loreid, Players Are Tasked To Solve The Murder Of Clark Field, A Wealthy Man Involved In The Occult. At The Top Of Your List Of Suspects Is Loath Nolder, A Highly Respected Private Investigator Who Mysteriously Abandoned His Last Box For Reasons Unknown. Rumor Had It That He Ventured To Several Exotic Places Around The World. It Remains A Great Mystery As To Why Loath Nolder Disappeared So Suddenly, Resurfacing Five Years Later And Resuming His Investigations Just...

    Manufacturer: Iceberg Interactive
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-dark-steam

Sanctum 2: The Last Stand
    Sanctum 2: The Last Stand.

    Return To The Arc Islands For The Last Stand! Lume Activity Has Increased Exponentially And You And Your Fellow Core Guardians Find Yourselves More Outnumbered Than Ever. Even Out The Odds By Utilizing The New Orbital Strike Relay Tower And Smash Down A Lazer From The Sky Into Their Face! Defend The Core On Four New Maps, One Of Them Being A Remake Of The Classic Old Arc Map. To Help You Face The New Enemies In The Last Stand, The Bright Foundation Has Placed The Most Powerful Weapon...

    Manufacturer: Coffee Stain Publishing Ab
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-s2tls

Americanc Onquest: Fight Back
    Americanc Onquest: Fight Back.

    Three Centures Of War Continue - With Even More Frantic Combat And More Desperate Power Struggles Raging Across The American Continent. The Spanish Sound The Attack On Yuccatan Amidst Fierce Maya And Aztec Resistance. The Germans Put All Their Efforts Into Finding The Legendary Eldorado. The Pontiac Uprising Ends In A Terrifying Bloodbath Between Native Americans And The British. And The Russians Will Do Anything To Conquer Alaska At The Cost Of The Haida.there Is A Fantastic Bonus For Shrewd...

    Manufacturer: Gsc Game World
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-american-conquest-fight-back

Ghostcontrol Inc.
    Ghostcontrol Inc..

    Manage A Team Of Ghosthunters And Free London From Paranormal Terror In Turn-based Battles. Develop Your Own Strategy And Build Your Business Well. Lets Be Honest - A Ghost In Your House Can Be A Real Pest. For Centuries We Have Accepted Hauntings As Unexplained Phenomena Which We Can Do Little To Stop. Side Affects Of Living In A Haunted Home Can Include Sleepless Nights, Headaches, Smog Everywhere And In Some Cases Even Physical Damage In The House. Enough Is Enough, With Your Help We...

    Manufacturer: Application Systems Heidelberg
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-gcinc

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum
    Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum.

    Reviews␜martian Memorandum Has More In Common With Mean Streets Than With The Later Fmv Titles, But Does Fit Into The Tex-a-verse Nicely. It's A Fitting Sequel That Improves And Streamlines Some Of The Flaws From The Original, While Offering A New Case And Vastly Different Locales. If You're Coming From The Series Backwards, You Might Not Be As Impressed With This Title As You Will Be With Under A Killing Moon, But It's Still Worth A Play If You Want Another Chance To Slip Into Tex's ...

    Manufacturer: Night Dive Studios
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-tmmm

Order Of War
    Order Of War.

    Reviews"a Stunning Game␦" - (8.25 Out Of 10)"great Mechanics And A Beautiful Presentation Make Order Of War Shine Brightly Among Some Incredible Wwii Strategy Games." - Gamezone (8.2 Out Of 10)about The Game October 22, 22009 - Has Released Free Downloadable Content For Order Of War. The Dlc Will Download Automatically The Next Time You Launch The Game. This Dlc Contains All The Formerly Exclusive Pre-order Items Which Include:heavy Bomber Squadrons -...

    Manufacturer: Wargaming Labs
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-order-of-war


    Inspired By The Life Of Devoted Writers Typoman Takes You On A Journey To Explore The Power Of Words In The Everlasting Battle Between Good And Evil. You Slip Into The Role Of A Character Made Of Letters, Struggling To Make Your Way Through A Dark And Hoostile World. Despite Your Small Stature You Have A Powerful Gift: You Can Craft Words Which Will Have An Effect On The Environment.but Choose Your Words Wisely, They Can Either Be A Blessing ...or A Curse!key Features:wield The Power Of Altering...

    Manufacturer: Brainseed Factory
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-typoman-revised

Koi-koi Japan [hanafuda Playing Cards]
    Koi-koi Japan [hanafuda Playing Cards].

    If You Want Learning "hanafuda", "koi-koi Japan" Is The Fastest Way! Everyone Can Be A "koi-koi" Master!"hanafuda" Is A Traditional Japanese Card Game. Now You Can Play Koi Koi, Its Most Well-known Koi Koi, You Compete To Snatch Up Cards That Will Allow You To Win By Forming Yaku, Or Card Combinations, Before Your Opponent Does.if You Form A Yaku, You Can Aim For Even More Points By Calling "koi Koi" And Continuing The Game. I Hope You'll Try This Simple, But Fiercely Competitive...

    Manufacturer: Sticky Rice Games
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-koi-koi-japan-hanafuda-playing-cards

Iron Commando - Koutetsu No Senshi
    Iron Commando - Koutetsu No Senshi.

    Take Control Of Either Jake, A Soldier, Or Chang Li, A Martial Arts Master, In Your Quest To Stop G.h.o.s.t. From Capturing A Radioactive Meteorite.10 Levels Of Brawling Action With Many Unique Experiences Such As Riding In A Jeep, Mine Cart And Even A Motorcycle. 2 Player Simultaneous Play, Stereo Sound Plus New Experiences Never Experienced In A Brawling Game Before. Phnch, Kick, Shoot And Beat Your Way Through The Thugs To Get That Meteorite Back For The Good Of Final...

    Manufacturer: Hpn Associates Ltd.
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-iron-commando-koutetsu-no-senshi

Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out
    Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out.

    Shape Up Or Slip Out! Is The Fifth Game In Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry Series And Again A Classique Point&click Adventure.all The Events From The Previous Games Are Forgotten. Larry Is Single, And His Goal Is To Capture The Interest Of Various Ladies. By Sheer Coincidence, Larry Finds Hiself On A Tv Game Show Called "stallions". He Wins A Weekend At The Spa Resort, La Costa Lotta. Naturally, There Are Some Beautiful Women In The Spa Who Are Just Dreaming About Such A Wonderful, Handsome...

    Manufacturer: Assemble Entertainment
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-leisure-suit-larry-6

Ni No Kuni™ Ii: Revenant Kingdom - Season Pass
    Ni No Kuni™ Ii: Revenant Kingdom - Season Pass.

    Buy The Ni No Kuni™ Ii: Revenant Kingdom Season Pass And Get The Upcoming Epic Expansions The Moment They Become Available.explore New Dungeons, Get Exclusive Rewards And Enjoy A Brand New Story Chapter With Hours Of Additional Gameplay At A Discount.welcome Back To Ni No Kuni!ni No Kuni Ii: Revenant Kingdom™ & ©level-5 Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Manufacturer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-ni-no-kuni-ii-season-pass

Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York
    Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York.

    This Content Requires The Base Game Train Sim World: Csx Heavy Haul. On Steam In Order To Sprinttrain Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York Is An All New First-person Simulator That Brings To Life The Experience Of Driving Passenger And Freight Trains On The Northeast Corridor In New York. Transport Psssengers In The State-of-the-art Amtrak Acs-64 And Serve The City In The Csx Gp38-2 Fdeight Locomotive In And Around New York.beat The Clockgo To Work As An Engineer On One Of...

    Manufacturer: Dovetail
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dlc-tsw-northeast-corridor-new-york-row
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