Zllner Fitted Terry Sheet For Playpen Mattress
    Zllner Fitted Terry Sheet For Playpen Mattress.

    Zllner Fitted Sheet Terrycloth For Playpen-mattresses A Conveniently Soft Reclining Surface Gives The Cuddly Smooth Fitted Sheet For The Playpen-mattress. Your Little Sunshine Will Very Comfortable Feel On This Skin-friendly, Cozy Soft Fitted Sheet. Herewith Stands Nothing In The Way For A Little Nap In The Playpen. Quickly And Easily Will The Fitted Sheet With Support Of The Elastic Band Be Stretched Around The Mattress. A Crease-free Fit And Safe Support Are Assured. The Pleasant Terrycloth-fabric Is Machine-washed If Dirty And Is Also Dryable. The Zllner Fitted Sheet Is Suitable For All Playpen-mattresses With A Size Of 68 X 90 Cm Up To 95 X 95 Cm. Product Details: * Different Colors * Suitable For Playpen-mattresses With A Size Of 68 X 90 Cm Up To 95 X 95 Cm * Terrycloth: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester * Elastic Band * Laundry: Up To 60 * Dryable * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Zllner
    ID: 8390349310
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 839-60518

Hartan Mattress Softline Klima For Soft And Combi Carrycot
    Hartan Mattress Softline Klima For Soft And Combi Carrycot.

    Hartan Mattress Softline Klima For Soft - And Combi Carrying Bag The Hartan Mattress Softline Klima Offers Your Favorite Extra Sleeping Comfort. It Provides Optimum Climate And Humidity Control , Is Breathable And Provides Well-being. The Outer Cover Regulates Body Temperature, Is Odorless And Anti-static. The Hartan Mattress Softline Klima Is Suitable For All Hartan Soft - And Combi Carrying Bags. Product Details: * Suitable For Soft - And Combi Carrying Bags * Provides More Sleeping Comfort * Made In Germany Foam Core: * Optimum Air And Moisture Regulation * Point-elastic Lying Comfort * Breathable * Multi-zone Contour Outer Cover: * Fabric With Eco-label * Antimicrobial * Antistatic * Temperature Balancing * Odor-neutralizing

    Manufacturer: Hartan
    ID: 8014
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories, gt, other Stroller Accessory
    SKU: 8014

Puky Carrying Strap Tg
    Puky Carrying Strap Tg.

    Puky Vehicle Strap Tg When Your Darling Can Not Longer Driving You Can Atach The Puky Vehicle Strap On The Impeller And Wear It Over Your Shoulder. The Puky Vehicle Strap Is Suitable For All Impeller And Small Scooter. Please Note: The Puky Impeller Is Not Included In The Delive Ry!

    Manufacturer: Puky
    ID: 9411
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 9413

Geuther Eat & Play Tray For Swing And Lamelli
    Geuther Eat & Play Tray For Swing And Lamelli.

    Geuther Eating And Game Board For Highchairs Swing And Lamelli The Geuther Eatingg And Game Board Is The Perfect Addition To The Geuther Highchairs Swing And Lamelli. So The Baby Pap Gets Directly In The Mouth And Not On The Bottom. Toys Will Thwarted Of The Edge  At Least From Time To Time. An Overview: * Eating And Game Board With Heightened Border * Suitable To The Geuther Highchairs Swind And Lamelli * Available In Six Different Designs Seem Good To Note: Highchair And Other Accessories Are Not Included In Delivery.

    Manufacturer: Geuther
    ID: 0055sb-na
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 0055sb-50780

Geuther Seat Reducer For Tamino
    Geuther Seat Reducer For Tamino.

    Geuther Seat Insert For Highchair Tamino The Geuther Seat Insert Have Been Developed Esepcially For The Geuther Highchair Tamino. The Insert Captivates Through Its Modern Design, Is Easy-care And Provides A Pleasant Sitting Comfort. The Well Padded Seat Insert Let The Seat Surface Of Your Sweetheart Be Even More Convenient. The Timeless Pretty Insert Reduces The Seat Section And So The Seat Surface Adapts Optimally To Its Small Sitter. Not Only Is The Convenience Important For Its Use But Also The Security-issue Of Your Darling. With The Tamino Seat Insert Will A Slipping-away Be Prevented. So Your Little Treasure Will Always Comfortable And Safe Sit Enthroned. Please Note: The Highchair Is Not Included In Delivery!

    Manufacturer: Geuther
    ID: 4745-146
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 4745-80382

Zllner Waterproof Mattress Protector
    Zllner Waterproof Mattress Protector.

    Waterproof Mattress Pad * Cover Made Of 100% Cotton * Moisture Protection Layer Made ␋of 100% Polyurethane, Pvc-free * Vapor Permeable And Air Balancing * Absorbent, Soft Surface * Prevents Bedsores * Boiling * Absolutely Hygienic * Free Of Harmful Substances * Formaldehyde-free * Washable Up To 95c, Tumble Dry * Simply Put Under The Bed Sheet On The Mattress * Size: 50x70cm

    Manufacturer: Zllner
    ID: 5520100000
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping, gt, all About Sleeping
    SKU: 55200-80590

Avent Classic Teats (pack Of 2)
    Avent Classic Teats (pack Of 2).

    Avent Classic Teats (2-pack) Avent Teats, The Best Choice For Your Little Sunshine! The Anti-colic Teat Reduces Clinically Proven Discomfort And Colic - Especially During The Night - For Your Little Treasure. The Special Feature Is The Special Valve In The Suction Cup. He Moves To The Rhythm Of The Natural Active Sucking. Thus, The Air Does Not Get Into Baby's Tummy But In The Bottle. Abdominal Pressures And Nagging Just During The Night Will No Longer Disturb Your Little Treasure. The Extra-soft Silicone Teat Is Modeled On The Natural Breast And Thus Facilitating Your Sparrow Switching Between Breast And Bottle. They Are Compatible With The Avent Classic Bottles And Are Available In 6 Different Sizes And Each In A Twin Pack. When Choosing The Right Teat Note That The Ages Are Only Approximate Guidelines. Ever Child Develops Differently. * 0 M+ Food Flow For Newborns 1 Hole * 1 M+ Slow Food Flow 2 Holes * 3 M+ Medium Food Flow 3 Holes * 6 M+ Fast Food Flow 4 Holes * Variable Food Slot Change In The Strength Of The Food Flow During The Meal. Selected Mark On The Teat Should Form A Line To The Nose Of Yyour Baby. Stage I- Slowly, Stage Ii - Middle And Stage Iii  Fast * Mash Teat Y- Slot For Thick And Pasty Food

    Manufacturer: Avent
    ID: Scf631/27
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: Scf63-81822

Nuk Easy Learning Soft Feeding Spoon
    Nuk Easy Learning Soft Feeding Spoon.

    Nuk Easy Learning Feeding Spoon Soft With The Agility Of Your Sweetheart Will Also Its Nutrient-need Be Increased. Between The Fifth And Seventh Month Of Life The Time Has Come For Starting To Feed Your Sunshine With Mash/puree. The Nuk Easy Learning Feeding-spoon Soft Can Ease You And Your Sweetheart The Transition From The Mother Breast Or Feeding Bottle Towards Feeding With A Spoon. The Great Advantage Of The Feeding Spoon Soft Is That The Extra-soft Silicone Upper Spoon-section Can Ensure An Effortless Gentle Transition From The Suction-movement Towards Be Fed With A Spoon. Its Shape With Rounded Edges Is Optimal Adapted At The Small Baby Mouth. Due To Its Extra Long Handle The Spoon Is Also Suitable For Higher Food-glasses. The Ergonomic Shaped Ant-slip Handle Provides You A Safe Grip During The Feeding Of Your Angel. The Feeding Spoon Soft Is Dishwasher-safe, Bpa-free And Will Be Supplied As Practical Dual Pack. You Can Use The Nuk Feeding Spoon Soft For Your Baby From The Fourth Month Of Life. It Perfectly Matches To The Other Articles Of The Program Nuk Easy Learning. Manufactured In Germany

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.255.107
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding, gt, feeding
    SKU: 10255107-82014

Hartan Hand Muff "kids␝
    Hartan Hand Muff "kids␝.

    Hartan Hand Warmer "kids" The Hartan Hand Warmer "kids" Is Decorated With A Plush Fur Interior And Keeps The Hands Of Your Sweetheart Toasty Warm Even In Freezing Temperatures. Thanks To The Push Buttons You Or Your Favorite Can Adjust The Hand Warmer To The Wrist Size - More Practical Than Any Glove. The Hand Warmer "kids" Can Be Attached Quickly And Easily To The Strollers Safety Bar, Is Suitable For All Hartan Sport Stroller Models And Is Available In Black Techno. Note: In The Delivery Is Only The Hand Warmer Included! Product Details: * Stroller Glove With Fluffy Fur Interior * Provides A Warm Fuzzy Hand Feeling Also On Freezing Days * More Practical Than Gloves * With Push Buttons Adjustable In Wrist Size * Mounting On The Safety Bar * Suitable For All Models * Design Uni Black Techno * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Hartan
    ID: 5812
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: 5812

Vtech Discovery Locomotive
    Vtech Discovery Locomotive.

    Vtech Explorer Locomotive The Vtech Explorer Locomotive Promotes The Motor Skills And Is Suitable For Your Little One Aged 9 Months The Vtech Explorer Locomotive Is Ready To Go. It Is Suitable For Your Children Aged 9 Months And Supports The Motor Abilities. Various Control Elements Will Make Your Child Curious And Thus Provide Entertainmeent And Variety. 3 Wheel-buttons Can Be Pressed, Turned, Pushed Which Will Let The Animals Appear. The Movable Front Wheel Releases Sounds And Melodies By Pushing And Pulling. The Colors, Animals And Animal Sounds Ring Out. Four Songs And 16 Melodies For Children Will Encourage To Sing And Hum Along. The Childproof Case For Batteries And The Automatic Switching Off Function Provide Safety. The Vtech Explorer Locomotive Is Equipped With A Volume Control. Product Details: * Recommended Age: 9 - 36 Months * Multicolored Locomotive With Cute Animals As Passengers * Contents: Colors, Animals And Animal Noises * 3 Wheel Buttons For Pressing, Turning And Pushing Let Animals Appear * The Moving Front Wheel Leads To Sounds And Melodies By Pushing And Pulling * Flashing Led Light On The Chimney * 4 Songs * 16 Melodies For Children (lyrics On The Manual Instruction) * Volume Control * Childproof Case For Batteries And An Automatic Switching Off Function * Support Motor Abilites

    Manufacturer: Vtech
    ID: 40754741
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 80151104

Medela Bottle Set Incl. Calma
    Medela Bottle Set Incl. Calma.

    Medela Bottle Set Incl. Calma The Medela Breast Milk Store And Feed Set Is A Perfect Addition To All Medela Breast Pumps. It Is An All-in-one Solution For Collecting, Storing And Feeding Breast Milk Easily. You Can Store And Handle Your Breast Milk Easily With The Four Breast Milk Bottles And Five Pump & Save Breast Milk Bags. All Products Are Bpa Free And So They Are Safe For Collecting, Storing And Feeding Breast Milk. What’s Included: * 1 X Calma Solitaire * 2 X Breast Milk Bottles (150 Ml) With Lid * 2 X Breast Milk Bottles (250 Ml) With Lid * 5 X Pump & Save Bags

    Manufacturer: Medela
    ID: 008.0385
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 008.0385

Britax Rmer Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3
    Britax Rmer Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3.

    Britax Römer Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 The Car Seat Evolva 1-2-3 By Britax Römer Is Suitable For Children At The Age Of Nine Months Up To Twelve Years. This Way, The Car Seat Provides A Long Service Life Of Up To Eleven Years And Thus Grows With Your Child. Group/ Weight Cat Egory: * Group I, Ii And Iii/ Suitable For Children Weighing Between 9 Kg And 36 Kg * Suitable For Children At The Age Of 9 Months Up To 12 Year Conforms To The Norm: * Ece R44/ 04 The Evolva 1-2-3 Comes With A Five-point Harness Which Secures Your Little One Weighing Between 9 Kg And 18 Kg Properly. The Harness Comes With A Central Belt Length Adjustment So That You Can Adapt The Belts Easily To The Size Of Your Child. The Shoulder Belts Feature Special Performance Chest Ppads Which Reduce The Shifting Of The Head As Well As The Level Of Stress In Case Of An Accident. The Car Seat Is To Be Attached To Your Vehicle By Using The Car’s Own Three-point Harness. As Soon As Your Child Weighs 15 Kg You Can Easily Remove The Five-point Harness And Fasten Him With The Car’s Own Three-point Belt Instead. The Belt Positioners Of The Car Seat Guide The Belt Correctly Over Our Child’s Pelvis And Shoulder. In Order To Supply Your Little One With Optimum Side Impact Protection, Britax Römer’s Evolva 1-2-3 Comes With Deep, Soft Padded Side Wings. A Height-adjustable Headrest As Well As Shoulder Belts Make The Car Seat Grow With Your Child. If The Headrest’s Height Is Adjusted, The Shoulder Belts Adapt Accordingly. Thus, Mistakes That Might Occur When The Belts Are Put Back In Are Avoided. The Sitting Position Of The Evolva 1-2-3 Can Be Adjusted In Several Different Levels. Both Side Of The Car Seat Feature Extendable Bottle And Snack Holders Which His Perfect For Keeping Your Little One Satisfied On Longer Rides. Trendy Colours As Well A Cool Designs Make The First Class Plus Have Something For Everyone. All Fabrics Used Are Easy To Clean And Feature A Soft And Smooth Surface. The Covers Cwn Be Removed And Machine Washed If Required. Details: * Installation Via Three-point Harness * Five-point Harness With Central Belt Length Adjustment * Special Performance Chest Pads, Buckle Pads * Height-adjustable Headrest And Shoulder Belts Can Be Set With Only One Hand * Belt Positioners Guide The Three-point Harness Over Your Child’s Pelvis And Shoulders * Height-adjustable Headrest * Deep, Soft Padded Side Wings For Optimum Side Impact Protection * Multiply-adjustable Sittin G Position * Extendable Bottle And Sack Holders * Soft Padded Cover, Removable And Washable * Weight: 7,7 Kg * Size: H 61 – 71 Cm X W 50 Cm X D 52 Cm * Made In Britain

    Manufacturer: Britax Rmer
    ID: 2000024691
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 2000007855-1-99168

Maxi-cosi 2way Family Concept
    Maxi-cosi 2way Family Concept.

    Maxi-cosi 2way Family Concept With The Maxi-cosi 2way Family Concept That Is Suitable Right From Birth Up To 4 Years Traveling Can Be Both Easy And Safe. The I-size Norm Provides Maximum Protection While Guaranteeing Optimum User Comfort. The Trio That Provides Maximum Safety Contains: * Maxi-cosi Infant Car Seat Carrier Pebble Plus * Maxi-cosi Car Seat 2way Pearl * Maxi-cosi 2way Fix Base Body Height/ Age: * Infant Car Seat Carrier Pebble Plus: Suitable From 45 To 75 Cm/ From Birth Up To 12 Months * Car Seat 2way Pearl: Suitable From 67 To 105 Cm/ From Six Months Up To 4 Years Conforms To The Norm: * I-size (r129) The Maxi-cosi Infant Car Seat Carrier Pebble Plus Is Equipped With A Three-point Belt That Has A Pair Of Braces That Can Be Attached To The Abdominal Belt And Thus Provises Optimum Safety For Your Liftle One While Traveling. The Soft And Smooth “baby-hugg” Seat Insert Literally Embraces Your Baby And Supplies Him Or Her With A Better And Safer Reclining Position From The Very First Day On. Once Your Tiny Human Has Reached 67 Cm You Can Switch To The Maxi-cosi 2way Pearl. Due To Its Various Sitting And Reclining Positions Your Child Is Offered A Comfy Place To Cuddle Up, Rest Or Take A Nap Whenever He Or She Feels Like. The Soft Padded Five-point Belt Provides Maximum Protection. The Height Adjustable Headrest Has Been Designed To Grow With Your Child: Together With The Belt The Headrest Can Be Adjusted According To The Height Of Your Little Passenger. The 2way Pearl Can Be Attached To Your Car With The 2way Fix Only. You Can Install The Car Seat Either In A Forward Or Rear Facing Mode (up To A Body Height Of 105 Cm). Both Seats Feature The Best Safety And Comfort Characteristics Such As The “easy-out” Technology Or The Innovative Side Impact Protection System For Optimum Side Impact Protection. The Installation With The Maxi-cosi 2way Fix Base Is Not Only Safe But Also Pretty Handy And Easy-to-use. With Only One Click You Can Attach Both The Infant Car Seat Carrier And The Car Seat 2way Pearl To The Base. A Visual And Audible Signal Confirms Correct Installation And Thus Reduces The Risk Of Incorrect Use. These Safety Features Instantly Convince New Parents To Get This Premium Set. The 2way Family Concept Is A Cool Trio That Offers Both I-size Safety And Rear Faced Traveling From Birth Up To 4 Years. The Long-term Use Of The Car Seat In A Rear Facing Mode Provides Considerably More Passport For Head And Neck. Just The Right Oomph Added To Safety! Product Details Pebble Plus: * Group 0+/ 45 To 75 Cm * Norm: I-size – R129 * Weight: 4,4 Kg * Seating Surface: 24,5 Cm * Attachment With Car’s Own Three-point Belt Or 2way Fix * Approved For Use In Airplanes * Height Of Headrest And Brace Belts Can Be Adjusted Simultaneously * Innovative “easy-out” Technology * Removable Cover Without Prior Removal Of Belt * Washable Cover * Sun Canopy * Incl. Seat Insert

    Manufacturer: Maxi-cosi
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 7980s2-99250

Haba Clutching Toy butterfly␝
    Haba Clutching Toy butterfly␝.

    Haba Clutching Toy “butterfly” The Cute Clutching Toy “butterfly” By Haba Will Instantly Delight Your Child And Invite Him Orr Her To Chew On It. This Funny Clutching Toy Accompanies Your Child At The Age Of Six Months On. It Comes With Several Amazing Functions: Your Little One Can Discover It By Clutching Or Grasping It, By Chewing On It Or Simply By Playing With It. Especially When Your Child Is Teething This Clutching Toy Helps To Soothe And Relax Him Or Her. Details: * Cute Clutching Toy * Suitable From 6 Months On * Several Functions: Clutching/ Grasping, Chewing And Playing * Perfect To Sooth And Relax Your Child During Teething

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 300434
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 300434

Lego Duplo Pizzeria
    Lego Duplo Pizzeria.

    Lego Duplo Pizzeria Enjoy A Delicious Pizza At The Lego Duplo Pizzeria! Play Out Real-life Scenarios In Lego Duplo My Town: A Recognizable World With Modern Duplo Figures. Toddlers Will Love Serving Delicious Pizza Straight From The Oven In This Colourful Restaurant, While Learning The Rouinnes And Etiquette Of Eating Out. They Can Also Take Orders Over The Phone Then Load Up The Bike For Delivery. It Includes Three Duplo Figures. Details: * Includes Three Lego Duplo Figures: A Restaurant Owner, Dad And A Child * Features A Buildable Pizzeria With Opening Pizza Oven, Outdoor Seating Area With Umbrella, Ice Cream Stand And A Delivery Bike * Includes Bricks Decorated As Tomatoes, Cheese, Ice Cream, Pepper Grinder, Money And Oven Controls As Story Starters * Accessory Elements Include Three Pizzas With Two Different Toppings, Cash Register, Ice Cream, Cup, And A Mobile Phone * Help Your Child Take A Delicious Pizza Out Of The Oven And Serve It To Customers In The Outdoor Seating Area * Toddlers Will Enjoy Taking Orders Over The Phone, Then Driving The Bike To Deliver Them * Use The Modern Characters, Accessories And Decorated Bricks To Have Fun While Helping Your Toddler Learn The Routines And Etiquette Of Eating Out * Lego Duplo Products Are Specially Designed To Be Safe And Suitable For Small Hands * Pizzeria Measures Over 7” (19cm) High, 7” (19cm) Wide And 3” (9cm) Deep * Delivery Bike Measures Over 1” (5cm) High, 3” (9cm) Long And 1” (4cm) Wide * Ages: 2 – 5 Years * Pieces: 57 * Item: 10834

    Manufacturer: Lego Duplo
    ID: 41102861
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 6174416

Quinny Winter Insert
    Quinny Winter Insert.

    Quinny Winter Insert Get Some Extra Comfort For Your Little Passenger. Quinny’s Winter Insert Supplies Your Child With A Comfortable And Supporting Seating Position. It Makes The Seat Of Your Buggy A Little Smaller And Can Be Adjusted In Height So That It Adapts Perfectly To The Size Of You Little One. The Super Soft And Cuddly Knitted Fabric Keeps Your Child Warm When It’s Cold Outside. Another Highlight Of This Trendy Winter Insert Is That You Can Reverse It Easily And Thus Create Some Variety And Change. Another Colour – A New Look! Definitely An Absolute Must-have Accessory For Your Quinny Zapp. Suitable For Your Quinny Zapp Express, Flex And Flex Plus! Please Note: The Buggy Is Not Included In Delivery.

    Manufacturer: Quinny
    ID: 1084651000
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: 1084651000

Xtra-lineb Y Hartan Buggy Bit
    Xtra-lineb Y Hartan Buggy Bit.

    Xtra-line By Hartan Buggy Bit Featuring The Trendy Label “xtra-line” The German Manufacturer Hartan Presents The Ultra-compact Buggy “bit”. This Lightweight Buggy Is The Ideal Companion For Strolling Through Town, Being On Trips Or On Holidays. The 4-wheel Suspension Compensates Any Irregularities Of The Surface You Are Driving On And Thus Ensures Good Driving Comfort. The Continuous Push Bar In A High-quality Leather Look As Well As The Swivel Front Wheels Ensure Excellent Manoeuvrability Even On Narrow Passageways. When Having A Break, You Can Easily Lock The Buggy By Using Its Convenient Parking Brake. The Buggy Can Be Folded To A Compact Size In No Time At All. That Way, You Can Fit In Almost Any Car Boot, Turn It Into A Free Standing Unit And Carry It Easily Over The Shoulder By Using A Shoulder Strap. Tip: You Can Easily Attach Your Infant Car Seat To The Bit By Using The Adaptor (sold Separately!) And Thus Turn It Into A Convenient Travel System. Your Little Passenger Will Instantly Fall In Love With The Stylish Buggy And Its Soft Padded Seat Unit. A Smoothly Adjustable Backrest Is Perfect For A Relaxing Nap In Between Times. Your Child Is Secured With The 5-point Safety Belt And The Detachable Play Bar Which Prevents Him From Falling Out Of The Buggy. In Order To Put Your Child In The Buggy You Can Simply Pull The Play Bar To The Front. The Foldable Canopy With Uv Protection 50+ Shields Your Child Form Direct Sunlight And Draught. A Climate Zone Which Is Built In The Canopy Ensures Excellent Air Circulation. Being Provided With The Perfect Equipment – A Rain Cover, A Transport Bag As Well As A Shopping Basket Are Super Convenient Accessories That Come With The Buggy Bit. Details: * Light, Ultra Compact Buggy * Quick And Easy To Fold * 4-wheel Suspension * 360° Swivelling Front Wheels * Adjustable Backrest * Detachable Play Bar And 5-point Safety Belt * Continuous Push Bar In High Quality Leather Look * Incl. Transport Bag And Rain Cover * Shopping Basket Features Maximum Weight Capacity Of 5 Kg * Dimensions Folded: 54 X 46 X 36 Cm * Weight: 6,5kg

    Manufacturer: Hartan
    ID: 2015.04.143
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 2015-04-102588

Nuk Nature Sense Teat  Silicon Teat Size 1 (0-6 Months)
    Nuk Nature Sense Teat  Silicon Teat Size 1 (0-6 Months).

    Nuk Nature Sense Teat – Silicon Teat Size 1 (0-6 Months) The New Nature Sense Product Line From The Company Nuk Provides Your Child With A Natural Drinking Experience – Made In Germany. The Teat Is As Close To A Mother’s Breast – As Inspired By Nature Will Your Little One Accept The Bottle More Easily. Innovative And Special Are The Several Tiny Openings Like The Milk Ducts Of A Mother’s Breast. This Ensures A Smooth And Natural Flow For Your Abby. Your Little One Feels Completely Safe And Secure And, As A Result, Can Accept The Bottle More Easily. No Matter Whether You Would Like To Supplement A Feed Or Stop Breastfeeding, The Teat Has An Extra-wide And Flexible Lip Rest That Lets Your Baby Latch On Naturally. The Innovative Anti-colic Vent Makes It Possible To Drink As If From The Breast Without A Pause And This Helps To Prevent Your Baby Swallowing Air. Prepare Your Little One With An Especially Loving Start Into Life! The Combination Of The Nuk Nature Sense Teat And Its Matching Nuk Nature Sense Baby Bottle Are Simply An Unbeatable Team. Even Papa, Granny And Siblings Come With Help Of The Nature Sense - Products Especially Close To The Little Sunshine When Feeding. A Feeling That Connects Big And Small. The Silicon-teat In Size 1 Is Suitable For Your Baby From Birth Up To The 6 Months. Choose Between S – 3 Tiny Openings For Breast Milk And M – 6 Tiny Openings For Formula. Product Details: * Size 1 (0-6 Months) In S – 3 Tiny Openings For Breast Milk, Water, Tea And M – 6 Tiny Openings For Formula * Breast Like Silicon-teat * Delivery Includes: 2 Pieces * Bpa – Free * Tiny Openings * Wide, Flexible Lip Rest With Extra-soft Teat * Anti-colic Vent * Fits All Nuk Nature Sense Baby Bottles * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.124.018
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 10124-102602

Herding Bedding Disney Pixar Cars
    Herding Bedding Disney Pixar Cars.

    Herding Bedding Disney Pixar Cars With Herding’s Bedding Disney Pixar Card Your Little One Can Recharge His Batteries For New Races And Adventures! This Trendy Bedding Invites Little Racers To Cuddle Up And Rest In Order To Be Ready For New Adventures Of The Next Day. After Some Exciting Dreams About Speed, Friendship And Team Spirit With Lightning Mcqueen, Hook And All The Others, Your Little One Wakes Up Relaxed And Joyful And Will Tell You Everything About His Dreamlike Adventures. The Great Characters And Motifs That Are Featured On This Reversible Bedding Will Make Your Little Racer’s Heart Melt. The 2-part Bedding Is Available In Two Sizes: Size 40 X 60 Cm And 100 X 135 Cm Comes With An Envelope Pillow Case And Duvet Cover With High-quality Zip. Regarding Size 80 X 80 And 135 X 200 Both Pillow Case And Duvet Cover Come With A Zip. The High-quality Material Which Is Made Of 100% Cotton Is Temperature-balancing And Absorbent – Perfect For A Restful And Relaxing S Leep. Details: * Available In Two Sizes * Reversible Bedding Featuring Lightning Mcqueen, Hook And Many More * Fabric: 100% Cotton (renforcé)

    Manufacturer: Herding
    ID: 44290/61.050
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping, gt, all About Sleeping
    SKU: 24290-102913

Medela Nursing Sleep Bra, White
    Medela Nursing Sleep Bra, White.

    Medela Nursing Sleep Bra, White Supplying Nursing Moms With Maximum Comfort, Medela’s Nursing Sleep Bra Is The Perfect Piece Of Clothing For Feeling Relaxed And Most Comfortable During Night And Day. The Bra Is Completely Seamless And, Due To Its Stretch Fabric, Adapts Perfectly To The Changing Body Of A New Mom. The Absorbent Fabric Keeps Away Dampness. Thus, You Will Feel Comfortable And Wake Up Relaxed And Balanced During The Nursing And Breastfeeding Period. This Uniqur Nursing Sleep Bra Adapts Perfectly To The Needs Of A Nursing Mom. Its Nursing Pads Don’t Slip Out Of Place And Thus Leave You Feeling Safe At All Times. In Order To Be Ablet O Nurse Your Little One During The Night, The Sleep Bra Has Been Developed With A Crossed-over Design Which Provides Excellent Access To Your Breast. With This Bra You Will Be Sleeping Tightly, Waking Up Relaxed And Have Easy-going Kids! Details: * Available In Different Sizes * Colour: White * Material: Absorbent Stretch Fabric * Crossed-over Design

    Manufacturer: Medela
    ID: 101033199
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeeding
    SKU: 101033-103416

Grnspecht Organic Teething Ring fish␝
    Grnspecht Organic Teething Ring fish␝.

    Grünspecht Organic Teething Ring “fish” The Grünspecht Organic Teething Ring Is An Organic And Sustainable Alternative To Regular Teething Rings. It Is Made Of 100% Natural Rubber Which Is Extracted From The Hevea Tree. Especially When Your Little One Is Teething This Cute Teething Ring “fish” Comes In Super Handy. Due To Its Special Shape It Reaches Incisors, Canine Teeth And Back Teeth Easily. Its Nubby Surface Can Be Used For A Soothing Massage Of The Gums. At The Age Of Three Months Your Little One Can Easily Grasp And Hold The Teething Ring On His Or Her Own, Which Is Particularly Light And Comfortably Soft And Flexible. Being Free From Pollutants, Silicones And Chemical Plasticisers Your Child Can Use It Daily Without You Having To Worry. Details: * Suitable Right From Birth * Material: 100% Natural Rubber, Free From All Colours, Pollutants And Plasticisers * Nubby Surface For Massaging Gums * Stimulates And Trains Fine Motor Skills And Tactile Sense

    Manufacturer: Grnspecht
    ID: 522-00
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 522-00

Nuk Baby Blue First Choice+ Baby Bottle
    Nuk Baby Blue First Choice+ Baby Bottle.

    Nuk Baby Rose First Choice+ Baby Bottle The Nuk Baby Rose First Choice+ Baby Bottle Is Made ␋of Transparent, Bpa-free Polypropylene (pp). Particularly Light And Unbreakable Presents The Charming Drinking Bottle With An Adorable Baby Rose Print In Soft Pink. The Cute Little Bee And Her Friends From The Popular Nuk Baby Rose & Blue Edition Conquer For Years Now, Almost Every Girl's Heart By Storm. The Pink Nuk Bottles Are Available In Two Sizes, 150 Ml And 300 Ml. The Extra Wide Neck Makes Filling And Cleaning Extremely Easy. The Slightly Fitted Shape Of The Bottle, The Nuk First Choice Bottle+ Baby Is Safe In The Hand , The Wide Base Ensures Good Stability. The Nuk First Choice + Teat Made ␋of High Quality Silicone Is Naturally Shaped And Orthodontic. If You Want To Combine Breastfeeding And Bottle Feeding, Then The Nuk First Choice + Teats Are Exactly The Right Ones. The New Soft Zone The Teat Part Of The Unique Teat The Palate Of Your Little Treasure Adapts Even Better And So Provides A Natural Drinking Feeling. The Optimized Anti-colic Air System Prevents Colic, It Provides A Natural Food Flow And Therefore Enjoy Their Drink Without Swallowing Air. All Materials Used Are Of Course In Reliable Nuk Quality, They Are Absolutely Top Quality, Tested For Harmful Substances And Bpa-free. The Production Takes Place In Germany. Product Details: * Shatterproof Drinking Bottle Made Of Polypropylene ( Pp) * Wide Neck For Easy Filling * Bpa-free * Nuk Anti-colic Air System * Nuk First Choice + Silicone Teat With A New Soft Zone - Orthodontic Nuk Shape And Extra Wide Lip Rest * 150 Ml Baby Bottle + Teat Size 1 (from 0-6 Months), Hole Size M (for Milk) Or 300 Ml Baby Bottle + Teat Size 2 (from 6-18 Months Hole Size M (for Milk) * Scope Of Delivery: 1 Nuk Baby Rose Baby Bottle In The Size Of Your Choice, Including First Choice + Silicone Teat, 1 Cap, 1 Screw Ring, 1 Sealing Disc

    Manufacturer: Nuk
    ID: 10.215.237
    Category: Brand Shops, gt, nuk
    SKU: 10216050-104325

Avent Philips Classic Soother Sea 0-6 Months
    Avent Philips Classic Soother Sea 0-6 Months.

    Avent Philips Classic Soother Sea 0-6 Months The Orthodontic Soothers From The Philips Avent Trend Range Contribute To A Natural And Healthy Development Of Your Baby’s Palate, Teeth And Gums – Even If The Soother Happens To Be Upside Down In Your Little One’s Mouth. Adorable And Cheerful Prints Of Sea Dwellers Such As Crab, Penguin Or Starfish And Dolphins Will Depight Your Little One Immediately. The Orthodontic, Flat, Drop-shaped Symmetrical Teat Is Made Of Silicone. Silic One Teats Are Characterised By A Longer Durability. Furthermore, They Are Odour-free And Neutral In Taste. Practical Ventilation Holes In The Shield Protect The Sensitive Skin Of Your Little One In The Most Reliable Way. The Soothers Are Available In A Double Pack. Each Soother Comes With A Protective Cap Which Keeps A Sterilised Soother Hygienically Clean And Is The Perfect Place To Store It When Being Out And About. Your Little Snshine Will Be Absolutely Delighted By The Beautiful Animal Design – Perfect For Calming Your Child Even Faster. Details: * Size: 0 – 6 Months, Double Pack * Funny Animal Design * Free From Bpa * Orthodontic Soother With Silicone Teat * Security Handle * Ventilation Holes In The Shield * Snap-on Cap * Suitable For The Steriliser * Dishwasher-safe * Made In Eu (uk)

    Manufacturer: Avent
    ID: Scf169/35
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping, gt, all About Sleeping
    SKU: Scf16-105601

Brevi Child Car Seat Cx Isofix Tt
    Brevi Child Car Seat Cx Isofix Tt.

    Brevi Child Car Seat Cx Isofix Tt The Brevi Child Safety Seat Cx Isofix Tt Ensures Safe And Secure Trips For Babies And Infants Right From Birth Up To An Age Of Approx. 4 Years. Your Child Will Enjoy Every Ride In The Soft And Comfortable Seat Shell. Group/ Weight Category: * Group 0+/ 1 Car Seat Suitable For Children With A Weight Of 0 Up To 18 Kg * Age Suitability: From Birth Up To Approx. 4 Years Conforms To The Norm: * Ece R44/04 Especially During Your Little One’s First Months, The Adjustment Of The Recline Position Is One Of The Most Important Features Parents Look For When Buying A Child Safety Seat. The Cx Isofix Tt Features Five Different Relax Positions That Can Be Adjusted Easily Ithout Disturbing Your Child. When The Brevi Cx Isofix Tt Is Used As A Group 0+ Car Seat, It Has To Be Installed In A Rear-facing Mode And Needs To Be Attached With Your Car’s Own Seatbelt. The Spacious Seat Is Perfect For The Smallest Among Us To Cuddle Up And Feel Super Comfy. The Detachable New-born Insert And An Additional Base 0+ Which Is To Be Attached On The Bottom Side Of The Car Seat, Ensure A Correct Lying Position. The Padded Five-point Harness Supplies Your Child With Safety And Comfort. Magnets On The Side Retain The Belts You That You Can Easily Lift Your Child Into The Seat And Fasten Him Properly. The Combination Of The Dsip System (double Side Impact Protection) And The Soft Padded Headrest Which Supports Your Child&rsuo;s Head, Supplies Him With Maximum Side Impact Protection. The Tough And Resistant Material Of The Shell And The Deep Sitting Position Protect Your Child’s Head, Neck And Shoulders As Well As His Pelvis And Legs. At The Age Of 9 Months Or Else A Weight Of Approx. 9 Kg, The Child Safety Seat Is To Be Atttached To Your Car In A Forward-facing Mode By Using The Isofix Connectors And The Top Tether Or Else Your Car’s Own Seatbelt. Colour Indicators Show You Whether The Cx Isofix Tt Is Attached Correctly. The Brevi Cx Isofix Tt Adapts Perfectly To Thr Growth Of Your Child Up To His Fourth Year. That Is Why, You Can Easily Adjust The Headrest And The Built-in Harness Simultaneously With Only One Hand In Seven Different Positions. Parents Will Be Delighted By The Child Car Seat’s Easy Handling. In Combination With The Important Safety Features, The Cx Isofix Tt Accompanies Little Passengers And Ensure Highest Safety According To The Ece R44/04 Norm. Details: * Including Seat Insert And Base 0+ * Installation As Group 0+ Child Safety Seat: Rear-facing Mode With Car’s Own Seatbelt, Usage Of Base 0+ * Installation As Group 1 Child Safety Seat: Forward-facing Mode With Isofix Connectors And Top Tether Or Car’s Own Seatbelt * Colour Indicator Shows Whether The Isofix Connectors And The Top Tether Are Snapped In Correctly * Headrest And Built-in Harness Can Be Adjusted Simultaneously In Seven Different Positions * Adjustment In Five Different Lying Positions * Int...

    Manufacturer: Brevi
    ID: 524-233
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 524-105724

Maxi Cosi Familyfix One I-size Base
    Maxi Cosi Familyfix One I-size Base.

    Maxi Cosi Familyfix One I-size Base The Maxi Cosi Familyfix One I-size Base Is Compatible With Maxi Cosi’s Infant Car Seat Rock As Well As With The Child Car Seat Pearl One I-size And Is Suitable For Children From Birth Up To An Age Of Four Years. Due To The Particularly Easy-to-use Click-and-go Installation, You Can Attach The Base With Only One Click. According To The I-size Norm, Using This Base In Combination With The Approved Infant Car Seat And Child Safety Seat Complies With The Latest Safety Standards. The Visual And Acoustic Indicator Tells You Whether The Car Seat Has Been Installed Correctly So That The Risk Of Misuse Is Minimised. Details: * Compatible With Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat Rock And Maxi Cosi Child Safety Seat Pearl One I-size * Part Of The Familyfix One I-size Concept * Rear-facing Mode From Birth Up To Four Years Of Age * Visual And Acoustic Installation Feedback

    Manufacturer: Maxi-cosi
    ID: 8793000110
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 8793000110

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