Nuk Magic Cup 250ml With Drinking Rim
    Nuk Magic Cup 250ml With Drinking Rim.

    Nuk Magic Cup 250ml With Drinking Rim The Nuk Magic Cup 250ml With Drinking Rim Helps Your Little One To Learn How To Drink Independently From A Cup. The Elaborate Design Of The Colourful Nuk Magic Cup Supports Your Child At The Age Of 8 Months On With This Important Developmental Step. A Real Treat Is The Special And Innovative Drinking Rim – Your Little One Can Put His Or Her Lip Anywhere On The Cup’s Rim And As Soon As He Or She Starts To Suck The Seal Opens. The Sealing Silicone Lid Prevents Spilling And Splashing Of The Liquid. This Cup Is Not Only Easy To Use It Can Be Cleaned Smoothly As Well, Since It Consists Of Three, Dishwasher-safe Parts. Being Compatible With Any Product Of The Nuk Easy Learning Series This Cup Holds 250 Ml And Is Made Of High-quality Polypropylene. The Cute Little Characters Featured On The Cup Delights Children And Support Them On Their Way To Developing Skills And Growing Up. Details: * Available In Different Designs * Suitable From Approx. 8 Months * Holds 250ml * Sealing Silicone Lid Prevents Spilling And Splashing * Material: High-quality Polypropylene * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.255.331
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 10.255-102623

Chicco Vibrating Rattle Monkey
    Chicco Vibrating Rattle Monkey.

    Chicco Vibrating Rattle Monkey Playing Fun And Entertainment At Home And On The Road In The Stroller Is Provided By Chicco’s Cute Vibrating Rattle Monkey. Thanks To The Convenient Fastening System, The Rattle Can Be Attached Easily To The Safety Bar Of The Pushchair, But Also Offers A Lot Of Entertainment When Released From It And Played With In Your Little One’s Nursery. The Rattle Features Several Interesting Playing Options: * When The Green Ring Is Pulled, The Monkey’s Right Leg Vibrates * The Colourful Beads In The Transparent Ringmove And Rattle * The Banana In The Right Arm Of The Monkey Crackles And * The Soft Plastic Part On The Left Leg Can Be Used As A Teether The Design Of The Vibrating Rattle Is Another Highlight So That This Adorable Little Companion Is Perfectly Suitable For Children At The Age Of Approx. 3 Months And Up. The Monkey Is Made Of 100% Polyester And Can Be Cleaned With A Damp Cloth.

    Manufacturer: Chicco
    ID: 00000907000000
    Category: Toys, gt, baby Toys
    SKU: 907

Nuk Easy Learning Trainer Bowl
    Nuk Easy Learning Trainer Bowl.

    Nuk Easy Learning Eating Bowl With The Portability Of Your Favorite Also The Nutrient Requirements Increase. Between The 5th And 7th Month Of Life It Is Usually The Time To Feed The First Mash. The Nuk Easy Learning Eating Bowl With Handle Relieves At First The Feeding And Then The Learning To Eat By Themselves Of Your Sweetheart. The High, Sloping Edge Makes It Easier For You And Your Angel To Spoon Out The Bowl, Also Into The Corners. For Stability It Provides A Suction Cup On The Non-skid Base, Which Complicates The Overturning Of The Bowl. Sophisticated Accessories: The Two Corresponding To The Eating Bowl´s Lids Have Different Functions - One Covers The Bowl Loosely From, For Example, To Heat The Meal In The Microwave, The Other Lid Closes Down The Shell And Thus Allows, For Example, Transport On Excursions Or Storage Of The Meal In The Fridge. The Nuk Easy Learning Eating Bowl Is Microwave And Dishwasher Safe. The Used Material Is Free Of Bpa.

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.255.198
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding, gt, feeding
    SKU: 10.255.198-81997

Puky Tricycle Cat 1s
    Puky Tricycle Cat 1s.

    Puky Tricycle Cat 1s The Tricycle Cat 1s By Puky Is Suitable For Children At The Age Of Two Years And Up And Fosters The Motoric Development Of Your Little One’s Arms And Legs. An Adjustable Push Bar And The Connectible Free Running Mode Help You As Parents Push Your Little One And Control The Situation. Puky’s Tricycle Cat 1s Features An Infinitely Adjustable Seat, A Handbrake As Well Assoft Comfort Wheels. The Tipper On The Back Of The Tricycle Provides Enough Space To Store Toys Or Snacks For On The Go. Safety Handlebar Grips As Well As The Padded Handlebar Make Your Little One Feels Safe While Riding On The Tricycle. The Tricycle Cat 1s Is Available In Various Colours. Details: * Tippeer * Adjustable Push Bar * Release Assistance For Push Bar * Infinitely Adjustable Seat * Automatic Free Wheel With Lock * Handbrake With Ergonomic Brake Handle * Safety Handlebar Grips * Steering Limit * Steering Lock * Soft Comfort Wheels * Shockproof Powder Coating * Weight: Approx. 6,2 Kg * Length: 75 Cm * Width: 48 Cm

    Manufacturer: Puky
    ID: 2223
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 2322-75109

Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump With Calma
    Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump With Calma.

    Medela Swing Maxi Double Pump With Calma The Medela Swing Maxi Combines The Quality Of The Medela Swing With A More Powerful Motor As It Is Made For Double Pumping. The 2-phase Expression Technology Provides A Short, Quick Sucking Rhythm Until Your Milk Starts To Flow And Then It Changes To A Slow Rhythm To Express The Milk. The Simple Up/down Buttons Allow You To Control The Vacuum To Reach Your Highest Comfort Level As This Is When Your Milk Will Flow Best. More Milk With Higher Energy Content. Unlike A Single Pump, The Swing Maxi Pumps Simultaneously From Both Breasts And Allows You To Express More Milk With Higher Energy Content. The Swing Maxi Has A Very Simple Design And Is Extremely Portable. It Is Easy To Assemble And Disassemble For Cleaning, And All Parts Can Be Sterilised In Am Icrowave For Convenience. Included Is: * 2 X Personalfit Breast Shield (size M: 24 Mm) * 2 X Connector * 1 X Swing Maxi Tubing * 2 X Breast Milk Bottle (150 Ml) * 2 X Multi-lid * 2 X Bottle Stand * 1 X Swing Maxi Motor Unit * 1 X Mains Adapter * 1 X Calma Solitaire

    Manufacturer: Medela
    ID: 040.0003
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 040.0003

Concord Child Car Seat Traansformer X-bag
    Concord Child Car Seat Traansformer X-bag.

    Concord Child Car Seat Transformer X-bag The Child Car Seat Concord Transformer X-bag Provides Best Comfort And Security At The Highest Stage With Its Un Ique Adjustable Backrest Up To 20 Levels. Did Your Child Achieve A Bodyweight Of 15 Kg Or Celebrated Its Third Birthday Already? Then The Concord Transformer X-bag Is Just The Do Justice To Child Car Seat For Your Little Sweetheart. The Transformer X-bag Is The First Car Seat With An Adjustable Backrest Up To 20 Levels In Group Ii/iii. The Height Of The Headrest And Width Of The Shoulder Pads Can Adjust Millimeter Accuracy Simultaneously. So A Long Useful Life From The Third Up To Twelve Years Is Assured. The Permissible Bodyweight Is Approx. 15 Kg Up To Max. 36 Kg. The Double-layer Fully Closed Exterior Shell Of The Concord Transformer X-bag Ensures Your Little Angel Optimum Side Impact Protection. The Child Car Seat Can Fix In The Car Secure With The Isofix-system. Also Is It Possible To Use The Concord Transformer X-bag Without Isofix-connection. In This Case You Attach The Child Car Seat Through Vehicles Own Three-point-safety-belt. The Concord Transformer X-bag Has Got An Additional Protection Of Shoulder-belt-guide. Underneath The Headresg The Belt Will Guide Over The Chest Of The Child As Usual. In The Shoulder Section The Belt Will Guid E Through Its Destined Safety Rail. This Safety Rail Protects The Belt In The Optimum Position. Through A Simple Touch Of A Button The Safety Zone Releases And Your Little Honey Can Effortless Leave The Child Car Seat. The Integrated Security System Prevents A Wrong Operation With The Belt Herewith Complete. The Seat Shell Of The Concord Transformer X-bag Is Ergonomically Shaped With A Comfort Foam Seat Cushion And Soft Padded Armrests. The Smooth Wadded Seat Cover Gives Pleasant And Cozy Sitting Comfort. It Is Detachable And Washable. Result: Optimum Security With Easy Handling! Product Details: Group/ Weight Class: * Group 2/3 * For Children From 15-36 Kg (3,5-12 Years) Conforms To: * Ece R44/04 * Stepsize System: Headrest Height And Shoulder Protector Height And Width Can Be Precisely Adjusted With 20 Different Positions Settings * Twinfix System: Strap System, Simple Attachment To The Isofix Points In The Vehicle For Improved Side Impact Protection * Triple Player Impact Protection:the Additional Layer Of Insulation Ensures Even Better Side Impact Protection * Strap Guide Opens At The Touch Of A Button, Locks Automatically * Soft, Padded Covers, Easy To Remove And Wash * Ergonomically Shaped Seat Shell * Comfort Foam Seat Cushion * Softly Padded Armrests * Dimensions (lxwxh): 45 X 45 X 63-82 Cm * Weight: 7.7 Kg

    Manufacturer: Concord
    ID: Tfm0971xb
    Category: Car Seats, gt, isofix Child Car Seats
    SKU: Tfm07-95550

Britax Rmer Summer Car Seat Cover First Class Plus
    Britax Rmer Summer Car Seat Cover First Class Plus.

    Britax Römer Summer Cover For First Class Plus The Britax Römer Summer Cover Is Quickly And Simply Pulled Over The Existing Cover And Brings Your Favorite Not So Fast To Sweat. The Soft Terry Cloth Cover Is Made Of 80 % Cotton And 20 % Polyester, Is Extremely Absorbent, At 60 ° Washable In The Washing Machine And Ideally Suited In Summer. You Can Also Permanently Protect The Existing Cover Against Contamination. The Britax Römer Summer Cover Is Suitable For The Britax Römer Child Car Seat First Class Plus. Note: There Is Only The Summer Cover Included In The Delivery! Product Details: * Suitable For The Child Car Seat First Class Plus * Consists Of 80 % Cotton And 20 % Polyester * Extremely Absorbent * Soft Terry Cloth * Washable At 60 ° C

    Manufacturer: Britax Rmer
    ID: 2000001042
    Category: Car Seats, gt, car Seat Accessories
    SKU: 2000001042-98526

Haba Kullerb Racetrack speedy City␝
    Haba Kullerb Racetrack speedy City␝.

    Haba Kullerbü Racetrack “speedy City” The Haba Kullerbü Racetrack “speedy City” Guarantees Ultimate Racing Fn In Your Little One’s Nursery. This Amazing Sett Provides Your Child With The Right Vehicle For Every Occasion. The Blue Racing Car Comes With A Friction Motor Which Makes It Perfect For A Joyride Through The Hills. Ball “paul” Who Sits In His Cute Red Convertible Is Great For Doing The Next Shopping Trip. Engine Driver “egon” And His Colourful Railway Transports All Balls Safely Through The City. Up The Hill And Down Into The Valley Again On The Other Side, A Short Stop At The Traffic Light And Then Off Through The Archway – This Is Where A Little Bell Rings. Due To A Railroad Switch The Vehicles Can Switch Their Direction Easily While Wavy Bends Demand The Driver’s Fullest Attention. The Racetrack’s Various Parts Are Interchangeable So That You And Your Child Can Build An Exciting New City Every Day. Due To A Smart Click-system You Can Set Up The Tracks Easily And Securely. All Parts Of Haba’s Racetrack Are Made Of High-quality Materials And Produced In Germany. The Haba Kullerbü Racetrack “speedy City” Delights And Accompanies Your Child For A Long Time. To Add Some More Racing Fun, You Can Combine The Racetrack With The Kullerbü Play Mat. Details: * Versatile Adventure Playground * All Parts Can Be Combined With Each Other * Including Egon’s Railway, Paul’s Convertible And The Blue Racing Car * Suitable From 2 To 8 Years * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302061
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 302061

Haba My First Games let␙s Go, Little Penguin␝
    Haba My First Games let␙s Go, Little Penguin␝.

    Haba My First Games “let’s Go, Little Penguin” Haba My First Games “let’s Go, Little Penguin” Is A Great Dice & Run Board Game. The Penguin-moms And Their Babies Live Together On An Island. However, The Tasty Fish They Want To Catch For Dinner Can Only Be Found On The Mainland. But The Penguin Babies Are Not Yet Able To Swim. Luckily There Are Enough Stones, Tree Logs And Planks Jutting Out Of The Water So That Th Penguin Babies And Their Moms Can Jump Over Them. Who Reaches The Mainland With The Two Penguins First And Is Rewarded With Two Tasty Fish? Being Suitable For Children At The Age Of Two Years And Older The Six Cute Little Penguins Are Made Of Wood And Thus Perfect To Be Held In Small Hands. Together With You Or Some Friends, Your Little One Has To Cast The Dice In Order To Bring The Penguins To The Other Side. Haba’s Game “let’s Go, Little Penguin” Contributes To Your Child’s Understanding Of Rules And Trains Counting Numbers. High-quality Game Tested For Safety – Made In Germany. Details: * Cute Dice & Run Board Game * 6 Funny Penguins * Large Wooden Pieces Perfect For Small Hands * Suitable From 2 Years On * Suitable For 2 To 3 Players * Trains The Understanding Of Rules And Counting Numbers * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 301842
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 301842

Mam Teething Ring Bite & Brush
    Mam Teething Ring Bite & Brush.

    Man Teething Ring Bite & Brush Design: Pink 2017 This Colourful Teething Ring Is Suitable For Children At The Age Of 3 Months And Up And Supports Them During Teething. At The Same Time, Your Little One’s First Teeth Are Properly Cared For From The Very First Day. Soft And Smooth Bristles Clean Aby’s First Teeth Gently While He Is Chewing On The Ring. The Structured Surface Of The Teething Ring Massages Littel Teeth Gently And Thus Contributes To Your Child’s Wellbeing. Comforting For You And Your Child. This Teething Ring Comes With Special Shape So That It Can Be Held Easily By Small Hands. Details: * Available In Various Colours * Age Suitability: From 3 Months And Up * Teething Ring With Extra-soft Bristles * Complements Your Babies Every Day Dental Care * Free From Bisphenol A (bpa Free)

    Manufacturer: Mam Babyartikel Gmbh
    ID: 66807412
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 90000499-99414

Nuk Soother Disney Mickey Trendline, Silicone
    Nuk Soother Disney Mickey Trendline, Silicone.

    Nuk Silicone Pacifier (soother) Disney Mickey Trendline With The Nuk Pacifier Disney Mickey Soothing Is Really Cool ... All Babies Have A Natural Sucking Need, Even Just Out Of The Meals. The Sucking On A Pacifier Is Calming And The Kids Feel It A Feeling Of Security. In Addition, The Soothing Also Supports The Physical Development Of Your Little Treasure. By Sucking On A Pacifier Babies Rely On Facial Muscles And Train Them Daily. The Interaction Of Mobile Tongue, Powerful Jaw Muscles And A Properly Shaped Palate Is An Important Prerequisite For A Healthy, Trouble-free Breathing, Straightforward Food Intake And Later The Language Development. The Nuk Disney Mickey Mouse Trendline Soothers Have The Orthodontic Nuk Shape And An Anatomically Shaped Mouth Shield Made ␋of High Quality Plastic And Is Printed With Various Motifs Of The Most Popular Mouse In The World. He Also Has The Nuk Air System: Through A Valve, The Air Can Escape From The Sucking Part. Thus, It Reemains Soft And Suffficiently Flat, So It Can Prevent Jaw Deformities. The Silicone Teat Part Is Free From Pollutants, Resis Tant To Boiling, Odorless, Transparent And Has A Smooth Surface. The Flat Head And The Retractable Ring Prevent, That If Your Little Angel Is Lying On His Stomach, There Are Pressure Points On His Face Left. The Nuk Disney Mickey Mouse Trendline Pacifier Is Bpa-free And Comes In A Convemient 2 -pack In Different Color Combinations. Product Details: * Othodontic Nuk Shape * Anatomically Shaped Mouth Shield Made Of High-quality Plastic * With Iconic Micky Mouse Motifs * Soothing Part Made Of Silicone * Bpa-free * 2-pack * Available In 2 Sizes: Size 1 (0 - 6 Months), Size 2 (6 - 18 Months) * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.176.141
    Category: Merchandise, gt, mickey , amp, Minnie
    SKU: 10175090-99723

Cybex Buggy Onyx
    Cybex Buggy Onyx.

    Cybex Buggy Onyx The Cybex Buggy Onyx Meets All Demands Of Urbane Parents By Combining Comfortable Functionality, Convenient Handling And A Trendy Design. It Is Suitable For Your Little One From Birth Up To Approximately Four Years Of Age And Features A Maximum Weight Capacity Of 22.5 Kg. The Swivel Front Wheeos Contribute To The Buggy’s Manoeuvrability And Flexibility. If Required Or Depending On The Surface You Are Driving On, You Can Easily Lock The Double Swivel Wheels – That Way, The Buggy Onyx Even Masters A Trip On Uneven Terrain. The Aluminium Chassis Has A Weight Of Only 2.7 Kg Which Turns The Onyx Into A Reliable Companion For Many Years. The Soft Padding As Well As The Backrest That Can Be Adjusted In Four Different Recline Positions Single-handedly And In No Time At All, Provide Perfect Seating And Lying Comfort For Your Little Passenger. The Five-point Harness And The Safety Obstacle Prevent Your Child From Standing Up And Falling Out Of The Buggy. The Xxl Sun Canopy Features Uv Protection 50+ And Protects Your Little One Against Direct Sunlight And Draught. The Cybex Buggy Onyx Is Ideal For Being Transformed Into A Convenient Travel System. Byusing An Adaptor, You Can Easily Attach The Cybex Infant Car Seat To The Buggy. Please Note: Adaptor And Infant Car Sear Are Not Included In Delivery! Details: * Suitable From Birth Up To Approx. 4 Years * Maximum Weight Capacity: 22,5 Kg * Highly Flexible And Easy To Manoeuvre * Double Swivel Wheels * Extendable Xxl Sun Canopy With Uv Protection 50+ * Travel System When Used In Combination With Infant Car Seats By Cybex * Central One-hand Adjustment Of Harness * Can Be Adjusted Single-handedly In Four Different Recline Positions * Five-point Harness * Soft Cover * Cover Can Be Removed And Machine Washed At 30°c * Length/ Width/ Height: 880 X 255 X 320 Mm * Weight: 7.2 Kg

    Manufacturer: Cybex
    ID: 517000607
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 513202001-100084

Hauck Pushchair Rapid 4
    Hauck Pushchair Rapid 4.

    Hauck Pushchair Rapid 4 The Sporty Hauck Pushchair Rapid 4 Scores With Its Innovative And Super Smart Folding Mechanism. With This Stroller You Can Save Some Of Your Precious Time, Since It Can Be Folded Quickly With Only A Few Clicks. The Loop That Is Used To Unlock And Fold The Stroller Can Be Used As A Convenient Carrying Handle As Well. This Way You Can Easily Lift The Stroller Into A Bus Or Carry It Up The Stairs While Having One Hand Free For Your Little One. The Hauck Rapid 4 Is The Perfect Companion For Trips And Outings. Its Lockable Swivel Front Wheels Rotate 360°. When Driving On Rough Surfaces The Stroller’s Suspended And Shock-absorbing Wheels Level Out Any Irregularities And Thus Ensure A Smooth Ride. The Soft Push Bar Can Be Adjusted Up To 30 Cm In Height And Thus Adapts To Mom’s And Dad’s Height. Highest Driving Comfort Is Provided By The Pushchair’s High-quality Quilted Seat Which Is Euipped With A Backrest That Can Be Adjusted With A Strap Until Fully Reclined. Also The Footrest Is Multiply Adjustable. Once It Is Set Up In A Horizontal Position It Provides Your Child With A Large Lying Surface To Rest And Take A Nap. The Extendable Sun Canopy Can Be Pulled Far Forward To Cover Your Child And Protect Her From Any Weather. The Viewing Panel Always Lets You Have An Eye On Your Little One. A Bag Integrated In The Canopy Stores Important Things Such As Keys Or Mobile Phone. The Shopping Basket Beneath The Seat Unit Offers Space To Store Baby’s Essentials. The Five-point Harness As Well As The Safety Bar Provide Extra Protection. Due To Its Compact Folded Size The Rapid 4 Can Be Stored Easily In Your Car Boot. Items Of Delivery: * Sporty Pushchair * Integrated Adapter For The Isofix-capable Car Seat Comfort-fix, Group 0+ Details Of Chassis/ Pushchair: * One-hand Folding Mechanism * Wheels Suspension * Plastic Wheels * Parking Brake * Spacious Shopping Basket * Wipeable * Recline Angle Of Backrest: 119 - 168 Cm * Continuous Adjustment Of Backrest * Adjustable Footrest, 2 X * Removable Cover * Sun Canopy * Removable Cover * Removable Safety Bar * Lockable Swivel Wheels * Removable Front Wheels * Removable Rear Wheels * Five-point Harness * Can Be Combined With Car Seat * Can Be Combined With Carrying Bag * Total Weight Of Buggy/ Pushchair: 9,3 Kg * Size Folded: 84 X 54 X 9,3 Cm * Size Open: 104 X 54 X 30 Cm * Seat Width: 36 Cm * Height Adjustable Push Bar: 4 X 76 - 109 Cm * Height Of Push Bar: 95 – 109 Cm * Length Of Lying Surface: 86 Cm * Length Of Seat And Backrest: 22 / 45 Cm * Diameter Rear Wheels: 18,5 Cm * Diameter Front Wheels: 17,5 Cm * Suitable For Children From Birth Up To 15 Kg

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 148303
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 1483-101672

Hauck Tray Alpha
    Hauck Tray Alpha.

    Hauck Tray Alpha This Detachable Tray Is The Perfect Addition To Your Hauck High Chair Alpha, Since From Now On Your Little One Can Have Meals On His Or Her Own Table. The Tray Can Be Adjusted Horizontally In Three Different Levels And Adapts Perfectly To The Size Of Your Child. You Can Easily Detach The Tray To Clean It. The Bridge In The Centre Prevents Your Little One From Slipping Through. The Hauck Tray Alpha Can Be Purchased As An Optional Addition To The Hauck High Chair Alpha. Items Of Delivery: * Depth-adjustable, Detachable Tfay With Anti-slip Protection * Detachable Tray Details: * Wipeable * Size Open: 46 X 56,5 X 22,5 Cm * Size Of Tray: 51 X 30 Cm * Weight Without Packaging: 2,35 Kg

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 661871
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 661871

Lego Duplo Town Square
    Lego Duplo Town Square.

    Lego Duplo Town Square Explore The Town Square For Endless Fun And Play Opportunities! Play Out Real-life Scenarios In Lego Duplo My Town: A Recognizable World With Modern Duplo Figures. Discover The Town Square With Your Toddler—there’s So Much To See And Do! Turn The Gearwheels To Rotate The Car For The Mechanic, Buy Fresh Produce At The Bakery And Greengrocer, Or Go To The Doctor For A Check-up! It Includes Five Duplo Figures. Details: * Includes Five Lego Duplo Figures: A Mechanic, Shopkeeper, Doctor, Mom And A Child * Features A Garage With A Car And Rotating Turntable With Gearwheel Function, Greengrocer, Doctor, Bakery With Opening Oven, Roof With Opening Dormer Windows * Includes Bricks Decorated As A Pretzel, Fruit, Vegetables, Cake, Oven Door, Eye Test Chart, Bakery Sign And Mechanic’s Sign As Story Starters * Accessory Elements Include A Wheelchair, Two Cash Registers, Baguettes, Gumball Machine, Fruit Baskets, Bananas, Flowers, Traffic Cone And A Petrol Pump * Use The Modern Characters, Accessories And Decorated Bricks To Have Fun And Help Play Out Everyday Scenarios With Your Toddler * Turn The Gearwheels To Make The Car Spin On The Turntable, Or Bake Baguettes In The Bakery Oven * Build Your Town With This Easy-to-build Set That Encourages Early Construction Skills And Presents Endless Play Opportunities * Toddlers Will Love Playing As They Learn How To Pay For Baked Goods At The Shop, Visit The Doctor, Fill A Car With Gas, And Cross The Street * Lego Duplo Products Are Specially Designed To Be Safe And Suitable For Small Hands * Two-story Building Measures Over 11” (28cm) High, 14” (38cm) Wide And 3” (9cm) Deep * Bakery Measures Over 7” (18cm) High, 4” (12cm) Wide And 4” (12cm) Deep * Garage Measures Over 6&rddquo; (16cm) High, 7” (19cm) Wide And 4 ” (12cm) Deep * Car Measures Over 1” (4cm) High, 3” (9cm) Long And 2” (6cm) Wide * Ages: 2 – 5 Years * Pieces: 98 * Item: 10836

    Manufacturer: Lego Duplo
    ID: 41102888
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 6174420

Britax Rmer Rain Cover For Buggy Holiday
    Britax Rmer Rain Cover For Buggy Holiday.

    H2>britax Römer Rain Cover For Buggy Holiday The Britax Römer Rain Cover For The Buggy Holiday Provides Optimum Protection For Your Child When You Are Out And About On A Cold And Rainy Day. The Rain Cover Fits The Britax Holiday Perfectly And Offers Sufficient Protection Against Wind And Rain. Thanks To The Air Inlets On The Side As Well As A Viewing Panel, Your Child Is Always Supplied With Fresh Air. Details: * Rain Cover For Buggy Holiday * Protects Against Wind And Rain * With Viewing Panel And Air Inlets On The Side

    Manufacturer: Britax Rmer
    ID: 2000027514
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: 2000027514

Sebamed Protective Healing Ointment, 50 Ml
    Sebamed Protective Healing Ointment, 50 Ml.

    Sebamed Protective Healing Ointment, 50 Ml Especially In Everyday Life With A Toddler Minor Injuries Can Occur. That Is Why The Sebamed Protective Healing Ointment Comes In Super Handy. The Ointment Features A Complex Of Three Unique Components That Create A Soothing, Respiratory Protective Film On The Skin. Dextran Forms A Protective Film Under Which Excoriations, Cuts, Sore Spots, Blisters And Small Minor Burns Or Scalds Can Heal Without Irritations Or Delay. Moisturising Panthenol Contributes To The Skin’s Healing Process. Jojoba Oil And Shea Butter Promote The Skin’s Regeneration And Help To Prevent Dryness And Cracks. The Natural Protective Effect Of The Skin’s Acid Mantle Is Supported By A Ph Of 5,5. Take Precaution And Get The Sebamed Protective Healing Ointment That Protects Injured Skin And Supports The Natural Healing Process. Details: * Intensive Care In Case Of Superficial Dermal Injuries Or Soreness * 3-component Complex: Dextran, Panthenol, Ph 5,5 * Jojoba Oil And Shea Butter * Does Not Contain Any Irritating Substances * Contraindications And Side Effect Are Unknown! * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Sebamed
    ID: 12728089
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 12728089

Inglesina Trilogy City System Quattro
    Inglesina Trilogy City System Quattro.

    Inglesina Trilogy City System Quattro Now The Trilogy City Is Even More Practical Than Before – Its Slender Chassis That Features A Width Of Only 50 Cm Turns This Trendy Chap Into An Indispensable Companion For The Urban Jungle. The Trilogy City Masters Even Narrow Lifts Without Losing Any Of Its Comfort. The Inglesina Trilogy City System Accompanies Your Child Right From Birth Up Into Toddlerhood. The 4-part Set Contains A Pushchair S Eat, A Carrycot, The Group 0+ Infant Car Seat Huggy And A Practical Stand. The Trilogy City Features One Of The Biggest Carrycots (internal Dimensions: 76 X 73 Cm) On The Market So That Your Little Ne Can Stretch Out And Feel Super Comfortable Wherever You Go. The Hard Carrycot Can Be Attached To The Chassis With Only One Click – Thus, A Full-size Pram Is Created In No Time At All. The Large Canopy As Well As The Windproof Blanket Protect Your Child From Direct Sunlight And Cold Wind. The Carrycot Comes With An Adjustable Backrest And Adjustable Ventilation Slots On The Bottom Side. The Soft And Cuddly Padding As Well As The Welcome Pad That Has Been Developed In Collaboration With Midwives Make This Cosy Carrycot Complete. The Welcome Pad Is A Particularly Comfortable, High-quality Mattress. Just Like In Mom’s Belly, Your Child Can Bend Her Legs And Lie In A Healthy Supine Position. The Flexible Support Roll Can Be Adapted Easily To Your Little One’s Growth. Furthermore, The Welcome Pad Comes With Ventilation Ducts And A 3d Mesh Cover Which Supplies Your Child With The Best Foundation For A Healthy And Safe Sleep. The Light Aluminium Chassis Of The Trilogy City Combines Maximum Comfort With An Easy Folding Mechanism That Helps You Fold The Trilogy City With Only One Hand Into A Compact And Space-saving Size. All Wheels Have Ball Bearing Which Provide A Smooth Run And High Driving Quality. Swivel Front Wheels That Can Be Locked If Necessary, Contribute To The Prams Easy Manoeuvrability – This Way, You Are Ready For Trips Even On Irregular Surfaces. The Soft Padded Seat Can Be Used In Either A Forward Facing Or Rear Facing Mode. This Way, Your Child Can Face Mom And Dad Or Else Watch And Explore The World Around. For A Little Nap In Between, You Can Easily Adjust The Backrest In Multiple Ways Until It Reaches A Recline Position. The Large Canopy Protects Your Child From Direct Sunlight While A Viewing Panel Integrated In The Canopy Lets You Keep An Eye On Her Wherever You Go. A Five-point Harness As Well As A Safety Bar Protect Your Child And Prevent Her From Standing Up Or Dropping Out. The Safety Bar Can Also Be Removed Or Opened To The Side So That Putting Your Child Into The Seat And Lifting Her Out Again Is Done Without Much Effort. The Infant Car Seat Huggy Is Perfect For Supplying Your Ch Ild With Both A Safe And Comfortable Ride In Your Car. It Is Suitable For Children From Birth Up To Approx. 13 Kg And Guarantees Maximum Safety And Comfort. The Infant Car ...

    Manufacturer: Inglesina
    ID: Ae38k6100+aa35k6acb
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: Ag35g-104694

4moms 3d Baby Bouncer Mamaroo 4.0
    4moms 3d Baby Bouncer Mamaroo 4.0.

    4moms 3d Baby Bouncer Mamaroo 4.0 Mamaroo 4.0 Imitates Your Movements! This Adorable Baby Bouncer Comes In A New Design And With An Improved Control Panel. In The 4moms Mamaroo Baby Bouncer Your Child Will Feel Super Safe And Comfortable Right From The Very First Time. The Bouncer Features Five Unique Movements: Car Driving, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Cradle And Waves – All These Movements Console Your Child In The Same Way As You As Parents Do. The Seat Adjusts As Required From A Sitting Position To A Lying Position And Thus Adapts Perfectly To Your Little One’s Needs. Hanging And Twistable Balls Attract Your Child’s Attention. A Crinkly Cloth, Bell And Mirror Stimulate Your Little Explorer’s Senses. Tip: A New-born Insert Supplies Your Child With Extra Support And Comfo Rt. With The Help Of A Mobile-app You Can Easily Control The Mamaroo. In Order To Console Your Child, Simply Combine One Of The Five Movements With One Of The Five Speed Levels. Givve Your Baby A Little Treat With The Help Of The Mp3-port That Plays Your Favourite Piece Of Music Or Else Some Of The Natural Sounds Integrated. You Can Choose From Two Different Kinds Of Fabric: Multi Plush And Silver Plush Come With A Soft And Velvety Surface While Classic Grey And Classic Black Feature A Smooth And Woven Surface. The Cover Can Be Removed And Cleaned In The Washing Machine Easily. Details: * Baby Bouncer That Imitates Your Movements * New Design, Improved Control Panel * Available In Two Different Kinds Of Fabric * 5 Movements & 5 Speed Levels * 4 Natural Sounds & Mp3-port * Can Be Controlled Via Mobile-app (ios & Android) * Adjustable Sitting And Lying Position * New-born Nsert (available As Accessory) * Age Suitability: From Birth Up To 11,3 Kg Or As Soon As Your Child Can Sit Unaided * Easy-to-remove, Machine Washable Cover * Including Adaptor * Size: L 84 X W 50 X H 65 Cm * Weight: 6,6 Kg

    Manufacturer: 4moms
    ID: 16910
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 1691-105021

Haba Kullerb Fire Truck
    Haba Kullerb Fire Truck.

    Haba Kullerbü Fire Truck This Cute Little Fire Truck Runs Down Any Ball Track With High Speed. Due To The Momentum Motor A Gentle Push Is Enough To Make The Fire Truck Race To The Next Deployment Site. Featuring A Bright Red Colour Haba’s Fire Truck Is A Real Eye-catcher. It Is Also Suitable For Playing On The Floor. Details: * Age Suitability: From 2 Years And Up * Compatible With All Haba Ball Tracks Of The Kullerbü Range * Momentum Motor * Material: Abs-plastic

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302974
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 302974

Haba Motor Skills Board Fire Department World
    Haba Motor Skills Board Fire Department World.

    Haba Motor Skills Board Fire Department World This Adorable Motor Skills Board “fire Department World” Which Is Printed On Both Sides Imparts The Knowledge Of Colours And Geometric Figures. The Colours Of The Fire Truck, Firefighter’s Helmet As Well As Of The Tree Can Be Sorted And Matched With This Funny Sliding Board. On The Other Side Of The Board Your Child Will Learn About Geometric Figures. The Resilient Motor Skills Board Is Particularly Tough – Its Colourful Buttons Feature The Perfect Size To Be Slid And Shuffled By Small Hands. Details: * Age Suitability: From Approx. 12 Months And Up * Material: Birch Plywood * Size: H 4,5 X W 22,5 X L 22,5 Cm

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302210
    Category: Toys, gt, gift Ideas
    SKU: 302210

Haba Clutching Toy Rainbow Caterpillar
    Haba Clutching Toy Rainbow Caterpillar.

    Haba Clutching Toy Rainbow Caterpillar Haba’s Clutching Toy Rainbow Caterpillar Clatters Happily At Every Movement. This Funny Caterpillar Comes With A Flexible Plastic Ring As Well As Colourful Balls That Encourage Your Child To Grasp, Touch And Feel The Toy. The Premium Clutching Toy – Made In Germany – Stimulates All Of Your Little One’s Senses And Thus Fosters Early Childhood Development. Details: * Age Suitability: From Approx. 6 Months And Up * Size: L/h: 9,5 Cm; W: 7,5 Cm * With Plastic Ring * Material: Beech Wood, Plastic * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302928
    Category: Toys, gt, baby Toys
    SKU: 302928

Nuk Disney Winnie The Pooh First Choice Trainer Bottle
    Nuk Disney Winnie The Pooh First Choice Trainer Bottle.

    Nuk Disney Winnie The Pooh First Choice Training Bottle The Nuk Winnie The Pooh First Choice Training Bottle Allows Your Little Sunshine An Easy Transition From The Breast Or The Baby Bottle To Independent Drinking. The Chic Learning Bottle Is Shatterproof And Made ␋of Transparent, Bpa-free Polypropylene (pp). Its Capacity Is 150 Ml. Thanks To The Leak-proof Nuk Soft Spout Made ␋of Silicone Your Baby's Favorite Drink Is No Longer Running Beside It And His Clothes Remain Dry And Clean In The First Hydration Own Experiments. The Soft Spout Is Softer And Suitable For Your Favorite From The 6th Month Of Life. Its Proven Nuk Shape Facilitates Your Sparrow The Independent Drinking. The Integrated Nuk Air System Also Reduces Air Swallowing And Resulting Infant Colic, Since It Contains The Vacuum In The Bottle, Which Arises When Sucking Compensates. The Handles Of The Nuk Winnie The Pooh Sipper Bottle Are Ergonomically Designed, Equipped With Anti-slip Studs And Are Easy To Access From The Little Hands Of Your Angel And Hold. Another Plus Is The Extra-wide Bottle Neck, Which Enables You The Easy Filling Without Spilling. Even Cleaning And Disassembly Of The Bottle Into Its Component Parts Are Done In Seconds. The Special Highlight Of This Sipper Bottle Are The Cute Winnie The Pooh Motifs. Lovingly Designed It Will Soon Be Your Child's Favorite Sipper Bottle. All Used Materials Are Of Course In Reliable Quality Nuk, They Are Absolutely High Quality, Tested For Harmful Substances And Bpa-free. The Production Takes Place In Germany. Product Details: * For An Easy Transition From The Breast Or Bottle To Independent Drinking * Made From Robust, Shatterproof Polypropylene (pp), Free Of Bpa * First Choice Wide-mouth Bottle With 150 Ml Capacity, Extra Wide Bottle Opening, Threaded Ring, Closure Plate And Protective Cap * Ergonomic Handles With Anti-slip Material For A Secure Grip * Leak-proof Soft Spout Made ␋of Silicone For Babies From 6 Months * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.215.220
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 10215060-105307

Peg-perego Kit Tatamia Seat Cover With Play Bar
    Peg-perego Kit Tatamia Seat Cover With Play Bar.

    Peg-perego Kit Tatamia Seat Cover With Play Bar Peg-perego’s Kit Comes With A Soft Seat Cover And A Play Bar And Is Perfect For Complementing Your High Chair Tatamia. This Way, You Can Create And Comfortable And Entertaining Place For Your Little One To Snuggle Up And Play. The Set Is Geared To The Needs Of Your New-born Baby. The Seat Cover Features A Soft-touch Surface And Thus Feels Particularly Soft On Your Child’s Sensitive Skin. It Can Be Removed Easily And Machine Washed At 30 °c. The Play Bar Features Colourful Figures And Sound Elements Which Entertain Your Little One While Fostering His Senses At The Same Time. Details: * Extension Set For Peg-perego High Chair Tatamia * Contains A Soft Seat Cover And Play Bar * Ideal For New-born Babies * Available In Various Colours

    Manufacturer: Peg-perego
    ID: Y5tmkiazzu
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: Y5tmk-105512

Zllner Jersey Nursing Pilllow Indiana
    Zllner Jersey Nursing Pilllow Indiana.

    Zöllner Jersey Nursing Pillow Indiana The Nursing Pillow Is An Important Accessory That Helps You Master Pregnancy And The Breastfeeding Period Easier. The Lovingly Designed Nursing Pillow By Zöllner Features A Trendy Black-and-white Look That Will Delight And Satisfy You Instantly. Only Premium Materials Have Been Used To Produce This Product – High Quality Made In Germany Thus, Speaks For Itself. This Nursing Pillow’s Versatility Makes It To An Indispensable Helper That Accompanies You Through Pregnancy, The Breastfeeding Period And Beyond. During Pregnancy The Pillow Will Help You Find A Comfortable Sitting And Lying Position. When Used As A Nursing Pillow, It Supplies Your Baby With A Comfortable And Safe Pad Just Like A Cosy Nest. The Rich Microbeads Filling Is Particularly Low In Noise – Nothing Rustles Or Crackles. If Your Child Is Older And No Longer Needs To Be Breastfed, You Can Use The Pillow As A Comfy Seating Aid. The Highlight About This Nursing Pillow Is That Its Specially Developed Filling Adapts Perfectly To The Shape Of The Body. The Easy-to-remove Jersey Cotton Cover Can Be Machind Washed At 40°c And Is Dryer-proof. This Way, Your Little One Is Supplied With Maximum Lying Comfort Again Soon. Details: * Trendy Design * Perfect For Breastfeeding Your Child Or Else For Supporting Your Baby Bump During Pregnancy * Safe Seating Aid For Baby’s First Seating Attempts * Length: 190 Cm * Cover: 100% Jersey Cotton, Removable And Machine Washable At 40°c * Filling: 100% Eps Microbeads, Low In Noise And Heat Insulating * Certification: Oeko-tex Standard 100 * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Zllner
    ID: 46720 6828 0
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 46720-6828-0
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