Medievil Resurrection Original Soundtrack
    Medievil Resurrection Original Soundtrack.

    Composer: Bob And Barn 01 Welcome To Gallowmere 02 The Spell 03 Home Of The Dead 04 A Fiery Confrontation 05 Comedy Corpses 06 Gallowmere Waltz. 07 Hall Of Heroes 08 Village Of Madness 09 Hilltop Mausoleum 10 Scurvy Docks 11 George The Pumpkin 12 Wheat Demon 13 Zarok's Lair 14 A Hero Returns 15 End Titles

    Manufacturer: Sumthing Else Music Works
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-mrost

Hollywood Pictures Ii
    Hollywood Pictures Ii.

    Run Your Own Hollywood Studio, Produce Big Budget Movies And Become The Greatest Producer Ever! In Hollywood Pictures 2 You Are Taking Over The Director's Chair! This Stunning Tycoon Game Is A Sequel Of The Cult Game "hollywood Pictures", Released In The 1990s. You Are Taking Over A Small Scruffy Movie Studio And Got The Task To Rehabilate The Studio, To Produce Successful Blockbusters And To Win The Most Dignified Awards. Stay In Touch With The Biggest Actors And Famous Directors, Shot And...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-hp2


    Turtix Didn't Know What Would Happen When He Tried Casting A Powerful Spell Without The Supervision Of His Teacher. When He Lost Control Of The Magic And It Shattered An Amulet That Maintained Peace And Harmony Throughout His Wolrd, He Thought The Worst Had Happened. Then He Learned Dark Forces Had Invaded Five Islands And Kidnapped All Of The Young Turtles From The School Of Magic! Determined To Set Things Right, The Brave And Commendable Turtix Set Out To Rescue His Friends And Collect The...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-tur


    Deep Within Mobib's Pyramid, Hundreds Of Ancient Pyracubes Spark With Malevolent Energy. Mobib Has Harnessed This Energy To Turn Our Beloved Leadder King Theban Into A Lowly Beetle. Help Theban In His Quest Through 160 The Pyracubes Together And Use Their Energy Against Them. Pyracubes Is A Puzzle Game In Which You Move Pyracubes Around The Catacomb-like Levels Forming Groups Of The Same Type. Sounds Easy, But As Soon As Two Similar Pyracubes Touch They Lock Together Forming...

    Manufacturer: Clockwork Pixels
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-pc

Slide Colors Mac
    Slide Colors Mac.

    Slide Colors Is A Based Match3 Game With A New Way To Matching Colors With A Hundred Of Levels In The Each 3 Modes.three Game Modes: Puzzle, Time Attqck And Clear Blocks.hundred Of Levels For Each Mechanic To Match 3.achievements Available.two Difficulty Modes.

    Manufacturer: Taykron Games
    Category: Mac
    SKU: Dd-slidecmac


    Wolves, Eagles, Bandits - Everyone Is After Your Cute Little Friends! Protect And Guide The Sheep Through More Than 80 Wool-raising Levels In This Thrilling Arcade Game, Until You Finally Reach Your Goal: The Sheep-jumping Competition In Woollyville. Assume The Role Of Windsor The Sheepdog As You Encounter Logic Puzzles, Stubborn Sheep That Need To Be Moved, Hidden Powerups, Hungry Eagles, Bothersome Bandits, And Much Much More In This Exciting Action Adventure.adoringly Cute Sheep84...

    Manufacturer: Karjasoft
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-sheepl

Amsterdam Street Racer
    Amsterdam Street Racer.

    Dodge Police Cars, Smash Traffic Cars, Elimate Your Opponents, Take Breath-taking Jumps, Burn Rubber And Race Your Way Through Urban Terrain To The Final Checkpoint.earn Respect And Money In Drag And Streetraces,, Work Your Way Up To City Races And Finally Take Part Of The Wo Adrenaline Pumping "final Challenges" That Take Place In This Enormous City!

    Manufacturer: Xing Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-asracer

Valhalla Hills
    Valhalla Hills.

    You're Spending Your Whole Life To Please Your Gods. You're Fighting And Dying An Honorable Death. And Now This! The Poor Vikings Are Standing In Front Of Asgard's Gates, Waiting To Enter Valhalla. But The Ungrateful Gods Won't Give Them What They Deserve, Closing The Gates Right In Front Of Them.although, A True Viking Never Gives Up. If It's Impossible To Enter Valhalla The Traditional Way, Then Why Not Just Walk In There? But The Usually Pretty Strong Vikings Don't Seem To Cope Well With...

    Manufacturer: Daedalic Entertainment
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-valhallahills

Bret Airborne
    Bret Airborne.

    Play As The Intrepid Bret Airborne And Help Doctor Altus To Fight His Evil Twin Brother And His Minions In A Colorful Steampunk World.puzzle-based Hot Air Balloon Duelschallenging Single-player Campaign With Player-selected Levels Of Difficulty40 Powers And Augment Ations To Customize Your Balloongauntlet Mode To Test Your Skills Against Increasingly Difficult Enemiescustom Duels Vs. Ai Opponentscustom Two Player Local Duels

    Manufacturer: Machine 22
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-bret

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3d (original Soundtrack)
    Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3d (original Soundtrack).

    Composer: Capcom Sound Team 01 Soldier's Dance Digital Ver. 02 M3d Title Digital Ver. 03 M3d Main Menu 04 Calling 05 The Path For Fight 06 Secret Lines 07 Subspecies 08 Breaking Limit 09 Voices 10 Contamination 11 Power Of Flames 12 Crying From Far Away 13 Shooting In The Desert! 14 Upsurge Of Sentiment 15 M3d Game Over 16 A Brave Man 17 Reckless Driving Of Lmo 18 Ghost On The Blue 19 A Warrior Filled With Hope 20 Hurry Up!! 21 Impending Threat 22 The Mercenaries - Leon ...

    Manufacturer: Sumthing Else Music Works
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-rem3dost

Sharpe Investigations: Death On The Seine
    Sharpe Investigations: Death On The Seine.

    Journalist-turned-food Critic Taryn Sharpe And Her Assistant/photographer George Haske Are Sent On Assignment To France To Cover The Opening Of Paris's Hottest New Restaurwnt, Le Roi Soleil. When They Get There, They Discover The Restaurant's Celebrity Chef Is Dead And The Circumstances Are Suspicious. Strangely, The Police Rule The Death A Suicide And Refuse To Investigate. The Restaurant's Owner (an Old Friend Of Taryn's) Is Convinced His Star Chef Was Murdered And Begs Her And George To Find...

    Manufacturer: Libredia
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-sidots

Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation
    Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation.

    The Human Race Has Expanded Into The Galaxy Thanks To The Wonders Of The Technological Singularity. You Have Become So Powerful That You Can Manage Vast Armies Across An Entire World That Provide You With An Ever Greater Galactic, Humanity Is Under Assault By A New Enemy. Calling Themselves The Substrate, They Seek To Annihilate The Human Race From Existence. You, As An Up And Coming Member Of The Post-human Coalition, Must Deal With Both This New Menace As Well As Renegade Humans...

    Manufacturer: Stardock Entertainment
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-ashes-of-the-singularity-escalation

Lego Harry Potter™: Years 1-4
    Lego Harry Potter™: Years 1-4.

    Build The Adventure From Privet Drive To The Triwizard Tournament And Experience The Magic Of The First Four Harry Potter Stories  Lego Style! Explore Hogwarts™ School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, Learn Spells, Brew Potions And Relive The Adventures Like Never Before With Tongue-in-cheek Humor And Creative Customization That Is Unique To Lego Videogames!key Features:the Magic Is Building!connect The Bricks From The Privet Drive To The Triwizard Tournament And Experience The Magic Of...

    Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-lhp14

100% Orange Juice - Krila & Kae Character Pack
    100% Orange Juice - Krila & Kae Character Pack.

    This Extra Character Pack For 100% Orange Juice Adds 2 New Playable Characters From Developer Orange_juice's Games - Krilalaris And Kae.character Pack Includes: Krilalaris From qp Shooting - Dangerous!!␙ Kae From suguri␙ New, Unique Hyper Cards For Both Characters To Bring Chaos To The Battlefield With! New Music Tracks Play As Krila & Kae's Themesthe New Characters Are Designed By Orange_juice␙s Original Staff For The Game␙s English Steam Release, With Character And Hyper...

    Manufacturer: Fruitbat Factory
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-100oj-krila-kae-character-pack

Blood Bowl 2 - Wood Elves
    Blood Bowl 2 - Wood Elves.

    Wood Elves Race Comes With Its Own Unique Ai And Players (passers, Wardancres, Catchers, Linemen And The Treeman) But Also Their Own Star Players: Dolfar Lonstride And Jordell Freshbreeze!elves Are Amazingly Agile And Almost As Fast As Skaven. Avoiding Other's Tackles Is A Pure Formality For Them. Especially For The Wardancers Whose Ability To Go Through Opposing Defenses Is Nearly Outmatched. Elves Are Excellent Passers And Catchers. Their Game Could Become A True Nightmare For Other Teams...

    Manufacturer: Focus Home Interactive
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-bb2-wood-elves

Dead Hungry Diner
    Dead Hungry Diner.

    Dead Hungry Diner" Is A Fun And Fast Paced Action-puzzler With A Fresh Approach To Restaurant Management. Guide Gabe And Gabby, The Orphan Twins, And Discover The Secrets Of Ravenwood Village. Seat, Serve And Satisfy A Variety Of Monsters But Be Quick Before They Get Impatient And Leave Without Paying. Be Careful Where You Seat The Creatures. You Might Need Frankie The Bouncer To Break Up Fights Between Feuding Customers. Use A Pinch Of Magic To Perfect Your Customer Service And Build Up Big...

    Manufacturer: Immanitas Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-dhd


    Get Ready To Compete In The Most Brutal Sport Of The Moment. In The Dog Eat Dog Tournament, You Should Avail Yourself Of Your Ruthless Fighting Skills And Crush Your Enemies If You Want To Make Your Way To Victory. Fight Alone Or With Friends, Compete In Multiple Stages And Game Modes, And Improve Your Favorite Fighter. Bloodbath Takes Fighting Games To A New Dimension!bloodbath Offers The Most Brutal Action Ever Seen In A Fighting Game. Compete In Numerous 3d Interactive Environments And Enjoy...

    Manufacturer: Uig Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-bloodbath

Woodcutter Simulator
    Woodcutter Simulator.

    The Player Assumes The Role Of A Timber Worker Who Slowly Works His Way Up From Small To Huge Orders, Where He Even Has To Fell Mammoth Trees. You Receive Orders For The Safe Removal Of Trees In Gardens Or Parks, The Preparation Of Building Sites And The Production Of Firebreaks. In Addition To The Tree Felling You Have To Take Care Of The Processing, Such As Debarking Or Sawing As Well As The Wood Transpot To The Processing Facilities.detailed Scenery In 3d Graphicsintriguing, Ongoing...

    Manufacturer: Libredia
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-imok

Talisman - Constitution Pack #3 - Devil's Minion
    Talisman - Constitution Pack #3 - Devil's Minion.

    Character Pack Release For Talisma N: Digital Edition - Devil's Minion.this Menacing Figure Can Use Enemy Spirits As Weapons And Make Other Characters Encounter Them When He Draws Them!purchase This Character Pack To Add The Devil's Minion To Your Character Collection. He Is Then Available To Choose In All Game Modes.devil's Minion Statsstrength - 3craft - 3fate - 4lives - 4alignment - Evilspecial Abilities (from The Character Card)when You Attack Another Character, You May Choose To Make The...

    Manufacturer: Nomad Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dlc-talisman-character-pack-3-devils-minion


    In Ancient Egypt, Death Awaits At Every Cornerpharaonic Is An Unforgiving Sidescrolling Combat-rpg Set In Ancient Egypt. Explore A Vast Kingdom Full Of Dangers And Brutal Enemies While You Find The Truth Behind Ahmosis I, The Red Pharaoh. Only The Most Audacious Warriors Will Have Any Chance Of Successs. The Pharaoh's Army And Countless Dangerous Creatures Will Stand In Your Way.original And Streamlined Combat Systempolish Your Combat Skills To The Finest And Loot The Best Gear Possible To Even...

    Manufacturer: Milkstone Studios
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-pharaonic

Etherlords Bundle
    Etherlords Bundle.

    This Bundle Includes:etherlordsetherlords Iietherlords: Anthology Is A Collection That Includes Two Iconic Games Created By Nival: Etherlords And Etherlords Ii. Combiinng Elements Of A Collectible Card Game And Turn-based Strategy For The First Time, Both Of These Games Became International Bestellers. Innovative Mechanics That Appeared Here Became The Basics Of A Huge Number Of Modern Games. We Present To You A Special Edition Of The Classics From Nival, Released Specially For Steam.a...

    Manufacturer: Nival Interactive
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-etherlords-bundle

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition
    Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition.

    Experience One Of The Scariest, Most Highly Acclaimed Games Of 2017 With Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition  Complete With All Season Pass Content. As Ethan Winters, Explore The Seemingly Abandoned Baker Mansion And Uncover The Truth Behind The Disappearance Of Your Wife. The Gold Edition Contains The Full Game Plus Dlc: The Banned Footage Vol. 1 And 2, And The End Of Zoe Epilogue Episode. Also Available As A Free Download To All Re7 Owners Is The 'not A Hero' Epilogue Chapter Starring Chris...

    Manufacturer: Capcom Ltd
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-resident-evil-7-gold-rel

South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Dlc 1 Danger Deck
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Dlc 1 Danger Deck.

    The Challenging Danger Deck Will Teleport You To Never Before Seen Locations Throughout South Park To Fight Enemy Encounters Customm Crafted By Tupperware. You Can Access Danger Deck In The Freedom Pals Base By Interacting With The Danger Deck Terminal, Where You And Your Team Of Superheroes Will Be Transported Into These Holographic Battles. These Increasingly Difficult Encounters, Comprised Of A Variety Of Different Enemies From The Game, Will Test And Push The Limits Of Any Superhero...

    Manufacturer: Ubisoft
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dlc-south-park-tfbw-danger-deck-na

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Year 3 Gold Edition
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Year 3 Gold Edition.

    Upgrade To The Gold Edition Which Includes The Full Original Game, Rare New Bonus Content From The Outbreak Collection, The Year 3 Pass, And A Total Of 1200 Rainbow Six Credits.tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Is An Intense, New Approach To The First-peson Multiplayer Shooter Experience. Choose From A Variety Of Unique Elite Operators And Master Their Abilities As You Lead Your Team Through Tense, Thrilling, And Destructive Team-based Edition Includes:full Original Game10 Outbreak...

    Manufacturer: Ubisoft
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-tcr6-siege-year3-gold-edition-na

Marine Sharpshooter Ii: Jungle Warfare
    Marine Sharpshooter Ii: Jungle Warfare.

    In This Follow-up To The Hit Marine Sharpshooter, You'll Be A Lone Operative Fighting To Restore Democracy In An African Country. The President Of Burundi Has Been Taken Hostage By Rebels And Mercenaries. The Brutal Civil Make ~ That Would Ensue From This Will Threaten American Interests - So You'll Use Your Elite Military Training And Advanced Weapons To Take The Rebels Down!

    Manufacturer: Funbox Media
    Category: Avtion
    SKU: Dd-marine-sharpshooter-ii-jungle-warfare
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