Nuk Baby Bottle Cleanser, 380ml
    Nuk Baby Bottle Cleanser, 380ml.

    Nuk Rinsing Agent For Feeding Bottles And Teats, 380 Ml With The Nuk Rinsing Agent You Can Simply Clean All Parts With Which Your Little Sunshine Could Come In Touch. But Even All These Things Which Your Babe Could Stuck In Its Small Mouth Due To Its Big Curiousness. The Rinsing Agent Has Been Especially Developed For The Cleansing Of Bbay Products. The Formula Bases On Complete Natural Ingredients. The Rinsing Agent Removes Reliable Rests Of Milk, Puree Or Juice Due To Enzymes. Thereby The Rinsing Agent Is So Gently That You Can Also Clean Baby Dishes, All Feeding-bottles And Teats, Cups, Learn-to-eat Cutleries As Well As Parts Of The Breast Pump And Wipe Able Toys Without Any Doubt. Especially These Parts Which Could Come In Touch With Baby´s Mouth Are Baby-friendly Cleanable. How Does The Nuk Rinsing Operate? The Nutrition Of Your Baby Consists In The First Months Of Life Off Milk And Puree. The Containing Milk Proteins In The Food Are Extreme Obstinately And Remain As Rests In Feeding-bottles, Teats As Well As Onto The Baby Dishes And There Arise Germs And Bacteria And Also Worse Odors. The Nuk Rinsing Agent Is Such Mild Because The Manufacturer Total Dispensed On Ingredients Which Are Not Necessary For The Complete Removing Of Rests Of Baby Food Especially Milk Proteins In Feeding Bottles, Teats Or Onto The Baby Dishes. The Nuk Rinsing Agent Contains Enzymes Instead Which Act Especially Against Milk Proteins. Similar To The Nature Where Enzymes Help Splitting Proteins And Then To Disengage Them. Due To The Thin Fluid Consistence Spreads The Nuk Rinsing Agent Same Fast. The Firmly Remaining Proteins Will Be Cracked From The Enzymes And They Can Be Easily And Completely Rinsed Out Then. Product Details: * Nature-based Ingredients, Free From Scents And Colorants * Especially Effective Against Milk Proteins, Puree-remains And Juice-remains * Easy And Completely Rinsing Out * Ph-neutral (dermatological Tested) * Substances On Base Of Renewable Raw Materials And Light Biodegradable

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.256.361
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 10.256.261-95861

Avent Bowl Set
    Avent Bowl Set.

    Avent Bowl-set Table, Cover Thyself ... With The Colorful Avent Dishes Each Meal Is Fun. The Cheerful Avent Bunny With Its Carrots And Tomatoes Brings Joy Onto The Table. The Set Of A Small And Large Bowl Complete The First Feeding And The First Meals With Your Little Sunshine From Approx. 6 Months. Whether For The Diner, For A Meal In Between Or The Dessert – Will You Always Have The Right Bowl At Hand. With The Beveled Bowl Rim It Is Easier To Eat With A Spoon And Assists To Take The Pap Better Onto It. With The Beveled Bowl Rim It Is Easier To Eat And To Take The Pap Onto The Spoon. A Safe Stand Gives The Anti-slip Coating At The Bottom. Easy-care, Dishwasher-safe And Microwaveable Appears The Avent Dishes Made Of Bpa-free Materials. When Your Sweetheart Has Eaten All Empty Will It Bbe Rewarded With This Cheerful Bunny. So Learn-to-eat Brings A Lot Of Fun! The Supplied Recipe-booklet Contains Many Tips And Recipes For A Healthy Nutrition. Productdetails: * Contains 2 Bowl In Different Sizes * From Approx. 6 M+ * For The Firstf Eeding And First Meals * Frisky Design * Anti-slip Coating At The Bottom * Beveled Bowl Rims * Dishwasher-safe * Microwaveable * Included Recipe-booklet, Developeed By Experts

    Manufacturer: Avent
    ID: Scf708/00
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding, gt, feeding
    SKU: Scf708_00

Britax Rmer Child Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus
    Britax Rmer Child Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus.

    Britax Römer Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus This Seat Can Be Used For Children Aged 9 Months To 12 Years. The Car Seat Britax Römer Evolva 1-2-3 Plus Grows Along With Your Child And Offers A Period Of Use Of 11 Years. Group/weight Class * Group I, Ii And Iii / Suitable For Children With A Weight Of 9-36kg * Can Be Used From 9 Months To 12 Years Corresponds To: * Ece R44/04 With A Weight Of 9 To 18 Kg, You Need To Belt Your Little One With The 5-point Harness. The Belting System Has An Audible Click And Safe Security System. The Acoustical Belting Aid Clicks As Soon As A Proper Tension Is Reached. Thus You Can Be Sure That Your Little One Is Belted Properly. The 5-point Harness System Is Provided With A Central Belt Extension For Adjusting. Further The Shoulder Belts Have Special Pads. Those Reduce The Forward Displacement And Loads When Having An Accident. You Will Be Able To Put Your Child Withouut Any Trouble In The Seat And Take It Out The Exact Same Way. The Britax Römer Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 Plus Needs To Be Strapped With The 3-point Belt. Once Your Child Weighs 15kg, You Can Remove The Belting Syst Em And Your Child Is Belted With A 3-point Harness. The Performance Chest Pads Reduce Your Child´s Forward Movement In The Event Of An Impact. The Height-adjustable Headrest And Harness With Easy Single-handed Adjustment Prevents Rethread Errors. The Harness Retainers Make It Easy To Get Your Child In And Out Of The Seat. The Belly Pad Is For Your Child´s Comfort. The Seat Belt Guides Correctly Position The 3-point Seat Belt Over Your Child´s Shoulder And Pelvis. The Height-adjustable Headrest And Belt Guide Adjust Position Of Seat Belt Over Your Child´s Shoulder. The Car Seat Has Pull-out Drink Holder And Snack Tray. The Cover Can Quickly Be Removed Without Interfering With The Harness. The Softly Padded Cover Can Be Removed For Washing. The Car Seat Will Be Attached With The 3-point Seat Belt. Product Details Britax Römer Evolva 1-2-3 Plus: * Installation With 3-point Belt * 5-point Harness With Central Belt Extension * Audible Click & Safe Security System * Height-adjustable Head Rest And Shoulder Straps Can Be Adjusted Wth One Hand * Lock Padding, Special Shoulder Padding, Shoulder Hangers * Height-adjustable Head Rest And Belt Guide * Deeply, Softly Padded Side Walls * Adjustable Seat Positions * Extendible Drink And Snack Holder * Quickly Removable Cover, Soft And Washable * Ewight: 7,7kg * Measurements: H 61-72cm X W 50 Cm X D 52 Cm * Made In Britain

    Manufacturer: Britax Rmer
    ID: 2000025480
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 2000007857-88688

Maxi-cosi Footmuff For Infant Car Seat Pebble
    Maxi-cosi Footmuff For Infant Car Seat Pebble.

    Maxi-cosi Footmuff For Infant Car Seat Pebble The Maxi-cosi Footmuff Is Suitable For The Infant Car Seat Pebble And Provides Additional Protection On Cold Days. Thanks To The Hood Your Little One Is Well Protected In Cold Wind. The Footmuff Can Be Attached To The Infant Car Seat Easily And In No Time At All – Three Integrated Slots For The Belt Provide Optimum Protection. Due To Buttons You Can Easily Open And Close The Footmuff. Especially In Winter It Is Recommended That You Do Not Fasten Your Child While He Or She Is Wearing A Warm Winter Jacket Since The Belt Might Not Be Able To Adjust Accordingly And Thus, Safety Cannot Not Be Guaranteed. With The Baby Cocoon Your Child Is Both Fastened Properly And Kept Warm At All Times. Three Parts Folded On Top Of Each Other Keep Warm And Offer A Cosy And Comfy Spot To Make Your Little One Feel Safe. Choose One Of Many Amazing Colours, Match It To Your Maxi-cosi Infant Car Seat Or Else Mx It Up In Order To Create Some Smashing Colour Combos! The Maxi-cosi Footmuff Can Be Washed By Hand At 30°c Maximum. Product Details: * Available In Various Designs * Provides Additional Comfort, Awrmth And Protection On Cold Days * Three Parts Folded On Top Of Each Other Keep Warm And Protected * Easy To Open And Close With Buttons * Quick And Easy To Use

    Manufacturer: Maxi-cosi
    ID: 73509560
    Category: Car Seats, gt, car Seat Acces Sories
    SKU: 73505-92547

Babymoov Baby Bouncer Swoon Bubble
    Babymoov Baby Bouncer Swoon Bubble.

    Babymoov Baby Bouncer Swoon Bubble Babymoov’s Baby Bouncer Swoon Bubble Supplies Your Little One With Pleasant Relaxation And Gently Rocks Him To Sleep. The Baby Bouncer Can Be Set In Two Inclinations And Features Five Rocking Modes As Well As Eight Different Melodies With Volume Control. The Bouncing Time Can Be Set For 8, 15 Or 30 Minutes, Respectively. Optimum Safety Is Provided By A Five-point Harness And An Automatic Switch-off Function That Prevents Your Little One From Moving Too Eager. The Headrest Can Be Removed When You Little One Has Grown. Babymoov’s Baby Bouncer Can Be Folded And Transported Easily. Its Cover Can Be Removed And Washed If Required. The Baby Bouncer Operates On 4 X Aa Batteries (not Included) Or Else On The Electrical Grid. Detials: * Available In Two Colours * 5 Different Rocking Modes * 8 Melodies Wit Volume Control * 2 Inclinations * Switches Off Automatically As Soon As Baby Moves Eagerly * Folds To Compact Size * Operates On The Electrical Grid By Using An Adapter * Removable Headrest

    Manufacturer: Babymoov Gmbh
    ID: A055011
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: A05501-98559

Lego Classic Base Plate Grey
    Lego Classic Base Plate Grey.

    Lego Classic Base Plate Grey A Useful And Real Enrichment For Your Child’s Lego Collection With A Size Of 38x38 Cm, A Lot Of Own Figments Of Imagination Can Arise; Whether As A Garden, A Castle Or As Pattern For An Own Construction – It Proves Itself As Great Initial Point For Constructing, Presenting And Playing. Product Details: * Lego 10701 * Contains One Base Plate In Grey * Measurements: 38 X 38cm * Age Recommendation: 4-99 Years

    Manufacturer: Lego
    ID: 6102279
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 38512331

Chicco Veste Asciutto Diapers, Size 1 "new Baby␝, 2-5 Kg
    Chicco Veste Asciutto Diapers, Size 1 "new Baby␝, 2-5 Kg.

    * The Chicco Diapers Size 1 Are Suitable For Your Favorite With A Body Weight Of 2-5 Kg, And Offer Perfect Protection

    Manufacturer: Chicco
    ID: 00007890000000
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 789

Inglesina Zippy Light Parasol
    Inglesina Zippy Light Parasol.

    Inglesina Zippy Light Parasol The Inglesina Zippy Light Parasol Is The Perfect Protection On Hot And Sunny Days. The Parasol Is Available In The Same Beautiful And Bright Colours As The Entire Zippy Light Collection. It Protects Your Little Passenger Against Direct Sunlight And Can Be Attached Easily To The Chassis Of The Buggy Zippy Light. Both A Trendy Accessory And Optimum Protection The Parasol Is A Reliable Companion For Your And Your Child’s Great Adventures. Suitable For Your Inglesina Buggy Zippy Light This Universal Parasol Is Available In Seven Different Colours. Please Note: Only The Parasol Is Included In Delivery. The Buggy Zippy Light Is Sold Separately! Details: * Suitable For Inglesina Buggy Zippy Light * Available In Various Colours * Protects Against Direct Sulnight

    Manufacturer: Inglesina
    ID: A099h0lbl
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: A099h0-98829

Pampers Premium Protection Nappies  Size 4 Maxi
    Pampers Premium Protection Nappies  Size 4 Maxi.

    Pampers Premiim Protection Nappies – Size 4 Maxi Five Stars Stand For Optimum Protection And The Best Quality – Made In Germany! Pampers’ Premium Protection Nappies Will Make Your Little One Feel Well-protected And Comfortable Day And Night. The New Magical Pods (=absorbent Channels) Distribute Wetness Evenly And Thus Provide Your Little One’s Bot With Dryness Up To 12 Hours. The Double Absorbent System Directs Liquid Poop And Wetness Away From Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin And Absorbs Them Into The Nappy. Smooth As Silk – The Nappies Are Equipped With A Super-soft Outer Fleece Fabric Which Offers Highest Comfort While Wearing The Nappy. An Elastic Waistband And Panels For The Legs Don’t Constrict Your Child But Still Provide A Perfect Fit. Practical – The Premium Protection Nappies Also Feature A Wetness Indicator Which Indicates The Next Nappy Change. For A Happy And Easy-going Time With Your Little Cutie. Details: * Available In Diifferent Sizes * Size 4 Maxi/ 8 To 16 Kg * Double Absorbent System * Magical Pods – Absorbent Channels * Soft And Elastic Waistband And Panels For The Legs * Smooth As Silk * Wetness Indicator * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Pampers
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 849247-99625

Bbchen Body Wash Classic
    Bbchen Body Wash Classic.

    Bübchen Body Wash Classic The Bübchen Body Wash Classic Gently Cleanses And Cares For The Delicate Baby Skin With 1/3 Baby Lotin. The Pleasantly Smelling Bübchen Body Wash Classic Is Enriched With Almond Oil Which Leaves The Skin Silkily Soft. Wheat Protein Supports The Natural Barrier Of The Skin. The Easy Application And Wonderful Care For Your Little One Will Provide You With Special Moments! The Bübchen Body Wash Classic Is Dermattologically Approved And Recommended By Midwives And Doctors. The Product Is Free Of Colors And Allergy-suspicious Fragrances. Only The Best For The Skin Of Your Baby! Freshly Baked Parents Can Rely On Approved Quality With Bübchen Products – Made In Germany! Note: Once Opened, Use Within 12 Months! Product Details: Suitable For Use From Birth Onwards Maintains Silky Soft Skin While Washing With 1/3 Baby Lotion Enriched With Almond Oil And Wheat Protsin Skin Friendly, Dermatologically Approved Contents: 230ml Made In Germany Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat., Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Glycol Distearate, Panthenol, Perfume, Peg-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Coco-glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Laureth-4, Isopropyl Palmitate, Sodium Citrate, Zinc Sulfate, Citric Acid, Heliotropine, Sodium Hydroxide, Polyquaternium-10, Lactic Acid, Tocopherol Additives: With Almond Oil And Wheat Protein

    Manufacturer: Bbchen
    ID: 12244689/64
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 12244689

Moon Buggy Flac Special
    Moon Buggy Flac Special.

    Moon Buggy Flac Special Why Not Attract Everybody’s Attention With The Moon Buggy Flac Special? Its Striking Design, Cute Details And High-quality Fabrics Will Make You The Coolest And Trendiest Mom And Dad Who Everyone Wants To Be Around. Design Sports A Sporty And Nippy Little Mover With Faux Leather Handles, Red Decorative Seams And An Extra Thick Seat Insert Makes The Heart Of Every Race Driver Melt. Design Denim Hard-wearing Denim Fabric With Its Extra Thick Seat Insert, Faux Leather Handlebar And Highlights In A Retro Style Will Definitely Catch Your Eye. Design Style This Premium Style Buggy Is Equipped With A Striking Canopy And Handles In A Bison Leather Look. Design Wood A Shopping Basket With A Double Zip And Handles In A Bison Leather Look Opt For The Flac In The Design Wood. No Matter What Design You Opt For, The Spring Suspended Four-wheel Buggy With Its Integrated Swivel Front Wheels Proves To Be The Perfect Companion On All Terrain. Due To Its Patented 3d Fold System It Can Be Folded Into A Compressed Package. The Large Shopping Basket With A Zip On The Side Provides You With Enough Space To Store Travel Essentials And Other Necessities For When You’re On The Go. The Sports Seat With An Additional Soft-padded Insert Will Make Your Little One Feel Super Comfy And Even More Excited To Explore The World Around. A Removable, Swivelling Front Bar With A Safety Belt Included As Well As The Cushioned Five-point Harness Prevents Your Child From Standing Up And Protects Him Or Her From Dropping Out. Due To Its Adjustable Footrest And Backrest You Can Easily Recline The Seat So That Baby Can Have A Nap Wherever You Go. The Canopy Equipped With A Patented Zip System And Uv Protection 50+ Not Only Protects Your Little One In Any Wind And Weather But Also Controls The Climate Inside The Buggy With Its Integrated Air Circulation System. Tip: With An Adapter (sold Separately!) For Your Carrycot (suitable For Various Types) You Can Easily Transform The Buggy Kiss Into A Full-featured Travel-system. Product Details: * Available In Various Designs * Cute Detail And High-quality Fabric * Eva Wheels With Spring Suspension * Full Reclining Position Possible, Adjustable Backrest And Footrest * Additional Soft-padded Insert * Lockable Swivel Front Wheels * Five-point Harness * Spacious Shopping Basket With Zip * Parking Brake * Canopy With Uv Protection 50+ And Air Circulation System * Height Of Handlebar: 107 Cm * Suitable For 15 Kg Maximum * Size Open: 72l X 59b X 105h Cm * Size Folded: 72l X 42b X 38h Cm * Weight: 8,8kg

    Manufacturer: Moon
    ID: 61610300-992
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 61610300-99820

4moms Bag With Usb Charging Cable
    4moms Bag With Usb Charging Cable.

    4moms Bag With Usb Charging Cable If You Are Taking A Long Walk With Your Little One And Want To Make An Important Phone Call But You Rewlize That Your Mobile Battery Is Empty. Now You Will Be Well Equipped For Situations Like These &ndash ;with The 4moms Bag And The Charging Cable. Charge Your Mobile Phone Or Any Other Usb Compatible Devices Directly With Your Origami’s Charging Cable. Just Plug The Barrel End Into The Lcd And The Other End Into Your Device’s Charging Card. Your Device Will Charge As You Push The Stroller. In The Lovely Bag With The 4moms Logo Can You Place Your Phone, Keys And Other Personal Items. Product Details: * Charges Your Mobile Phone Or Other Usb Compatible Devices * Perfectly Matches The Origami Stroller * Bag With 3-pockets

    Manufacturer: 4moms
    ID: 15685
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 15685

Concord Diaper Bag Shopper
    Concord Diaper Bag Shopper.

    Concord Diaper Bag Shopper No Matter If You Attach It On Your Buggy Or Carry It Over The Shoulder – The Supsr Trendy And Spacious Concord Diaper Bag Is An Absolute Must-have For All Parents. The Diaper Bag Shopper Is Made Of Easy-care, Hard Wearing Material And Is Suitable For Everyday Use. The Bag Features Many Easily Accessible Compartments That Offer Enough Space For All The Necessities Needed Every Day While Travelling. Private Items Such As Keys Or Mobile Phone Can Be Stored Safely In One Of The Lockable Compartments. The Wet Compartment Included, Keeps Wet Or Dirty Clothes Away From Clean And Dry Ones. The Soft-padded Changing Mat Makes It Easy For You To Change Your Little One Wherever You Go. A Removable Inside Pocket With Its Many Additional Compartments Offers Further Space For Essential Items Like Nappies And Other Care Products. A Small Insulated Bag For Bottles And Drinks Is Included In The Delivery. Product Details: * Trendy And Spacious Diaper Bag * Made Of Easy-care, Hard-wearing Material * Various, Easily Accessible Compartments * Lockable Wet Compartment * Small Insulated Bag For Bottles * Soft-padded Changing Mat * Removable Inside Pocket

    Manufacturer: Concord
    ID: Shp0983
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: Shp09-101449

Hauck Buggy Vegas
    Hauck Buggy Vegas.

    Hauck Buggy Vegas The Stylish Hauck Buggy Vegas Offers High Comfort While Scoring With Versatile Features Such As The Aluminium Chassis, Elegant Honeycomb-patterned Fabrics, A Chic Bottle Holder As Well As A Push Bar With Grips That Fit Perfectly To The Hand. Due To Its High Manoeuvrability And Its Lockable Swivel Front Wheels The Buggy Vegas Is The Perfect Companion For Any Trip. The Backrest Can Be Adjusted To A Full Reclining Position With Only One Hand. The Footrest Can Be Adjusted As Well. The Extendable Canopy Can Be Pulled Far Forward To Cover Your Child And Thus Protect Him Or Her In Sun, Wind And Rain. The Viewing Panel Enables You To Keep An Eye On Your Little One Wherever You Go. The Five-point Harness, The Safety Bar And The Parking Brake That Works On Both Sides Provide Optimum Protection And Safety. Bbay’s Travel Essentials Can Be Stored In The Spacious Shopping Basket. The Hauck Buggy Vegas Can Be Folded To A Compact Size And Thus Transported And Stored Easily. Items Of Delivery: * Buggy With Aluminium Chassis * Bottle Holder Details: * Aluminium Chassis * Wheels Suspension * One-hand Adjustment Of Backrest * Plastic Wheels * Parking Brake * Sun Canopy * Spacious Shopping Basket * Wipeable * Recline Angle Of Backrest: 104 – 154 Cm * Continuous Adjustment Of Backrest, 2 X * Adjustable Footrest, 2 X * Removable Canopy * Removable Cover * Removable Safety Bar * Lockable Swivel Wheels * Removable Front Wheels * Five-point Harness * Can Be Combined With Carrying Bag * Total Weight Of Buggy: 9,1 Kg * Size Folded: 110 X 33 X 42 Cm * Size Open: 84 X 52 X 105 Cm * Seat Width: 33 Cm * Height Of Push Bar: 105 Cm * Length Of Lying Surface: 85 Cm * Length Of Seat And Backrest: 27 / 46 Cm * Diameter Rea Rwheels: 18,5 Cm * Diameter Front Wheels: 15,5 Cm * Suitable From Birth Up To 15 Kg

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 359136
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 359136

H Auck Travel Cot Sleep␙n Play Centre
    H Auck Travel Cot Sleep␙n Play Centre.

    Hauck Travel Cot Sleep’n Play Centre The Hauck Travel Cot Sleep’n Play Centre Is The Perfect Companion For Holidays Or A Visit At Grandma’s And Granddad’s. At Home You Can Use It As A Convenient Second Bed. The Travel Cot Is Well-equipped With All You Need To Make Your Little One Feel Cosy And Safe. With The Changing Mat That Can Be Attached To The Cot You Can Easily Change Your Child On The Go. A Real Treat About It Is That Due To Its Convenient Height You Won’t Have Any Back Complaints. An Integrated Belt As Highly As The High Rim Provide Extra Protection. Due To The Heightened Lying Surface On The Second Level You Can Easily Lift Your Child In And Out Of The Cot. The Hauck Travel Cot Sleep’n Play Centre Is Not Only The Perfect Place For Your Little One To Take A Nap But Also An Ideal Spot To Play In A Safe And Protected Environment. The Viewing Panel Always Lets You Have An Eye On Your Child And The Exit On The Side Of The Cot Offers Many Opportunities For Your Tiny Human To Crawl In And Out. Thanks To Two Little Wheels You Can Easily Move The Cot To Another Room. The Hauck Sleep’n Play Centre Can Be Set Pu And Folded With Only A Few Clicks And Later, If Not Needed, You Can Put It In The Carrying Bag And Store It Even In Tight Spaces. If Folded, You Can Either Carry The Cot Or Else Pull It Like A Trolley. As An Addition To The Sleep’n Play Centre, You Can Also Get The Comfortable Mattress Sleeper And The Matching Fitted Sheet Bed Me (size 120 X 60 Cm). Details: * Comfortable Travel Cot Or Second Bed * Incl. Changing Mat, 2. Level And Exit On The Side * Incl. Folding Mattress And Bag * Baby Can Sleep Like At Home When On The Go * Compact Folding Size * Available Additionally: Comfortable Mattress And Fitted Sheet * Exit On The Side * Wheels * Easy Folding Machinery * Wipeable Sizes And Weight: * Size Open: 125 X 68,5 X 82 Cm * Size Folded: 22 X 21 X 76,5 Cm * Size Of Lying Surface: 117 X 58,5 Cm * Suitability Of 2. Level And Changing Mat From Birth Up To 9 Kg * Suitability Of Travel Cot From Birth Up To 15 Kg * Weight: 8,5 Kg Items Of Delivery: * Travel Cot * Wheels * Changing Mat * Bassinet Fitting * Foldable Mattress * Exit On The Side * Carrying Bag

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 600535
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 600535-101700

Hauck Socket Cover plug Me␝
    Hauck Socket Cover plug Me␝.

    Hauck Socket Cover “plug Me” The Hauck Socket Cover “plug Me” Helps You Make Your Home A Safer Place For Your Child, Since It Protects Your Little One From Electric Shocks Caused By Touching The Socket Or Putting Things Into Them. The Cover Fits Any “schuko”-socket (plug Type F, Cee 7/4) And Is Easily Fastened On The Inside Of The Socket By Adhesive Pads Included In Delivery (no Screwing Together). If You Want To Use The Covered Socket, You Simply Have To Screw In The Plug. When Pulling The Plug, The Socket Cover Jumps Back To Its Original Position And Thus, Locks The Safety Hazard. Details: * Socket Cover To Protect Your Child From Electric Shock * Easy To Install, Noo Screwing Together * Incl. Adhesive Pads * Items Delivered: 20 Pieces Per Package

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 618578
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping, gt, live Safe
    SKU: 618578

Baba Spoons, Set Of 4 Pieces
    Baba Spoons, Set Of 4 Pieces.

    Béaba Spoons, Set Of 4 Pieces The Spoons By Béaba Are Ergonomically Shaped, Extra-long And Made Of 100% Soft Synthetic Material. The Tip Of Each Spoon Is Particularly Soft And Thus Perfect For Baby’s Small Mouth. The Spoons Are Particularly Small And Free From Bisphenol A (bpa-free). Items Delivered: One Set Of 4 Spoons (assorted Colours). Details: * 100% Silicone * Ergonomically Shaped * Extra-long Handle * Small Spoon * Set Of 4 Spoons

    Manufacturer: Baba
    ID: 913414
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 913183-102401

Crayola Jumbo Pencils
    Crayola Jumbo Pencils.

    Crayola Jumbo Pencils Specifically Designed For Your Little Artist’s First Attempts At Drawing. The Thick Design Of These Jumbo Pencils Fits Perfectly In The Small Hands Of Your Child And Ensures That He Or She Never Loses Their Grip. This Way, Even The First Attempts At Drawing Will Be Mastered Easily. Eight Vividly Coloured Pencils Make Little Works Of Art Come To Life. Each Pencil Comes With A Cute Animal Character Imprinted Which Will Be Helpful For Your Child To Differentiate The Individual Colours Even Better. First Painting Fun From 12 Months And Up. Details: * 8 Jumbo Pencils * Extra Thick Pencils * Perfect For The First Painting Attempts * Vivid Colours * Suitable From 12 Months And Up * Printed With Cute Animal Characters

    Manufacturer: Crayola
    ID: 65110083
    Category: Toys, gt, gift Ideas
    SKU: 65110083

Lego Duplo Mater␙s Shed
    Lego Duplo Mater␙s Shed.

    Lego Duplo Mater´s Shed Join In Mater´s Video Chat With Lightning Mcqueen! Little Fans Of Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 Will Love Building And Hanging Out With Mater The Tow Truck In His Shed, Driving Around The Cones And Using The Wrench. Help Your Child Deveop Fine Motor Skills And Practice Role-play By Pretending To Video Call With Lighting Mcqueen On Mater's Computer. The Friendship Between These 2 Characters Can Spark Endless Fun, Even When Lightning Is Racing Miles Away! Details: * Features A Buildable Mater With Tow Hook And A Shed Facade With Awning * Includes Bricks Decorated As Awning With Chilli Lights, A Computer Screen Showing Lightning Mcqueen, Radio And A ‘home Sweet Home’ Sign * Accessory Elements Include An Oil Can, Wrench And 2 Cones * Help Your Child Create Friendship Stories Around Mater And His Best Friend * Young Children Will Love Building Mater And Driving Around To See What He Can Pick Up With His Hook * Help Your Child Master Basic Construction Skills With This Easy-to-build Model * Lego Duplo Products Are Specially Designed To Be Fun And Easy For Little Hands * Mater Tow Truck Measures Over 2” (7cm) High, 4” (12cm) Long And 2” (6cm) Wide * Shed Facade Measures Over 5” (14cm) High, 4” (12cm) Wide And 2” (6cm) Deep * Ages: 2 – 5 Years * Pieces: 23 * Item: 10856

    Manufacturer: Lego
    ID: 41103078
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children, gt, building , amp, Playing Sets
    SKU: 6174777

Lego Duplo Piston Cup Race
    Lego Duplo Piston Cup Race.

    Lego Duplo Piston Cup Race Race Lightning Mcqueen And Jackson Storm For The Piston Cup! Disney Pixar Cars 3 Fans Will Love Lining Up Lightning Mcqueen And Jackson Storm For The Final Race Of The Piston Cup, And Helping Luigi To Start The Race. First Help Them Master Early Construction And Fine Motor Skills By Building The 3 Cars And The Starting Gate. Then Explore Imagination And Role-play With Them As Luigi Raises His Flag. Who Will Win This Time? Details: * Features A Buildable Disney Pixar Lightning Mcqueen, Jackson Storm, Luigi, And A Starting Line For The Final Piston Cup Race * Includes Bricks Decorated As A Race Timer, Piston Cup Sign And Checkered Flags * Accessory Elements Include A Trophy And A Green Flag To Start The Race * Young Children Will Love To Start Endless Races And Competitions With This Exciting Set * Encourage Early Role-play Skills With Conversation Between The 3 Characters * Build And Rebuild The Starting Gate In Different Ways To Practice Basic Construction Skills * Lego Duplo Products Are Specially Designed To Be Fun And Easy For Little Hands * Lightning Mcqueen Measures Over 1” (5cm) High, 3” (9cm) Lon G And 2” (6cm) Wide * Jackson Storm Measures Over 1” (4cm) High, 3” (10cm) Long And 2” (6cm) Wide * Luigi Measures Over 1” (5cm) High, 2” (7cm) Long And 1” (4cm) Wide * Starting Gate Measures Over 4” (11cm) High, 9” (25cm) Wide And 2” (6cm) Deep * Ages: 2 – 5 Years * Pieces: 31 * Item: 10857

    Manufacturer: Lego
    ID: 41103086
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children, gt, building , amp, Playing Sets
    SKU: 6174779

Britax Rmer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe I-size
    Britax Rmer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe I-size.

    Britax Römer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe I-size The Britax Römer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe I-size Provides Your Child With Plenty Of Space To Grow And Features A Flat Recline Position. Group/ Weight Category: * Suitable For Infants From Birth Up To A Size Of 83 Cm/ Weight Of 13 Kg/an Age Of 15 Months Conforms To The Norm: * Ece R129 (i-size) Attaching The Car Seat By Using The Britax Römer Baby Safe I-size Flex Base Or The Baby Coffer I-size Base (both Not Included In Delivery!) Is Done Super Easy And In No Time At All. Colour Indicators Signalise Correct Installation And Thus Provide Maximum Safety. Alternatively, You Can Attach Th Einfant Car Seat Britax Römer Baby Safe I-size By Using Your Car’s Own Seat Belt. At The Beginning The Muscular System Of Baby’s Neck Is Developed Only Insufficiently, That Is Why Your Little One Is Supposed To Lie In A Flat Position. The Patented Technology Used By Britax Römer Ensures Such A Flat Position. Adjusting This Position Is Very Simple: As Soon As You Adjust The Height Of The Headrest The Recline Position Adapts Accordingly. The New-born-insert Included In Delivery Comes With Shock-absorbing Foam Pads And Provides Extra Support And Protection. Always Activate The Sict-technology On That Side Of The Infant Car Seat That Faces The Door. The Side Impact Protection Technology Protects Your Child Twofold. In Case Of A Side Impact Forces Are Absorbed And Distributed Away From Your Child. The Five-point Harness Is Most Qualified To Protect Your Little One. It Keeps Your Child Safely In The Baby Car Seat And Distributes Forces That Occur During An Impact Via Five Points. The Padded Headrest As Well As The Shoulder Belts Can Be Adjusted With Only One Hand So That They Adapt Perfectly To The Size Of Your Child. Tip: Always Make Sure That The Headrest Is In The Right Position Above Your Child’s Shoulders. A Smart Sun Canopy Protects Your Little One Against Sun And Wind. Due To The Anchor Points Being Attached To The Side Of The Carrying Handle You Can Carry The Infant Car Seat Effortlessly Even When The Canopy Is Opened. The Carrying Handle Can Be Unlocked And Adjusted By Pushing The Buttons On Each Side. This Way, You Can Easily Put Your Child In The Britax Römer Baby Safe I-size Or Prevent The Infant Car Seat From Rocking When It Stands On The Floor. Details: * Infant Car Seat Carrier With Plenty Of Space And Flat Recline Position * Suitable From Birth Up To Approx. 13 Kg * Installation With Car’s Own Seat Belt Or Britax Römer Baby Safe I-size Flex Base And Baby Safe I-size Base (both Not Included In Delivery!) * 4-fold Adjustable Recline Angle Of Base * New-born Insert With Shock-absorbing Foam Pads * 2-fold Protective Side Impact Protection * Five-point Harness With Belt Pads * Sun Canopy With Uv Protection 50+ * Size: 58 X 44 X 67 Cm * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Britax Rmer
    ID: 2000024376
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 2000024-103143

Grnspecht Organic Gauze Nappies
    Grnspecht Organic Gauze Nappies.

    Grünspecht Radical Gauze Nappies The Grünspecht Organic Gauze Nappies Are Versatile Helpers That Ease Everyday Life With A Baby. As Indispensable Companions They Can Be Used As Fast-drying And Absorbing Burp Cloths, Paddings Or Light Blankets. Tried And Tested Natural Products Are Getting More And More Popular – Such As The Organic Gauze Nappies By Grünspecht That Are Certified According To The Global Organic Textile Standard (gots) And Produced In A Sustainable And Socially Responsible Way. The Cotton Chosen For The Production Of These Nappies Is Well Selected And Comes From Certified Organic Farming. These Versatile Organic Nappies Can Be Washed According To The Care Instructions And Thus Are The Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Disposable Tissues And Nappies. The Dense Weave As Well As A Ful Lseam Guarantee Highest Quality And Long Term Use. Even The Packaging Is Environmentally Friendly: The Folding Box Is Fsc Certified And Comes From Responsibly Managed Forests. The Cute Motifs That Decorate The Gauze Nappies Are A Great Eye-catcher. Please Note: Items Are Delivered In Assorted Colours! No Pre-selection Possible. Details: * Suitable Right From Birth * Items Delivered: 2 Pcs * Organic Helpers That Ease Everyday Life With A Baby * Materiql: 100% Cotton (cof), Pollutant-free, Gots Certified * Density Of Weave: Approx. 135g/m² * Fast-drying And Absorbing

    Manufacturer: Grnspecht
    ID: 563-00
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 563-00

Haba Pram Decoration Whimsy City
    Haba Pram Decoration Whimsy City.

    Haba Pram Decoration Whimsy City Haba’s Adorable Pram Decoration Whimsy City Is An Absolu Te Must-have Accessory That Must Not Be Missed When Being Out And About On With Your Little One. The Beautiful, Brightly Coloured Elements Made Of Beech Wood Will Joy Baby Girls And Boys Alike. The Pram Decoration Encourages Your Child To Explore, Grasp And Feel This Cute Toy. A Little Bell Makes A Funny Sound Whenever The Pram Deco Is Moved – An Ultimate Highlight For Curious Little Ears. This Way, Even Long Strolls Never Get Boring. Thanks To Premium Manufacturing And High Quality – Made In Germany – Haba’s Pram Decoration Whimsy City Is Perfect For Entertaining Your Child. In Order Attach The Pram Decoration In The Easiest Way Possible, We Recommend You To Use Haba’s Magnetic Strap (sold Separately!). Details: * Age Suitability: From Birth And Up * Material: Beech Wood, Metal * Length: 70 Cm * Including Bell * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302923
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: 302923

Haba Magnetic Game On The Construction Site
    Haba Magnetic Game On The Construction Site.

    Haba Magnetic Game On The Construction Site There Is Always Something Exciting Going On Out There On The Construction Site. A Little Patience And Skill Are Needed For Your Child To Transfer The Ball From The Digger Over The Crane And Into The Truck. All The Colourful Balls Can Be Moved Easily All Over The Construction Site By Using The Magnetic Rod. All Blue Balls Have To Be Transferred To The Truck While The Red Ones Belong To The Digger. The Game Can Vary According To Your Little One’s Skills. Fine Motor Skills As Well As Recognising And Matching Colours Are Fostered And Improved In A Playful Way. Concentration And Patience Must Be Applied In This Game – An Exciting Challenge For Children At The Age Of Two Years And Up. This Cheerful Magnetic Game Adds Some Oomph To Your Little One’s Playing Session And Is The Perfect Companion For At Home Or On The Go. Details: * Age Suitability: From 2 Years And Up * Recognising And Matching Colours * Ultimate Fun With Magnetic Rod And Colourful Balls * Material: Lime Plywood, Plastic, Metal * Size: 25 X 21,5 X 1,5 Cm

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 303418
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children, gt, wooden Toys
    SKU: 303418

Brevi Playpen Soft & Play Giramondo
    Brevi Playpen Soft & Play Giramondo.

    Brevi Playpen Soft & Play Giramondo A Cheerful Multi-coloured City Is Ready To Be Explored By Your Little One. The Soft, Square Plau Mat Resembles The Hurly-burly City – Cars, Houses, Trees And Animals Await Your Child. Various Sounds Such As Squeaking And Rattling Will Delight Your Little Explorer Immediately. A Great Experience That Fosters Your His Fine Motor Skills And His Entire Development In A Playful Way – A Real Feast For His Senses. The Mesh Material Ensu Res That You And Your Child Can Always Have Eye Contact With Each Other. This Will Make Your Little Explorer Feel Safe And Comfortable While Sitting Or Lying In His Playpen. Another Great Feature Of The Mesh Material Is That It Provides Optimum Air Circulation Which Is A Crucial Aspect For A Safe Sleeping Environment. The Square Soft & Play Giramondo Comes With Two Convenient Handles That Support Your Child When He Is Pulling Himself Up And Making His First Attempts At Standing. Alternatively, You Can Also Attach Toys Or A Music Box To The Handles. The Special Feature About This Convenient Playpen Is That You Can Fold It To A Compact Size With Only A Flick Of The Wrist. When Not In Use, This Small Folded Package Doesn’t Require Much Space – Perfect For Small Flats. Rounded Corners And Edges, Soft Walls Made Of Mesh Material As Well As High Stability Due To Four Non-slip Feet Supply Your Child With Maximum Safety While Playing Or Sleeping In The Giramondo. The Brevi Playpen Conforms To European Standards, It Is Free From Phthalates And Printed With Harmless Colours – Made In Italy. Details: * Age Suitability: Right From Birth And Up * Including Soft Play Mat, Playing Figure That Feature Squeaking Sounds, Crackling Foil, Mirror * Mesh Material, 2 Handles * Padded Bottom, Washable * Dimensions Unfolded: H 79 X W 105 X D 105 Cm, Folded: 92 X 23 X 105 Cm * Weight: 12,1 Kg * Made In Italy

    Manufacturer: Brevi
    ID: 586-341
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 586
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