Borderlands Soundtrack
    Borderlands Soundtrack.

    Composer: Jesper Kyd, Raison Varner, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco 01 Prelude 02 Welcome To Fyrestone 03 Enter Skag Gully 04 Fighting Off The Skags 05 Removing The Bandit Threat 06 Traversing The Deep 07 Fighting Sledge␙s Minions 08 Welcome To The Bunker 09 Smoking Out The Bunker 10 Burning Rubber And Shooting Bullets 11 The Junkyard Vista 12 Welcome To The Trash Coast 13 The Rakkhive Emerges 14 Assaulting Krom␙s Canyon 15 Battling Krom␙s Minions 16 Fighting Krom And His Gun 17 Trash...

    Manufacturer: Sumthing Else Music Works
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-blost

Chicken Shoot Gold
    Chicken Shoot Gold.

    Chicken Shoot Gold Features Both Chicken Shoot 1 And 2! Don't Think: Just Blow The Chickens Away! Chicken Shoot: Fully Loaded Features Both The Classic And Fun Shooters, Chicken Shoot 1 And 2! Don't Think: Just Blow The Chickens Away! In Each Mission The Player Can Collect A Number Of Things And Can Receive Many Extra Points For Different Actions. It's Especially Easy In The First Levels To Score Lots Of Points, But The Levels Increase In Difficulty From Mission To Mission And Becomes A True...

    Manufacturer: Topware Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-csg

Eschalon: Book 2
    Eschalon: Book 2.

    The Sequel To 2007's Award Winning Indie Rpg, Eschalon: Book Ii Will Take You Across Massive Outdoor Environments And Through Sprawling Dungeons As You Seek To Uncover The Mystery To Your Past And Who Is Behind The Growing Menace Now Threatening Mistfell. Sequel To 2007's Award-winning Indie Rpg Eschalon: Book Iover 60 New Features, Most From Fan Weather Effects, Not Just For Show, Effects Character Stats And Skills And Improved Skill Balancing.thousands Of...

    Manufacturer: Basilisk Games
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-eb2

Echoes Of Sorrow
    Echoes Of Sorrow.

    Echoes Of Sorrow Pushes The Boundaries Of Storytelling And Character Development In Games With Its Account Of What Happens When A Woman Sets Out To Remember What She Has Chosen To Forget.  within The Familiar Framework O Fa Hidden Object Adventure, Players Will Accompany Rose Into A Stunning Dream World That Allows Her To Explore Four Tragedies That Shook The Foundation Of Her Soul.  as She Battles The Darkness That Tries To Stop Her, She Begins To Piece Together The Reality Of What Happened...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-eos


    Orczz Is A Tower Defense Game Set In The Fantasy-themed Kingdom Of Whiteleaf, Famous For Its Delicious Honey Wine  The Mead. The Player Controls The Knight Order Of The Mug, Protectors Of Whiteleaf And The Mead, Who Are Once Again Called To Defend The Land Against An Invading Army Of Orcs. The Game Features A Story Driven Campaign With 6 Different Areas, Minigames And 40 Different Units.

    Manufacturer: Camel 101
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dd-orczz

Scrap Garden
    Scrap Garden.

    Scrap Garden Is A Charming Puzzle Platformer About The Adventures Of Canny, A Lonely Robot, Who Awakwns In A Post-apocalyptic World To Find All Other Robots Shut Down And Seized Up. What Happened To The City? Why Did All Robots Stop Moving? Did Anyone Survive Except Him? Little Rusty Canny Has To Do All He Can To Find Answers To These Questions... And Try To Fix It All.key Features:experience True 3d Platformer Gameplay Inspired By Genre Masterpieces Like Donkey Kong, Spyro The Dragon And Crash...

    Manufacturer: Immanitas Entertainment
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-scrap-garden

Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition
    Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition.

    Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition Will Include An Untold Chapter In The World Of Lordran. Sent Back To The Past, Player Will Discover The Story When Knight Artorias Still Bosses  Including Black Dragon, Sanctuary Guardian, Artorias Of The Abyss.pvp Arena & Online Matchmaking System  Quick Matching For Players To Play 1vs1, 2vs2 And 4 Player Battle Areas  Including Oolacile Township, Oolacile Sanctuary, Royal Wood, Battle Of Stoicism Which Is The Training...

    Manufacturer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-dspde

Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse
    Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse.

    Wanda Is A Short And Simple Story About Two Lonely Robots In A Desolate, Ruined World. Unlike Many Other end-of-the-world␙ Games, Wanda Is Not About A Tale Of Desperate Survival But About Finding Companionship, Love And Hope In A Wasteland.wanda Is A Story-focused Game But Completely Free Of Comprehensible Dialogue. The Entire Story Is Told Through The Subtle Interactions Between The Two Robots And The Environment Itself In A show, Don't Tell" Style.join This Little Adventure, Solve...

    Manufacturer: Kiss
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-wanda

Bionic Commando Rearmed Soundtrack
    Bionic Commando Rearmed Soundtrack.

    Composer: Simon Viklund, Marika Suzuki, Hironobu Takeshita 1 Bionic Commando Rearmed (main Theme) 2 Heat Wave 3 Power Plant 4 Leap Of Faith 5 Rise Oft He Albatross 6 Bcr Menu Theme 7 Prologue & Epilogue 8 Ok, Well Move 9 Meet The Enemy And Descend. 10 Killt's Hidden Treasures 11 Amongst Allies 12 Intruder Alert 13 Susuki's Heroes 14 One Man One Bionic Arm 15 Go Go Bionic

    Manufacturer: Sumthing Else Music Works
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-bcrost

Rescue Team 2
    Rescue Team 2.

    When Disaster Strikes, The Rescue Team Sweeps In To Save The Day!  take Control Of Workers Who Respond When A Devastating Tornado Leaves Its Mark On Three All-new Islands In This Exhilarating Time Management Adventure.  overcome Earthquakes, Rebuild Hospitals And Drill For Oil To Keep Your Vehicles Running.  use Strategy To Figure Out The Quickest Way To Complete Your Goals, And Then Race Against The Clock To Remove Debris, Repair Bridges, Put Out Fires, Restore Communications And Save...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-rt2

To The Moon Soundtrack
    To The Moon Soundtrack.

    Original Soundtrack Of To The Moon, Igf Audio Finalist And Nominated For Gamespot's Best Music And Best Song Award - Featuring Such Wonders As Two Boring Notes On Repeat That Will Drive You Crazy, And A Wonderfully Poignant Song By Laura Shigihara.composed By: Kan Gao, Laura Shigiharato The Moon - Main Theme 04:56 Between A Squirrel And A Tree 01:18 Spiral Of Secrets 01:06 For River - Piano (sarah & Tommy's Versi On) 02:58 Bestest Detectives In The World 01:15 Too Bad So Sad 00:08 Teddy...

    Manufacturer: Freebird Games
    Category: Soundtracks
    SKU: Dd-ttmost

Xcom 2: War Of The Chosen (for Mac)
    Xcom 2: War Of The Chosen (for Mac).

    This Content Requires The Base Game Xcom 2xcom 2: War Of The Chosen Is The Expansion To The 2016 Strategy Game Of The Year.war Of The Chosen Adds Extensive New Content In The Fight Against Advent When Additional Resistance Factions Form To Eliminate The Alien Threat On Earth. In Response, A New Enemy Known As The chosen␝ Emerges With One Goal: Recapture The Commander Of Xcom. The Expansion Includes New Hero Classes To Counter The chosen␝, New Enemies, Missions, Environments And...

    Manufacturer: Feral Interactive
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-xcom-2-war-of-the-chosen-mac

Poker Night 2
    Poker Night 2.

    The Chips Are Down And The Ante Is Up In This Sentence Already Bursting With Poker Clichs! Take The Fifth Seat In Poker Night 2, At A Table Featuring Claptrap (borderlands 2), Brock Samson (the Venture Bros.), Ash (army Of Darkness) And Sam (sam And Max Series). Play To Unlock New Team Fortress 2 Items And Win Unique Skins And Heads For Borderlands 2! Your Dealer Is Glados (portao Series), But At No Point Will You Be Considered As A Candidate For A Visit To Aperture Science␙s Enrichment...

    Manufacturer: Telltale Games
    Category: Sport
    SKU: Dd-pn2

Lost Secrets Ancient Mysteries
    Lost Secrets Ancient Mysteries.

    You Will Plya The Role Of Famed Archaeologist Named John Carter Who Discovers A Possible Solution To The Mystery Of King Tut's Short Reign. Working Against You Will Be An Ancient Brotherhood Who Is Dedicated To Preserving And Protecting The Memory Of The Pharaohs. On Multiple Occasions You Will Be Confronted With Problems And Puzzles That The Brotherhood Has In Place To Stop You From Uncovering The Truth. Features:pick Up Clues To Decipher Ancient Codeshundreds Of Gems In Each Locationcredit...

    Manufacturer: Encore Software
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-lsam

Dark Cult Of The Dead
    Dark Cult Of The Dead.

    After Escaping The M17 Vampire Hunters, Eric Bane␙s Next Adventure Is Already Waiting For Him. Eric Learns Of The Mysterious book Of The Dead␙ Which Grants Its Owner Power Of Death And His Creatures. For A Vampire, This Book Presents Not Only Great Danger But The Chance To Learn Much About His Kind. In His Search For The Book, Eric Must Face Off Against A New Enemy, The Necromancers, As Well As A Regrouped M17 Who Want Their Revenge! Features:includes A Brand New Mission Which...

    Manufacturer: Kalypso
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dlc-darkcd

Family Vacation 2  Road Trip
    Family Vacation 2  Road Trip.

    It␙s Been A Year Since Barb Won The Convertible Sports Car On The The Price Is Nice! And The Simmons Are Getting Ready For Another Family Vacation. With A Family Of Four, Pets And Not To Mention All Of The Rain That Seattle Gets, The Convertible Wasn␙t Practical For The Family. So They Decided To Trade It In For An Airstream Camper That They␙re Hooking Up To The Family␙s Suv And Going On A Cross-country Camping Adventure. Once Again You␙ll Be Asked To Help The Family Pack And Get...

    Manufacturer: Ends In Four Games
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-fv2rt


    You Are Alan 'the Bear' Westmoreland, Marine Corps Sergeant. The Trouble Starts On A Deaadly Viet Cong Raid. Here The Jungle Is Your Battlegroun.d Your Mission, Survive. Nam Captures All Of Intensity And Paranoia Of Jungle Warfare. Fire-fights, Ambushes, Booby-traps, Snipers, Air-strikes, Anti-personnel Mines And More. Feel The Tropical Heat And The Fear Of Tunnel Skirmishes, Paddy Killing Fields, Swamps And Thick Jungles. Nam Is The First Game Of Its Kind. Nam Is War! ...

    Manufacturer: Retroism
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-nam


    Kholat Is Is An Adventure-horror Game Developed By Independent Studio, Inspired By True Events Known As The "dyatlov Pass Incident". We Follow The Path Of A Group Of Nine Russian Student Hikers, That Went For An Expedition In The Northern Ural Mountains. The Team Does Not Reach Its Goal, The Entire Crew Dies In Mysterious Circumstances And That Led To Countless, Unconfirmed Hypotheses. Player Is Thrown Into The Ural Mountains Area Where The Tragedy Occurred, Years After The Actual...

    Manufacturer: Wendros
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-kholat

Professional Farmer 2014 - Good Ol' Times Dlc
    Professional Farmer 2014 - Good Ol' Times Dlc.

    7 Additional, Historical Tractor Models For Professional Farmer 2014:friend 15f Torino Mk.2 5 Rainman Model 3 Brownman 88 Friend Bauer Oliveman Mk. 5 Farmmaster 6x1 © 2013 Uig Entertainment Gmbh, Developed By Playway S.a. All Rights Reserved. Subject To Modifications And Amendments. All Rights Reserved.

    Manufacturer: Uig Entertainment
    Category: Downloadable Content
    SKU: Dlc-pf2014got

Ladybugs Lines
    Ladybugs Lines.

    There Are Games Which Never Go Out Of Date. Lines Game Is The Best Evidence Of This. Everyone  From Ceo To Ordinary Secretaries  Used To Play Lines. Ladybugs Lines Is The Same Puzzle Game But A Hundreds Times Nicer Anf More Diverse Than Its Ancestor Because It␙s More Fun To Watch The Ladybirds Hilariously Creeping On A Playing Area Than To Watch Just Circles!brilliant Graphics And Animationseveral Playing Areas Of Various Formsdiverse Bonuses To Be Granted During The Game

    Manufacturer: Libredia
    Category: Casual
    SKU: Dd-ladybugs


    Battlepaths Is A Loot-centric And Addictive 2d-rpg Featuring Neat Monster Hacking, An Excellent Loot System, And Great Variety In Character Development. Learn Skills, Use Powerfull Potions, And Hunt Down The Chaos Overlord. The Battle Begins In Babatula, The First Of Three Big Realms To Explore.battlepaths Offers A Sophisticated Drop System That Generates Countless Different Items Along With More Than 50 Unique Items. The Character Customization Allows You To Create A Unique Hero With Its Own...

    Manufacturer: Key17
    Category: Rpg
    SKU: Dd-bpath-steam

Xcom : Enemy Unknown - Slingshot Pack
    Xcom : Enemy Unknown - Slingshot Pack.

    In This New Set Of Linked Council Missions, You Will Meet An Enigmatic Triad Operative, Divert An Alien Ship␙s Course, And Do Battle With The Aliens In The Skies Over China. The Content Pack Also Includes New Customization Options And A New Soldier With A Unique Voice And Story.use Of This Product Requires Agreement To The Following Third Party End User License Agreement: Http:// © 1994-2012 Take-two Interactive Software, Inc. Take-two Interactive Software, Inc., 2k...

    Manufacturer: Take-two Interactive
    Category: Strategy
    SKU: Dlc-xcom-eu-slingshot-pack

Inner Mazes - Souls Guides
    Inner Mazes - Souls Guides.

    Carefully Crafted Puzzles In A Challenging Turn Based 3d Platformer Take The Player On A Surrealistic Journey Through A Maze Of Illusion, Ghosts And Spiritual Guides. In I.m.: Souls Guides, You'll Become Lucas, A Medium Seeking Enlightenment Through The Ways Of Afro-brazilian Traditions. During Your Journey You'll Interact With A Few Lost Souls And Entities Looking For Help And Willing To Help You In Return.there Are Four Entities You'll Learn To Incorporate To Solve The Puzzle. However, Don't...

    Manufacturer: 4eversgames
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-inner-mazes-souls-guides

Strikers Edge
    Strikers Edge.

    Strikers Edge Is A Medieval Dodgeball With Weapons, Ancient Warriors And Special Powers. Challenge Your Opponents In Online And Local Multiplayer, Ascend To The Top Of The Ladder And Become The Best Striker!dodgebrawl: Strikers Edge Is A Game Of Dodgebrawl! Use Whatever Means It Takes To Bring Your Foe Down From Your Side Of The Rift.git Gud: Get Your Ac Curacy On Point, Anticipate Your Enemies␙ Trajectories And Get The Psychological Upper Hand To Annihilate The Opposition!online And Local:...

    Manufacturer: Plug In Digital
    Category: Action
    SKU: Dd-strikers-edge

Dark Strokes: The Legend Of The Snow Kingdom Collector's Edition
    Dark Strokes: The Legend Of The Snow Kingdom Collector's Edition.

    Inspired By The Timeless Tales Of The Brothers Grimm, "dark Strokes: The Legend Of The Snow Kingdom" Offers An Experience Rich With Magic And Wonder. From Its Breathtaking Opening Scene, In Which A Hunter Saves A Princess From An Uncertain Fate At The Hands Of A Snow Knight, To Its Stunning Conclusion, "dark Strokes 2" Will Captivate You With A World Abounding In Beauty And Detail, Puzzles And Mini-games Unlike Any You Have Solved, And A Story Of Unprecedented The Hunter As He Seeks...

    Manufacturer: Alawar
    Category: Adventure
    SKU: Dd-dark-strokes-the-legend-of-the-snow-kingdom-ce
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