Blue Libra
    Blue Libra.

    Command The Last Of The Libra Class Carriers And Avenge The Fall Of Your Home World In This Space Reall Time Strategy Game. Build A Variety Of Crafts, Conquer Planets And Space Stations And Travel The Universe. You Will Face A Single Player Campaign Filled With Exciting Battles Depicted With Unique Art Style. Upgrade Your Ships Between Missions And Combine Them Into Unstoppable Fleets.unique Art Styleinnovative Unit Management Systemskirmish Mode With Randomly Generated Mapssingle Player...

    Manufacturer: Orator Games
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-bluelibra

Elly's Adventures Diamond Eye
    Elly's Adventures Diamond Eye.

    University Graduate Elly Founds Notes And Ancient Map Belonged To Grandfather, World Famous Adventurer Who Spent All His Life In Search For Atlantis And Powerful And Mysterious Artifact Diamond Eye. Elly And Her Friend Steve Are Ready To Make First Step On The Road To Great Adventure. Young Adventurers Have To Find Four Medallions In The Temples Of Ancient Civilizations If They Want To Discover Atlantis. Adventure Begins Now!- Immersive Atmosphere- Incredible Treasures- Terrific Journey...

    Manufacturer: Echidna
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-eade

Tv Manager 2 Expanion Pack
    Tv Manager 2 Expanion Pack.

    Maps Of The Uk, Germany And Francethree Additional Scenarios (expert Mode, Tweaked 24 Turns And Custom Scenario)movie, Ad And News Editors To Create Your Own Content100 Additional Movies To Choose Fromâ 

    Manufacturer: Niels Bauer Games
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-tvm2ex

Samurai Ii: Vengeance
    Samurai Ii: Vengeance.

    Samurai Ii Sends Daisuke On A Quest For Revenge Across The War-scorched Countryside. From A Seafaring Village To A Flying Fortress To The Legendary Isle Of The Dead, The Samurai Will Stop At Nothing To Hunt Down His Arch-enemy Orochi. Will He Get His Vengeance?   Featurestense, Quick And Gory Battle Sequences!battle Hordes Of On-screen Enemies Wielding New Weapons And Sporting Unique Abilities.stay Nimble And Plan Your Attacks “ Roll Out Of Harm␙s Way And Eliminate Ranged Enemies Like The...

    Manufacturer: Madfinger Games
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-s2v

Barrow Hill: Curse Of The Ancient Circle
    Barrow Hill: Curse Of The Ancient Circle.

    Somewhere Deep Within The Woods Of Cornwall, A Timeless Force Is Stirring. Unseen Beneath The Ancient Burial Mound, Known Locally As Barrow Hill, A Forgotten Myth Awakens. Following In The Footsteps Of The Wellknown Arch Aeologist, Conrad Morse, You Will Discover That The Barrow Is More Than Just A Collection Of Forgotten Standing Stones& Experience The Detailed And Immersive Storyline Yourself, In This Great Point-and-click Adventure.the Eerie Cornish Landscape Is Brought To Life Like Never...

    Manufacturer: Iceberg Interactive
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-barrow-hill-curse-of-the-ancient-circle

Z: Steel Soldiers
    Z: Steel Soldiers.

    In The Bloody Aftermath Of ˜z␙ Comes The Bitmap Brothers Classic, œz Steel Soldiers␝: A New Breed Of Robot With A Taste For War And A Warped Sense Of Humour. When You Take Control Of Your Steel Soldiers Unit, You␙d Better Hit The Ground Running, As You Takesome Superb War Machinery Straight Into The Heat Of Battle. You Can Start To Build Up Your Forces When This Firefight Is Over. Right Now You␙d Better Just Dig In! Every Theatre Of The War Is Intertwined With The...

    Manufacturer: Kiss
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-zss

Tropico 3
    Tropico 3.

     engage In A Tropical Power Trip! Become The Dicator Of A Remote Island During The Cold War. Charm, Persuade, Intimidate, Oppress, Or Cheat Your People To Stay In Power! Are You A Kind And Generous Leader? A Corrupt And Ruthless Tyrant Ruling With An Iron Fist? Turn Your Island Into A Tourist Paradise Or An Industrial Power. Make Promises To The Electorate Or Slander Political Adversaries To Get The Crucial Votes For The Upcoming Elections. Send Your Avatar To Congratulate The People, Visit...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-tropico3-steam


    Race, Ram & Blast!pressure Is A Unique Combination Of Breakneck Racing-action And Arcade Styled Shoot␙em Up In A Steampunk World Filled With Crazy Characters And Funky Morgan Jumps Into The River To Take A Refreshing Bath, He Lands Hard And Dusty: The River Has Vanished! It␙s Time To Sally Up Your Steambuggy And Pull The Plug On This Maniac Water Thief, Count Soap Ii. Stop His Evil Plans To Erect His Gigantic œuber-spa␝!key Features Race Through Three Vibrant Worlds...

    Manufacturer: Topware Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-pressure

Drox Operative Invasion Of The Ancients
    Drox Operative Invasion Of The Ancients.

    Drox Operative: Invasion Of The Ancients Is The First Expansion For Drox Operative. Drox Operative Is A Starship Action Rpg With Warring Alien Races, Fierce Space Battles, A Dynamic, Evolving Galaxy, And Co-op Multiplayer For Windows And Mac. Before The Drox Ruled The Galaxy, Before They Were Even Sentient, There Were Older Races Now Known As The Ancients. Using Their Operatives, The Drox Crushed And Enslaved Most Of These Races. The Rest Fled Known Space. When The Drox Turned On Their Own...

    Manufacturer: Soldak
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-doia


    Ever Wondered What A Cross Beteen Tetris And Lemmings Would Look Like? Well, Wonder No More, Because... Mousecraft Is Here! Help Schră¶dinger, The Crazy Cat Scientist, In His Cheesy Experiment And Lead A Group Of Mice In The Most Puzzling Experience This Year. Mousecraft Is An A To B Puzzle Game Where Players Help Mice In Their Relentless Quest For Cheese By Stacking The World's Most Famous Blocks: Tetrominos. Gather Collectibles, Fight Enemies, Ue Different Types Of Bricks, Blow Up...

    Manufacturer: Crunching Koalas
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-mousecraft

Jets N Guns Gold
    Jets N Guns Gold.

    Jets'n'guns Is A Heavy Piece Of Ground Shaking Rock Blasting Action With Graphics And Special Effects That Will Blow You Eyes Out! Enjoy Yourself In Almost-insane Action Adventure Of Saving The Universe From The Deadly Threat Of More Than 270 Unique Monsters In The Campaign Of 43 Levels. Stand As One-against-many Armed With Tons Of Different Weapons Of A Devastating Armament Fitted Into One Of The Awesome Spaceships. Game Fea Tures: 43 Levels Full Of Thrilling Action, Shooting And...

    Manufacturer: Rake In Grass
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-jng

Perimeter 2: New Earth
    Perimeter 2: New Earth.

    Perimeter 2: New Earth Is The Long-awaited Sequel Of The Critically Acclaimed Rts Perimeter. Ideas Of Territorial Gameplay And Landscape Modification, Introduced In The Original Game, Are Now Realized On A New Concept & Technology Level. Vistagame Engine Enhances The Dynamics And Depth Of Gameplay, Turning Battlefield Into An Arena For Confrontation O F Two Elements - Ground And Water.story Of Perimeter 2 Continues The Events From The Original Game. The Exodus, Lead By The Wise Spirits Has...

    Manufacturer: Strategy First
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-p2ne-steam


    Imagine You Could Move Mountains - Literally! With Realistic Physics, Norse Runes, Rotating Platforms And A Lot Of Gray Cells You'll Help Munin, Odin's Messenger In Her Very Own 2d-adventure, To Reclaim Her Power Forward A Journey Through Yggdrasil. Venture To A World Of Norse Mythology Munin The Raven, Faithful Messenger To Odin,, Now Stands Stripped Of Wings And Transformed By Loki Into A Mortal Girl. Flightless And Determined, She Will Stride Through The Nine Worlds Of Yggdrasil To ...

    Manufacturer: Daedalic Entertainment
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-munin

Risen 3 Titan Lords Uprising Of The Little Guys Dlc
    Risen 3 Titan Lords Uprising Of The Little Guys Dlc.

    Goblins And Gnomes Are Fighting For Supremacy On The Isle Of Thieves. Save The Gnomes And Their Culture From Impending Annihilation. © 2014 By Koch Media Gmbh, Gewerbegebiet 1, 6604 Hă¶fen, Austria. Deep Silver Is A Division Of Koch Media Gmbh. Developed By Piranha Bytes, Deep Silver And Their Respective Logos Are Trademarks Of Koch Media. All Other Trademarks, Logos And Copyrights Are Property Of Their Respective Owners. All Rights Reserved.

    Manufacturer: Deep Silver
    Category: Downloadable Satisfy
    SKU: Dlc-t3tlulg

Mount & Blade Collection
    Mount & Blade Collection.

    Massive Medieval Battles, Open Sandbox Worlds,â  Three Expansive Campaigns.what Story Will You Tell? Includes:mount & Blade: Calradia Is Soaked With The Blood Of Sellswords. Survive, And Turn A Profit!mount & Blade: Warband: Command Your Own Faction And Engage In 64 Player Multiplayer!mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword: Firearms Have Come To Europe! Learn To Tame Their Unholy Roar.mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Warsmount & Blade: Warband Viking Conquest ...

    Manufacturer: Taleworlds Entertainment
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-mount-and-blade-collection

Eldevin 4500 Eldevin Points
    Eldevin 4500 Eldevin Points.

    Eldevin Points Can Be Used To Purchase Unlocks, Upgrades, Storage Space, Mounts And Vanity Items In Game. You Will Also Receive 900 Eldevin Loyalty Points With This Purchase.eldevin Is An Exciting Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (mmorpg) Where Players Journey Through A Rich Fantasy World, Filled With Enemies And Adventure. Explore Vast Open Plains Or Descend Underground Into Hidden Caves And Dungeons, Making Friends Or Foes Of The Various Factions As You Carry Out Your Quest To...

    Manufacturer: Hunted Cow Studios
    Category: Mmo
    SKU: Dd-eldenvin4500

100% Orange Juice - Syura & Nanako Character Pack
    100% Orange Juice - Syura & Nanako Character Pack.

    This Extra Character Pack For 100% Orange Juice Adds 2 New Playable Characters From Developer Orange_juices Games - Nanako And Syura. Character Pack Includes:nanako From The ˜suguri␙ Game Series Syura From ˜qp Shooting␙ Game Series New Hyper Cards For Both New Characters To Wreak Havoc With! New Music Tracks Play As Nanako &ammp; Syura␙s Themes Both Of The New Characters Are Designed By Orange_juice␙s Original Staff For The Game␙s English Steam Release, With Character And Hyper...

    Manufacturer: Fruitbat Factory
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-100ojsncp

Bau-simulator 2012
    Bau-simulator 2012.

    Greifen Sie Sich Zemen Tund Mă¶rtelkelle Und SchlăŒpfen Sie In Die Rolle Eines Waschechten Bauarbeiters. Im žbau-simulator 2012␜ Haben Sie Die Mă¶glichkeit, Alle Arbeitsschritte, Die FăŒr Den Bau Verschiedener Gebă€ude Benă¶tigt Werden, Selbst AuszufăŒhren. Heben Sie Das Fundament Einer Kleinen Garage Mit Dem Minibagger Aus Oder GieăŸen Sie Die Betonwă€nde Der Neuen Grundschule Ihres Viertels. Setzen Sie Sich Ans Steuer Einer Planierraupe Und Verdichten Sie Den Untergrund FăŒr Einen Neuen...

    Manufacturer: Astragon Entertainmennt
    Category: Simulator
    SKU: Dd-bau

Talisman: The Horus Heresy - Season Pass
    Talisman: The Horus Heresy - Season Pass.

    The Season Pass For Talisman: The Horus Heresy Contains The Following Content As It Is Released. This Includes The Isstvan Campaign Expansion, The 2 Previously Released Character Packs As Well As 2 More Character Packs And The Shadow Crusade Expansion Yet To Be Released.

    Manufacturer: Nomad Games
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-talisman-the-horus-heresy-season-pass

Star Wolves 3: Civil War
    Star Wolves 3: Civil War.

    Large-scale Battles Have Become A Vestige Of The Past, Depleting Resources Of Conflicting Parties. Settled Space, Where Welfare And Order Had Reigned, Has Become A Cemetery For Dead Ships Which Is Flooded With Pirates And Adventurists. Complete Impunity, Black Market Flourishing Where Gun And Tech Trade Is On The Move, Arbitrariness And Anarchy “ The Galaxy Has Become A Real Dangerous Place. Events In The Universe And Its Habitant␙s Destiny Are Completely Up To Player␙s Choice And...

    Manufacturer: 1c Online Games
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-sw3cw-steam


    Quarantine Is An Intense Turn-based Strategy Game About Waging War On Global The Director Of Pandemic Defense, An International Biosecurity Agency, You Must Respond To The Onslaught Of Widespread, Deadly Contagions. A New Pathogen Has Arrived And Every Turn Counts␔our Survival Rests In Your Hands.recruit A Team Of Specialized Operatives And Deploy T Hem On High-stakes Missions Across The Globe. Research The Disease, Upgrade Your Tech, And Quarantine The Outbreak Before It...

    Manufacturer: 505 Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-quarantine

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass
    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass.

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Brings You Access To The Entire Range Of Downloadable Content By The End Of 2017.season Pass Gives You Access To:two Major Single Player Expansions The Escape Of Lydiathe Sabotagetwo Multiplayer Mapsall Terrain Vehiclesniper Rifle Mcmillan Tac-338acompound Bow

    Manufacturer: Ci Gamss
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-sniper-ghost-warrior-3-season-pass

Thea: The Awakening
    Thea: The Awakening.

    Thea: The Awakening Is A Turn-based Strategic Survival Game Steeped In Slavic Myth And Monstrosity Set After An Apocalyptic Force Known Only As The Darkness Has Engulfed The World. There Are Strigas And Baba Yagas Aplenty, But There Are No Heroes, No Monster Slayers, And No Great Armies Capable Of Banishing Them. You Have Only A Few Hopeless And Starving Survivors Who Are Desperately Trying To Stay Alive. You Are Their Last And Only True Hope!the Game Combines Turn-based Strategic Gameplay With...

    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-thea-the-awakening

Dominions 5 - Warriors Of The Faith
    Dominions 5 - Warriors Of The Faith.

    You Are A God! You Are Master And Ruler Of A Loyal Nation. You Have Unimaginable Powers At Your Disposal. You Have Claimed This World As Yours. But There Are Others Who Stand In Your Way. You Must Defeat And Destroy These Pretenders. Only Then Can You Ascend To Godhood And Become The New Dominions You Take Control Of A Powerful Being That Rules A Nation And Aspires To Godhood. The Type Of Pretender Gods Can Vary From Magically Powerful Arch Mages To Huge Titans Or Large...

    Manufacturer: Illwinter Game Design
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-dominions-5


    It's A Real Planet, Look It Up.everything In Tormentor Punisher Can Be Killed In One Hit, Including Bosses And Yourself. Bosses Change The Shape Of The Arena, Conjuring Rooms And Traps To Make It More Hellish And Brutal. Demons Adjust To Your Play Style And Punish You Accordingly. Explore And Discover New Ways Of Killing Enemies To Gain Cool Upgrades. Reload Your Machine Gun By Firing Your Shotgun. Yeah, You Read That Right.kill, Destroy, F**k Up Demons, Rack Up Combos, Get Upgrades By...

    Manufacturer: 4eversgames
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-tormentor-x-punisher
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