Across The Rhine
    Across The Rhine.

    Armoured Combat From D-day To The End Of The War In Europe. The M4 Sherman, The M18 Hellcat, The Pzkfw Vla/b Tiger - These Are The Tanks That Rocked Europe From The June 6th Invasion To The Fall Of Berlin. 1944 Across The Rhine Lets You Experience A Tank Commander's Virw Of This Period Of Gut-wrenching Armoured Combat Battle Action. You've Got Complete Operational Control: From A Single Tank Platoon To An Entire American Or German Battalion. Become Part Of A Famous Unit, Such As The...

    Manufacturer: Retroism
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-atr

Crazy Minigolf 3d
    Crazy Minigolf 3d.

    Lots Of Fun For The Whole Family With Thislovely 3d Miniature Mini Golf. Each Course Is Unique In Style And Landscape And Consists Of 9 Holes Each One Of Them. Some Courses Are More Difficult Than Others. Use Your Sensible Skills To Putt These Balls. Dream Courses And Real Game Play Physics Guarantee You Hours Of Challenges And Fun For Every Crazy Minigolf Enthusiast Of Any Age.features:four Themes Courses3d Graphics And Light Designrealistic Game Play Physicsincreasing Game Play Challengehours...

    Manufacturer: Incagold
    Category: Sport
    SKU: Dd-mgdc


    Retro-bomber Is A Remake Of The Classic Style Of Bomber Man Type Games, But You Have Not Seen A Bomberman Game Like This One Before ! The Player Has To Run Away From The Monsters , And Try To Kill All Of Them With His Bombs ! The Main Objective Is Very Simple , Destroy All The Monsters In Each Level , And Find The Door Which Will Allow You To Proceed Onto The Next Level ! There Are Various Bonuses To Help You On Your Way , Such As - Extra Life , Extra Bombs , Extra Bomb Range , Monster Freeze ...

    Manufacturer: Incagold
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-retrob


    The Ultra Real Bowling Simulation In Complex 3d Realtime Rendering. Realistic Bowling Fun O Your Pc! Chosse Your Favourite Gaming Mode From Complex Simulation, Arcade-mode Or Fun-bowling. Hit The Highscore With Complex Statistics.

    Manufacturer: Hq Simulation
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-bxt

Aveyond - The Darkthrop Prophecy
    Aveyond - The Darkthrop Prophecy.

    Mel Has Gone Into Hiding After She Discovers She Can Use Magic. Ot Make Matters Worse, Wicked Creatures Called Darklings Keep Popping Up, Convinced That Mel Is The Prophesied One Who Will Build A Dark Empire For Them.edward, The Ousted Heir To The Throne Of Thais, Who Is Also Mel␙s Best Friend, Eventually Finds Her Hiding In The Village Of Harakauna. To Her Dismay, He␙s Brought Along Two Professors From A Prestigious Magical School Called Shadwood Academy. Will They Convince Mel To Go To...

    Manufacturer: Amaranth Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-avetdp

Creepsy - Monsters Never Have Enough
    Creepsy - Monsters Never Have Enough.

    Creepsy: Monsters Never Have Enough" Is A Tile-slider Puzzle Game That Tells The Story Of Creepsy, A Purple Monster Who Really Loves To Scare People, And Is Very Good At It! Or At Least He Thought He Was. Thinking That He Isn't Creepy Enough, Creepsy Goes On An Adventure To Become Even Creepier. On The Way, He Meets A Variety Of Other Monsters Who All Help Him Down His Path To Accepting His Own Creepiness. Brought To You By The Makers Of Cutesy, You Can Now Join Creepsy On His Adventure...

    Manufacturer: Merge Games
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-creepsy


    Throw A Grenade Down Memory Lane With The Original And Classic Turn-based Strategy Game Worms™! Up To 4 Teams Of Worms Do Battle Over An Ever-changing Battlefield With Falling Weapon Crates, Crazed Exploding Sheep And More Besides. Winner Of Many Industry Awards, Find Out What All The Fuss Was About. Experience For Yourself Where It All Started On The Pc. Worms™ Requires Great Thought, Generalship And Elements Of Sheer Outrageous Foortune. Not Only That, But With An Almost Infinite Range Of...

    Manufacturer: Team 17
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-worms-gn

Infinite Space Iii: Sea Of Stars
    Infinite Space Iii: Sea Of Stars.

    Sea Of Stars Continues The Infinite Space Series Of Games That Defined The Genre Of Short-form Space Roguelikes In Strange Adventures In Infinite Space (2001) And Weird Worlds: Reeturn To Infinite Space (2005). It Compresses A Galaxy-spanning Starship Adventure Into The Space Of A Single Sitting, But As The Game World Is Randomly Generated Each Time You Play, You Will Keep Coming Back For More. There Is Enough Variety In Items, Aliens And Special Encounters That You Will Always Discover ...

    Manufacturer: Digital Eel
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-is3ss

Risen 3 Titan Lords Fog Island Dlc
    Risen 3 Titan Lords Fog Island Dlc.

    A Stranded Inquisition Raiding Party Is Searching For New Territory In A World Where Madness Seems To Spread. Help Them Unveil The Deadly Secret Found On This Island. © 2014 By Koch Media Gmbh, Gewerbegebiet 1, 6604 Hfen, Austria. Sagacious Silver Is A Division Of Koch Media Gmbh. Developed By Piranha Bytes, Deep Silver And Their Respective Logos Are Trademarks Of Koch Media. All Other Trademarks, Logos And Copyrights Are Property Of Their Respective Owners. All Rights Reserved.

    Manufacturer: Deep Silver
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-r3tlfi

Fallout 3 - The Pitt
    Fallout 3 - The Pitt.

    Explore A Sprawling Settlement Ravaged By Time, Neglect, Nuclear Radiation, And Moral Degradation. The Pitt Is Filled With Morally Grey Choices, Shady Npcs, New Enemies, New Weapons, And Much More.key Features:explore An Entire New Area  The Postapocalyptic Ruins Of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Known As The Pitt.find And Use New Weaponry, Such As The Autoaxe, A New Melee Weapon With A Powerful, Serrated Rotary Blade Hungry For New Side Quests And Subtle Plot Elements And...

    Manufacturer: Bethesda Softworks
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dlc-fallout-3-the-pitt

Project Nimbus
    Project Nimbus.

    Several Months After Gamecrafterteam Successfully Raised Funds For Project Nimbus On Kickstarter, The Game Is Now Set To Launch On Steam␙s Early Access!project Nimbus Is A High Speed, Fast Paced Flying Mech Combat Game Where The Player Controls A Giant Robot  A Battle Frame - Flying At Hypersonic Speed Armed With A Laser Sword␦ And Machine Guns␦ And A Pair Of Rail Guns␦ And A Lot Of Missiles!set In The Near Future, Mankind Has Evacuated To The Skies After A Great War Destroyed The...

    Manufacturer: Kiss
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-pnimbus

Crookz  The Big Heist
    Crookz  The Big Heist.

    It␙s The 1970␙s: The Era Of Funk, Flared Jeans And Disco-fueled Saturday Nights. A Crack Team Of Expert Thieves Turn Grand Larceny Into An Art-form By Using Their Many Talents To Break Into The Richest Homes And Steal The Finest Jewelry  All To Finance Their Hedonistic Lifestyles. That Is Until A Lucrative Museum Heist In Venice Involving A Famous Gem Known As luna Stone␙ Ends In Btrayal And The Team Broken Apart. Five Years Later The Remaining Gang Mmebers Reunite With A Plot For...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-crookz

100% Orange Juice - Sham & Sherry Character Pack
    100% Orange Juice - Sham & Sherry Character Pack.

    This Extra Character Pack For 100% Orange Juice Adds 2 New Playable Characters From Developer Orange_juice's Games - Sham And Sherry.character Pack Includes:sham From sora␙.sherry From flying Red Barrel␙.new, Unique Hyper Cards For Both Characters To Bring Chaos To The Battlefield With!new Music Tracks Play As Sham & Sherry's Themes.the New Characters Are Designed By Orange_juice␙s Oriignal Staff For The Game␙s English Steam Release, With Character And Hyper Card Art By Hono.

    Manufacturer: Fruitbat Factory
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-100oj-sham-sherry-character-pack

Funk Of Titans
    Funk Of Titans.

    Funk Of Titans Is A Thrilling And Addictive Game, Simple And Fun To Play But Hard To Master. You Will Control Perseus, The Son Of Zeus And Protector Of The Legendary Holy Music: The Funk. Run Across The Ancient Greek Mythology, Risk Your Life Jumping Over Crazy Platforms, Collect Funk Vinyls, Beat Enemies, Wear Epic Costumes, Ride The Legendary Pegasus And Smash The Rap, The Pop And The Rock Of The Evil Musical Titans In Fierce Dance Battles. Only One Music Can Survive And The Funk Is The Music...

    Manufacturer: Merge Games
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-fot

True Horror Stories Expansion
    True Horror Stories Expansion.

    Urban Myths Are Stories That May Or May Not Have Been Believed To Be True. Unlike Most, Some Are Actually Based On Real Events. One Of Them, Takes Place In A Haunted Forest, Near A Cemetery, On The Borders Of A City, Nea You. Many Consider This Place Dangerous Late At Night, Because There Are Things Happening That Nobody Knows Of Or Wants To Know. Real Horror Stories Is A Point And Click Horror Adventure. The Goal Of The Game Is To Clear Each Level. At First It May Seem Easy But The ...

    Manufacturer: Strategy First
    Category: Indie
    SKU: Dd-rhse

Hybrid Wars Deluxe Edition Upgrade
    Hybrid Wars Deluxe Edition Upgrade.

    Deluxe Edition Upgrade Includes:art-booksoundtrack Dlc Jason Woodin 2060, Humanity Is On The Cusp Of The Second Technological Revolution. Earth Has Become A Tangled Web Of Information, Energy And Transportation Networks Watched From Orbit By Thousands Of Electric Eyes. Sprawling Cities, Vast Spaceports, And Immense Military Complexes Are Dominated By Tanks, Choppers And Variety Of Other Machines That Rule Land, Sea And Sky. While Corporations Still Pull The Strings That Control The World, Their...

    Manufacturer: Wargaming Labs
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-dd-hybrid-wars-deluxe-upgrade

Grand Theft Auto Online : Bull Shark Cash Card
    Grand Theft Auto Online : Bull Shark Cash Card.

    Purchase The Bull Shark Cash Card To Gain 500,000 In-game Gta Dollars To Spend In Gta Is King In This Town. Solve Your Money Problem And Help Get What You Want Across Los Santos And Blaine County With The Occasional Purchase Of Cash Packs For Grand Theft Auto Online. All Purchased Cash Is Automatically Deposited Into Your Character␙s Bank Account. Spend Wisely, Cash Therapy Is Fleeting.grand Theft Auto V Required To Play And Sold Separately.this Store Is Operated By Authorized...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-grand-theft-auto-online-bull-shark-cash-card

Babylon 2055 Pinball
    Babylon 2055 Pinball.

    Babylon Pinball!incredibly Realistic Physics9 Different Table Game Mini-modes6 Original Tables1 Endless Special Tableeach Table Game Mini-mode Features A Special Gameplay:big Pointsblack Linedead Headevil Magicfoghurry Upiron Firemagic Portalminiature Complete All The Tables And Test Your Skill With The Special Table And Its Invaders' Infinite Waves!

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-babylon-2055-pinball


    What Awaits Mankind In 9,000 Ad? Borderzone Is An Action Role-playing Game That Challenges Players To Assume The Roe Of Olaf, One Of The Few Remaining Humans On The Planet Terra. Forced To Leave The Safety Of Their Outpost, Gamers Venture On Quests And Into Battle, Controlling Up To Five Characters. Centuries After The Downfall Of Modern Man, Players Find Themselves In The World Of Terra, An Apocalyptic Earth Where The Past And The Future Have Blurred. The Tales Of The Great Catastrophe, The...

    Manufacturer: 1c Online Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-bz-steam

Space Colony: Steam Edition
    Space Colony: Steam Edition.

    Half Way Across The Galaxy With Limited Resources, A Mega Corporation Looking Over Your Shoulder And A Ragtag Crew Expecting A Pay Cheque, It's Up To You To Survive And Turn A Profit. You Have A Base To Builld And Hostile Alien Threats To Neutralise, But Ignore Your Crew And The Colony Is Doomed. Each Colonist Has A Mind Of Their Own, So Keeipng Them Safe, Happy And Alive Is No Easy Feat. Nurture Your Crew And They␙ll Team Up To Protect Your Intergalactic Empire, Forget To Pay Them And You␙d...

    Manufacturer: Firefly Studios
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-space-colony-steam-edition

True Fear: Forsaken Souls
    True Fear: Forsaken Souls.

    You Are Walking Down A Street You Don't Recognize, The Fog Slowing Your Pace To A Crawl As Darkness Blinds You. You Pause And Look Up To Inquire A House; Candles Flicker In Every Window, Like A Beacon. Climbing The Few Steps To The Front Door, You Realize Many Years Have Passed Since It Was Last Opened  It Has Been Sealed With Rust And Purpose. Inexplicably, Just As You Know The Candles Are For You, You Know Someone Waits Inside. Someone Who Has Remained In That House Since Before The Iron Began...

    Manufacturer: 4eversgames
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-true-fear-forsaken-souls

Sid Meier's Civilization Iv : Warlords
    Sid Meier's Civilization Iv : Warlords.

    Sid Meier's Civilization Iv: Warlords Is The First Expansion Pack For The Award-winning Game That Has Become An Insatnt World-wide Hit. Paying Homage To Some Of History's Greatest Military Leaders, The Expansion Delivers Six Unique And Interesting Scenarios, Giving Players The Chance To Change The Course Of History With The Help Of Their New Powerful "warlord" Unit. Civ Iv: Warlords Includes New Civilizations, Leaders, Units, And Wonders That Offer Even More Fun And Exciting Ways For Players To...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-civilization-iv-warlords-efigs-gn

Doom Vfr
    Doom Vfr.

    Doom Vfr Brings The Fast-paced, Brutal Gameplay Fans Of The Series Love To Virtual Reality. Immerse Yourself In The Uac Facility On Mars And The Depths Of Hell, As Your Skills Are Put To The Test Through Intense Combat And Challenging Puzzle-solving. Play As A Cybernetic Survivor Who Is Activated By The Uac To Fight The Demon Invasion, Maintain Order, And Prevent Catastrophic Failure At The Mars Facility. Lay Waste To An Host Of Demonic Foes As You Explore And Interact With The Outlandish...

    Manufacturer: Bethesda Softworks
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-doom-vfr

The Abbey (mac)
    The Abbey (mac).

    Thou Shalt Not Kill!" An Old Abbey Is The Scene Of A Series Of Mysterious Crimes, And Only One Man Can Get To The Bottom Of Them. Former Royal Advisor Leonardo And His Assistant Bruno Are On Their Way To The Remote Monastery Unknowing Of The Strange Goings-on Surrounding A Carefully Guarded Secret. Yet Even Before They Arrive There, Their Quest Is Overshadowed By An Attempt On Their Lives... A Thrilling Mystery Story! Having Reached The Abbey, The Two Companions Are Confronted By One...

    Manufacturer: Virtual Programming
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-abbeymac-new

Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
    Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising.

    In 2032 An Earth That Knows Only Peace Is Forced To Relearn The Art Of War.twenty Years Have Passed Since The Population Of Earth Did A Fine Job Of Destroying Nearly Everything In One Final Struggle For Power By The Politicians And Military Leaders. Twenty Years Have Been Spent Building A Near Utopia, A Society Where Currency And Finance Are Irrelevant, A Planet Without Hunger Or Poverty. All Weapons Have Been Destroyed To Ensure Peace. But Hidden Away In An Archipelago In The Pacific Ocean, A...

    Manufacturer: Funbox Media
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-hostile-waters-antaeus-rising
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