Alvi Bedside Cot Set, Natural-coloured, Including Mattress, Cot Bumper And Fitted Sheet
    Alvi Bedside Cot Set, Natural-coloured, Including Mattress, Cot Bumper And Fitted Sheet.

    Alvi Bedside Cot Set, Natural-coloured, Including Mattress, Cot Bumper And Fitted Sheet A Bedside Cot, A Mattress, A Cot Bumper And A Fitted Sheet - Everything You Need To Make Your Little One Sleep Heavenly Comes With This Amazing Set By Alvi. The Alvi Bedside Cot Is The Perfect Solution To Be As Close As Possible To Your Child. No Need To Get Up To Nurse, Console Or Cuddle Your Little One. This Way, Even Mum Can Go Back To Sleep Faster. The Mattress Air Max Provides Highest Comfort – Whether Your Little One Sits Upright, Lies Down Or Sleeps On The Mattress. Optimum Air Circulation Is Given By Special Channels Inside This Premium Mattress. Due To The Medicott® & Dry Equipment The Mattress Features A Perfect Balance Of Humidity And Dryness And Is Also Mould- And House Mites-resistant. A Beautiful Cot Bumper With The “little Dots” Design In The Colour Grey And The Super Soft White Fitted Sheet Make This Set Complete. With This Set, Sleeping Is The Utmost Fun! Details: * Perfec Solution For Parents Who Want To Have Their Little One As Close As Possible * Bedside Cot: Natural-colour Varnished Beech * Including Alvi Mattress Air Max * Including Alvi Cot Bumper With The Design “little Dots” In The Colour Grey * Including Fitted Sheet – Terrycloth White

    Manufacturer: Alvi
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping
    SKU: 71640s-79707

Britax Ră¶mer Rain Cover For Baby-safe Family
    Britax Ră¶mer Rain Cover For Baby-safe Family.

    Britax Römer Rain Cover For Baby-safe Family This Practical Rain Cover For The Infant Car Seats Of Britax Römer’s Baby-safe Family Protects Your Little One In Any Weather. The Washhable, Transparent Material Lets You Always Keep An Eye On Your Little One While The Rain Cover Is Installed. Details: * Rain Cover For Britax Römer Baby-safe I-size, Baby-safe, Baby-safe Plus, Baby-safe Plus Shr, Baby-safe Plus Ii, Baby-safe Plus Shr Ii And Primo. * Easy To Attract * Washable Material

    Manufacturer: Britax Ră¶mer
    ID: 2000024854
    Category: Car Seats, gt, car Seat Accessories
    SKU: 96390009

Britaxră¶mer Sunscreen, Pack Of 2
    Britaxră¶mer Sunscreen, Pack Of 2.

    Britax Römer Sunshade The Britax Römer Sunshades Prktects Your Little Darling From Direct Sunlight While Travelling In The Car. The Delivery Includes 2 Römer Sunshades.

    Manufacturer: Britax Ră¶mer
    ID: 2000002879
    Category: Car Seats, gt, car Seat Accessories
    SKU: 2000002878

Puky Trike Safety Belt
    Puky Trike Safety Belt.

    Puky Trike Belt The Puky Trike Belt Can Easily Be Mounted On The Puky Tricycle And Protect Your Darling From The Sudden Descent Or Slippi Ng. You Can Quickly And Easily Install The Three-point Belt On Puky Trike. Product Details: * Suitable For All Puky Trikes * Quickly And Easily To Install

    Manufacturer: Puky
    ID: 9312
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 9412

Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit
    Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit.

    Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit Medela Combined Their Most Popular Products Into One Simple Set Designed To Help New Mums At The Beginning Of Their Breastfeeding Journey. The Kit Contains All The Products You Need In The First Couple Of Weeks When You Are Breastfeeding. It Provides An Easy Way To Collect And Store Breast Milk. Product Details: * For The Best Start To Breastfeed * Makes A Great Gift * Expressing, Storing And Feeding Breast Milk What’s Included: * 1 X Calma Solitaire * 2 X Breast Milk Bottles (150 Ml) With Lid * 12 X Disposable Nursing Pads * 5 X Pump & Save Bags * 1 X Quick Clean Microwave Bag * 1 X Purelan Cream 7 G

    Manufacturer: Medela
    ID: 008.0382
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 008.0382

Medela Disposable Nursing Pads
    Medela Disposable Nursing Pads.

    Medela Disposable Nursing Pads Medela Disposable Nursing Pads Help Breastfeeding Mums Stay Dry All Day. The Pads Are Made Of Special Material That Helps Mums To Stay Dry When They Need To. The Soft Lining Makes Them Comfortable To Wear And Two Adhesive Tapes Keep Them Securely In Place. The Pads’ Contoured Shape Provides A Discreet, Natural And Reliable Fit. The Nursing Pads Are Individually Wrapped For On-the-go Convenience.

    Manufacturer: Medela
    ID: 008.0306
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 008.0306-94883

Lă€ssig Bib
    Lă€ssig Bib.

    Lă€ssig Bib The Washable Bibs Win You Over With Their Unique Motives And Designs Which Are Appropriate For Children. From œlucky You␝ To œfox␝, No Desires Will Be Left Unfilled. Children Are Allowed To Make A Mess Now! The Bibs Protect The Clothes While Eating And Experimenting With Colours Or Dough - Perfectly Suitable For The Littlest Ones From 6-24 Months. Product Details: - Suitable Aged 6 Months On - Different Designs - Washable - Measurements: 20,5-38cm - Material: 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

    Manufacturer: Lă€ssig Gmbh
    ID: Ltexbeva028
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: Ltexbeva-97570

Lă€ssig Twister Kids
    Lă€ssig Twister Kids.

    Lă€ssig Twister Kids The Twister By Lă€ssig Shouldn␙t Be Missed In Any Wardrobe And Will Become A Colourful Accessory For Your Little One. The Wonderful Motives And Colours Which Are Appropriate For Children Will Fascinate Young Parents. The Wonderful Motives And Colours Which Are Appropriate For Children Will Fascinate Young Parents. Whether For Girls Or Boys, The Colourful Range Of Products Leaves Nothing To Be Desired. Every Outfit Will Get Its Necessary Pep. Twister Is A Multifunctional, Seamless Scarf Which Is Made Of One Piece And Can Be Transformed In A New Accessory Again And Again. The Hightech Material, Which Has Been Used To The Manufacturer Of This Product Is Especially Soft And Resistant And Offers The Highest Wearing Comfort Possible. The Transformation From Scarf To Headscarf Or A Stylish Headband Is Unique. A Cover For Your Child␙s Head Has Top Priority, Regardless Of Which Season Your Baby␙s Tender Skin Should Be Well-protected. Product Details: - Head Cover For Children - Different Designs - Multifunctional - Transformation To Cap, Head Band, Scarf, Bandana, Etc. - Material: Hightech Material, Soft, Resistant, Long Durability - Washable

    Manufacturer: Lă€ssig Gmbh
    ID: Ltext21062
    Category: Brand Shops, gt, l, ssig
    SKU: Ltext2-97663

Chicco Silicone Spout
    Chicco Silicone Spout.

    Chicco Silicone Spout Particularly Soft And Flexible Silicone Spouts With Anti-colic Vent By Chicco. These Replaceable Silicone Spouts Are Suitable For Any Baby Bottle From Chicco’s Wellbeing Range. The Soft Silicone Spout Features A So-called “mummy-effect” And Helps You Ease Your Child’s Transition From Being Breastfed To Being Bottle Fed. Its Large Base And Ideal Length Create Optimum Conditions That Contribute To Feeding Your Child In A Particularly Healthy Way. The Relief-like Rings On The Spout Resemble The Nipple Of A Breast And Thus Help Your Little One Get Familiar With It Quickly. A Special Anti-colic Vent Prevents Your Child From Ingesting Air And Helps Reduce The Risk Of Colic, Spit-up And Irritations While Feeding. The Silicone Spout Is Available In Five Different Sizes And Is Delivered In A Pack Of Two Pieces Each: * Size 0m+ – Regular Flow Ideal For Baby’s First Months * Size 2m+ – Medium Flow Ideal For Babies With Stronger Suction During Their First Months * Size 2m+ – Adjustable Flow The Flow Adjsuts Automatically Depending On The Position Of The Bottle * Size 4m+ – Quick Flow Ideal For Older Children * Size 6m+ – Suitable For Puree Ideal For Fruit Juice, Milk With Biscuits, Puree Details: * Replaceable Silicone Spouts * 5 Different Sizes * Soft And Flexible * Anti-colic Vent * Large Base, Ideal Length * Features “mummy-effect”

    Manufacturer: Chicco
    ID: 00020845200000
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 208112-98706

Mam Teether Bite & Relax Phase 2
    Mam Teether Bite & Relax Phase 2.

    Mam Teething Ring Bite & Relax Phase 2 Design: Pink 2017 Mam’s Teething Ring Bite & Relax Phase 2 Is A Soothing And Pain-relieving Little Helper Ideal For Using During Your Little One’s Teething Time. This Extra-light Teething Ring Which Is Suitable For Children At The Age Of 2 Months And Up, Comes In A Small Size And Is Super Easy To Grasp And Hold. This Mini Teether Has Been Developed To Meet The Needs Of Your Little One During Stage 2 Of The Teething Process And Thus Features An Innovative 3d Shape Which Is Perfect For The Back Teeth. It Features Different Surface Structures Thatmassage Your Little O Ne’s Gums Gently And Thus Contribute To His Wellbeing. The Guard Prevents The Teething Ring From Entering The Oral Cavity Too Deep. Furthermore, The Set Comes With A Transport And Sterilising Box That Keeps The Mam Teething Ring Safe And Hygienic And Ready To Be Sterilised In The Microwave. Details: * Available In Various Colours * Extra- Light Teething Ring Suitable For Small Hands * Perfect For On The Go * Including Transport And Sterilising Box

    Manufacturer: Mam Babyartikel Gmbh
    ID: 66669811
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 666698-99423

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow
    Ergobaby Nursing Pillow.

    Ergobaby Nursing Pillow Tummy-to-tummy With Your Little Offspring. The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow Provides Nursing Mothers The Support They Need To Nurse Comfortably And Bond With Their Child. Ergobaby Has Found A Great Solution, Which Will Be A Memorable Time For Both Mother And Child. The Special Features Of The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow: * The Unique Contour Positions Your Little One Tummy-to-tummy With Mama. The Curve Of The Pillow Gives You Enough Support For Nursinv Comfortably. * The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow With Its Firm And Solid Foam Provides A Natural And Secure Support For Your Little One. * Provides Support For Baby’s Head Above Tummy Which May Aid In Digestion * The Pillow Wraps Around Waist To Provide An Armrest, This Will Prevent Back Pain From A Tense Posture. * The Plush Pillow Cover From 100% Cotton Is Removable And Machine Washable. Let The Breastfeeding Time Become The Most Handsome Week Or Even Months. The Beautiful Ergobaby Nursing Pillow Gives You The Enduring Support You Need To Relax, Nurse Comfortably And Bond With Your Baby. No Matter Which Breastfeeding Position You Choose, Even With Bottle Feeding – With The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow Will You Always Make The Right Choice. The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow Can Also Provide For A Comfortable Posture Even After The Breastfeeding Time Is Over. A Great Relief For Your Shoulder-neck Area. Product Details: * Unique Contour * Firm Foam Maintains Shape For Continued Support (100%pu) * Plush Pillow Cover: Poplin – 100% Cotton * Cover Removable And Machine Washable * Weight: 0,95 Kg

    Manufacturer: Ergobaby
    ID: Npasheep2l
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: Npagrbn-101231

Peg-perego Off-road Tyres
    Peg-perego Off-road Tyres.

    Peg-perego Off-road Tyres The Large Peg-perego Off-road Front Wheels Provide Maximum Stability While Strolling Through Meadows, Fields And Even Through Snow. You And Your Little One Are Offered Much More Stability, Because The Wheels Have Been Designed With A Big Diameter And They Do Not Swivel. Perfect For Riding On Rough Surfaces, The Peg-perego Off-road Tyres Are Essential Accessories Suitable For Your Peg-perego Book S. Replacing The Wheels And Thus Transforming Your Book S Into An Off-road Stroller Is Super Simple. You Can Replace The Front Wheels With Only A Few Clicks. Details: * Suitable For Peg-perego Book S * Easy Replacement * Stability On Rough Surfaces * No Swivel Wheels * Perfect For Snow, Forest, Meadows, Fields * Made In Italy

    Manufacturer: Peg-perego
    ID: Y5bkradlks
    Category: Strollers, gt, stroller Accessories
    SKU: Y5bkradlks

Gb By Cybex Buggy Pockit +
    Gb By Cybex Buggy Pockit +.

    Gb By Cybex Buggy Pockit + The Compact Lightweight Buggy Pockit + Created By Gb By Cybex Now Scores With An Individually Adjustable Backrest. With Its Innovative 2 X 2 D Fold Mechanism You Can Quickly Fold The Buggy To A Compact Size That Easily Fits In Your Handbag. This Functional Buggy Weighs Only 4,3 Kg. When Folded You Can Easily Store It Or Take It With You Wherever You Go. It Definitely Fits In Any Car Boot, No Matter How Small. Both Easy And Simply Brilliant – When Folded The Gb Pockit Is Freestanding. The Buggy Is Perfect As An Ideal Everyday Companion For Strolls Through Town Or Even On Rough Terrain. The Individually Adjustable Harness Keeps Your Little One Safe In The Buggy So That He Or She Can Enjoy Every Ride In It. The Backrest Can Be Adjusted Continuously And Thus Enables A Reclined Sitting Position. Great For Relaxing Or Even A Little Nap Here And There. The Stylish Shape As Well As The Trendy Colours Make This Buggy The Ultimate Eye-catcher When You’re Out And About. Both The Sliding Handles And The Swivel Front Wheels Contribute To The Buggy’s Manoeuvrability. To Add Some More Stabiliy When Traveling On Rough Terrain You Can Easily Lock The Swivel Front Wheels. Sitting In The Comfy Seat And Under The Neat Little Day-star Shade Makes Your Little One Feel Safe And Well-protected. The Buggy Is Suitable For Children From 6 Months Up To 4 Years (17 Kg). The Buggy Also Comes With A Small Shopping Basket In Which You Can Store All Necessities And Niceties You Need While Exploring The Surroundings. Created By Experts And Made With High-quality Materials! Product Details: * Available In Various Designs * Suitable For Children From Approx. 9 To 17 Kg/ From Approx. 6 Months To 4 Years * Smallest Buggy Worldwide * Continuous Adjustment Of Backrest * Innovative 2 X 2 D Fold Mechanism; Handbag-size * Size Folded: 30 X 18 X 35 Cm * When Folded Buggy Is Freestanding * Lightweight With Only 4,3 Kg * Sliding Handle For Comfortable Manoeuvrability * Adjustable Harness, Shoulder Pads * Incl. Sun Shade, Small Shopping Basket * Lockable Swivel Front Wheels

    Manufacturer: Cybex
    ID: 617000049
    Category: Strollers
    SKU: 6170000-101514

Cybex Platinum Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus
    Cybex Platinum Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus.

    Cybex Platinum Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus The Cybex Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus Provides An Ergonomic Lie-flat Position Outside The Car. Group / Weight Class: * Group 0+ / 0 – 13 Kg * From Birth Up To A Approx. 18 Months Corresponds To Standards: * Ece R44/04 The Cybex Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus Offers Two Installation Options. Depending In C~tinuance Your Needs And Possibilities, You Can Install The Infant Carrier On The Aton Base Q-fix Or With The 3-point Harness Of Your Vehicle. The Aton Base Q-fix Is Not Included In The Delivery. An Installation With The Isofix-base Provides You And Your Little One The Highest Comfort An Optimum On Safety. The Infant Carrier Is Quick And Easy To Install – In Just A Few Seconds Is The Carrier Attached To The Base And Your Trip Can Begin. The Cybex Infant Carrier Cloud Q Plus Is Suitable From Birth Up To The Approximately 8 Months And Is Equipped With A Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (l.s.p. System). The Very First Forces Of An Accident Are Transferred By The Extended Side Protector Facing The Door And Are Distributed To The Car Seat's Shell. The Flexible Material And Structure Of The Infant Carrier Then Absorbs The Forces Of An Impact And Channels Them Away From The Baby. In Combination With The Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection System The Height-adjustable Headrest Adds To The Excellent Side-impact Protection Of The Cloud Q Plus Infant Carrier. The Carrier Is Equipped With An 11-position Height Adjustable Headrest And Integrated Harness Guide, The Length Of The Harness Changes Automatically When The Headrest Is Adjusted. This Prevents Any Need For The Difficult Threading In And Out Of The Harness And Makes It Almost Impossible To Misuse. Cbex Has Developed A Function That Provides A Near Flat And Ideal Lying Position. The Risk Of Suffocation Is Thereby Significantly Reduced. This Is Achieved Through A Removable Seat Insert, Which Also Offers More Space And Comfort For Bigger Children Once Removed. You Can Bring The Carrier Into An Ergonomic Lie-flat Position Outside The Car. With A Longer Leg-rest And A Lie-flat Position, The Child Can Lie Comfortably And In An Ergonomically Correct Position. The Carrier Can Also Transform Into A Practical And Clever Carrucot For The First Months, Thanks To The Flat Lying Angle. With The Help Of An Adapter, The Cybey Cloud Q Plus Can Be Attached Onto Any Stroller Or Buggy From Cybex, Gb Or Other Selected Brands, So It Transforms Into A Convenient Travel System. The Integrated, Xxl Fold-away Sun Canopy Disappears Elegantly Behind A Color-coordinated Visor. It Can Be Extended Incrementally, Offering Not Only Perfect Sun Protection But Also Protection Against Wind And Rain. Durable And Beautiful - An Exclusive, Very Hard-wearing Fabric With A Twill Effect In A Denim Look. Product Details: * Suitable Form Birth Up To Approximately 18 Months * Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection * For A Near Flat And Ideal Lying Position During Premature B...

    Manufacturer: Cybex
    ID: 517000044
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 51542-101629

Hauck Baby Bottle Warmer Feed Me
    Hauck Baby Bottle Warmer Feed Me.

    Hauck Baby Bottle Warmer Feed Me In Order To Warm Your Child’s Food Evenly In A Short Time In Your Car, You Definitely Need To Take Along The Hauck Baby Bottle Warmer Feed Me. The Feed Me Bottle Warmer Is Made Of Durable Neoprene And Is Furthermore Equipped With An Innovative And Unique Heating Element That Warms Your Little One’s Food In Minutes. The S Hape Of The Feed Me Adapts Easily To Any Bottle. Due To Its Compact Size The Feed Me Can Be Stored In Any Car Cup Holder Or Attached To The Dashboard Via Its Hanger. The Power Indicator And The Integrated Overheating Protection Offer Safety. The Huack Baby Bottle Warmer Features A 12-volt Adapter That Has Been Designed To Plug Easily Into Your Car Adapter. Details: * Baby Bottle Warmer For On The Go (for Glasses, Cups And Bottles) * Suitable For Any 12-volt Car Adapter * Innovative Heating Element Warms Baby’s Bottle In A Short Time * Can Be Stored In Any Car Cup Holder Or Attached To The Dashboard * Material: Durable Neoprene * Characteristics: Foldable, Stretchy, Insulating, Easy To Use, Wipeable * Warming Time: Approx. 15 Min. * Size: 10 X 12 Cm

    Manufacturer: Hauck
    ID: 618097
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 618097

Safety 1st Fast And Finished Car Potty
    Safety 1st Fast And Finished Car Potty.

    Safety 1st Fast And Finished Car Potty Soon It Will Be Time For Potty Training! The Safety 1st Fast & Finished Car Potty Comes With A Cheerful Print That Will Delight Your Little One Instantly. The Potty Can Be Emptied And Cleaned Easily By The Help Of The Removable Bowl – Thus, The Potty Is Ready For The Next Sitting In No Time At All. This Way, Weaning Your Child Off The Nappies Is Going To Be Easy-peasy. The Potty With Its Cute Car Design Is The Best Base For Successfully Mastering This Big Step. Details: * Suitable From Approx. 6 Months And Up * Removable Bowl

    Manufacturer: Safety 1st
    ID: 32110143
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 32110143

Haba Stacking Game œcat And Mouse␝
    Haba Stacking Game œcat And Mouse␝.

    Haba Stacking Game “cat And Mouse” Haba’s Stacking Game “cat And Mouse” Brings Ultimate Fun Into Your Child’s Nursery. Due To Their Different Shapes The Pieces Of Haba’s Stacking Game “cat And Mouse” Supply Your Child With Multiple Stacking Possibilities So That There Is Always Something New And Exciting To Discover. Thus Your Little One’s Fine Motor Skills Are Stimulated And Trained In A Playful Way. This Toy Is Made In Germany And Holds The Pefc Certificate – All Materials Used Come From Sustained Forestry. Details: * Material: Beech Wood * Content: 14 Stacking Pieces, 1 Dice, 20 Template Cards, 1 Game Manual * Age Suiability: From 2 Years On * Size: E.g. Dice 4 X 4 X 4 Cm * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Haba
    ID: 302925
    Category: Toys, gt, toys For Children
    SKU: 302925

Hubelino Building Set 200 Pieces
    Hubelino Building Set 200 Pieces.

    Hubelino Building Set 200 Pieces Hubelino’s Building Set That Comes With 200 Amazing Pieces Will Bring Ultimate Fun Into Your Little One’s Nursery. Being Perfect For Beginners This Set Features Easy Tracks Up To Difficult Runs And Thus Offers Everything A Little Building Master Dreams Of. By Inventing New Tracks And Runs, Your Child Stimulates And Trains His Or Her Creativity, Motor Skills As Well As Ratiocination In A Playful Way. The Thought-through Pegging System Guarantees That The Runs Your Little One Created Stay Put And The Balls Remain On The Tracks. The Set Features 200 Amazing Pieces That Will Stimulate Your Little One’s Fantasy Every Time He Or She Plays With Them. Offering Endless Playing Possibilities, This Set Is The Perfect Companion For A Very Long Time. All Individual Pieces Can Be Combined Randomly. Thus Your Child Can Create New Exciting Tracks Every Day. In Order To Increase The Difficulty Levels This Building Set Can Be Extended With Several Other Sets. Premium Product Made In Germany. Details: * Age Suitability: From 3 Years And Up * 200 Pieces * Stimulates And Trains Creativity And Motor Skills * Encourages Reasoning * Endless Playing Possibilities * Extendable Set * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Hubelino
    ID: 38112261
    Category: Toys
    SKU: 38112261

Mam Mini Cooler & Clip
    Mam Mini Cooler & Clip.

    Mam Mini Cooler & Clip Design: Pink 2017 This Extra-light Mini Cooler & Clip By Mam Is Perfect In The Place Of When Your Little One’s First Teeth Cut Through. The Teether’s Special Shape Is Ideal For Being Grasped And Held By Small Hands. Various Surface Structures Relieve Pain And Contribute To Your Child’s Wellbeing. When Stored In The Fridge, This Trendy Teether Gently Cools The Affected And Sore Parts In Your Little One’s Mouth. Grasping For And Holding The Mini Cooler Fosters Your Child’s Sense Of Touch And Motor Skills. This Way, Your Little One Also Learns About The Difference Between Hot And Cold. The Practical Holding Band Ensures That The Teether Is Always Easy To Reach And Won’t Get Lost On The Go. The Clip Can Be Attached To Your Little One’s Clothes Easily. Please Note: Item Is Delivered In A Pre-sorted Colour. Thus, Preselecting The Mini Cooler’s Colour Is Not Possible. Details: * Age Suitability: From 2 Months And Up * Item Is Delivered In A Pre-sorted Colour * Teething Ring With Holding Band And Clip * Special Ring Shape – Easy To Grasp And Hold * Fosters Sense Of Touch And Motor Skills * With Cooling Part – For Instant Pain Relief

    Manufacturer: Mam Babyartikel Gmbh
    ID: 66814220
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 40726233-103362

Chicco Easy Meal Scoop System For Formula, 0+
    Chicco Easy Meal Scoop System For Formula, 0+.

    Chicco Easy Meal System For Formula, 0+ Chicco’s Easy Meal System Makes Everyday Life With A Tiny Human A Lot Easier. Right From Breastfeeding Time To The Weaning Period, This Entire System Provides You With Great Possibilities To Store Formula, Snacks And The Like. This Way You Always Have The Right Box Easy To Reach – They Are Leak-proof And Super Easy To Feed Your Child From Or For Snacking Something Healthy On The Go. The Scoop System For Formula 0+ Comes With A Dispenser For Formula And A Container That Holds 300ml. You Can Store Up To Three Measured Servings Of Formula In The Container. Thus, Freshly Preparing Your Litttle One’s Bottle When Being Out And About Is Super Easy. Once You Remove The Different Sections In The Container, You Can Also Use It For Storing All Sorts Of Meals. The Container With Its Airtight Seal Is Perfect For Taking Snacks And Sweet Treats With You. All Containers Of Chicco’s Easy Meal Collection Are Interchangeable And Feature An Innovative Linkage System So That They Can Be Slotted Together For Safely Transporting Them. They Are Suitable For Freezing Food And For Warming It In The Microwave. Details: * Suitable Right From Birth * Items Delivered: Scoop For Formula With 3 Removable Sections, 300ml Container * Suitable For Storing And Transporting, Freezing And Warming Food * Linkage System That Holds The Containers Tightly When Slotted Together * Material: Free From Bpa * Made In Italy

    Manufacturer: Chicco
    ID: 00007657000000
    Category: Nursing , amp, Feeding
    SKU: 00007657000000

Britax Ră¶mer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe
    Britax Ră¶mer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe.

    Britax Römer Infant Car Seat Baby Safe The Baby Safe Stands Out As One Of The Lightest Infant Car Seats Of Britax Römer’s Range. The Light Shell Combines Ultimate Comfort With Super Smart Safety Features. Group/ Weight Category: * Group 0/ Up To A Body Weight Of 13 Kg * Suitable Right From Birth Up To 13 Months Conforms To The Nom: * Ece R44/04 Due To The Soft-padded Side Wings Your Little One Will Feel Cuddled Up Like In A Cocoon. Both Headrest And The Integrated Cushion In The Back Section Supply Your Child With An Ergonomic Recline Position. Once Your Little One Has Grown Taller, You Can Remove The Cushion Easily. Attaching The Car Seat By Using The Britax Römer Baby Safe Isofix Base Or The Baby Safe Belted Base (both Not Included In Delivery!) Is Done Super Easy And In No Time At All. Alternatively, You Can Also Fasten The Car Seat By Using Your Car’s Own Seat Belt. The Integrated Five-point Harness Distributes And Reduces The Forces That Occur In A Car Crash Via Your Child’s Shoulders, Hip And The Belt Buckle. Belt Pads Protect Your Little One’s Sensitive Skin. The Carrying Handle Can Be Adjusted Easily So That You Can Put Your Child In And Out Of The Car Seat Carrier Effortlessly. The Sun Canopy With Uvp 50+ Protects Your Child From Sun, Wind And The Prying Eyes Of Curious Strangers. Britax Römer’s Baby Safe Infant Car Seat Is Also Suitable For Using It As Part Of A Practical Travel System. With The Help Of The Click & Go Adaptor (not Included In Delivery!) You Can Easily Attach The Car Seat To Any Britax Pram. Changing The Car Seat From Car To Pram As Well As Its Easy Use Will Make You Fall In Love With It Immediately. The Baby Safe Is A Versatile Companion That Will Help You Ease Everyday Life With An Infant. Details: * Available In Varios Designs * Group 0/ Suitable From Ibrth Up To 13 Months7 0 To 13 Kg * Attachment In A Rear Facing Mode By Using The Britax Römer Baby Safe Isofix Base/ Belted Base (both Not Included In Delivery!) * Five-point Harness * Adjustable Carrying Handle, Sun Canopy With Uvp 50+, Headrest With Removable Cushion, Soft-padded Side Wings * Removable And Machine Washable Cover * Size: 57 X 44 X 65 Cm * Weight: 3,9 Kg * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Britax Ră¶mer
    ID: 2000026517
    Category: Car Seats
    SKU: 265-103797

Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou, Giraffe “ Beige
    Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou, Giraffe “ Beige.

    Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou, Giraffe – Beige This Super Cosy Sleeping Bag Accompanies Your Little Safely Into The Land Of Dreams. The Adorable Motif As Well As Subtle Colours Turn This Sleeping Bag Into A Comfortable Companion That Guarantees Sweet Dreams. The Temperature-balancing Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou Makes Your Child Feel Cosy And Safe While Walking Through The Land Of Dreams. Only With Healthy Sleep, Your Child Can Start The New Day Fresh And Awake. In The First Phase Of Sleep Your Little One’s Body Temperature Usually Measures Some Points Above The Ideal Value. During This Stage Micro Capsules In The Sleeping Bag Transform Their Physical Condition Into Liquid, Save The Body Temperature And Generate A Cooling Eff Ect. As Soon As Your Little One’s Body Temperature Drops, The Heat Saved In The Stage Before Is Released And The Micro Capsules Become Solid Again. This Mechanism Prevents Heat Accumulation And Ensures That Your Child Is Kept Warm And Can Enjoy His Or Her Relaxing Sleep. The Particularly Light And Breathable Fabric As Well As The Pear Shape Of This Sleeping Bag Supply Your Child With Maximum Sleeping Comfort And More Space To Move Freely. Furthermore, The Sleeping Bag Is Equipped With A Zip Which Comes In Super Handy When You Have To Change Your Little One’s Nappies During The Night – Simply Open The Zip And You Can Start Changing Him Or Her Without Turning Them Around. A Protective Cover On The Zip Provides Optimum Safety Without Bothering Your Little One. The Back Part Of The Sleeping Bag Comes Without Any Stitching Or Seam. The Sleeping Bag Can Be Machine Washed At 40°c In The Delicate Cycle. The Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou Is An All-year-round Sleeping Bag That Is Available In Many Great Designs. Depending On The Temperature, You Can Even Detach The Sleeves By Using The Velcro Fastener. If Its Particularly Cold Outside, The Sleeping Bag Can Be Preheated On The Heating – This Way, Cold Feet Belong To The Past And Your Child Feels Cuddled Up In His Or Her Cosy Sleeping Bag At All Times. Also, The Gesslein Sleeping Bag Bubou Giraffe In The Colour Beige Reduces The Risk Of Cot Death And Guarantees You And Your Baby Relaxing Nights And High Sleeping Comfort. Details: * Design 074, Giraffe – Beige * Available In Different Sizes * All-year-round Sleeping Bag * Constant Temperature Due To Pcm-technology * Hyperthermia And Hypothermia Are Avoided * Zip For Easy Nappy Changing During The Night * Protective Cover On The Zip For More Safety * Detachable Sleeves * Fabric: High-quality Cotton Jersey, Breathable Fabric, Machine Washable At 40°c, Easy-care Fabric * Back Part Without Stitching And Seams * Pear Shape * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Bubou
    ID: 770-074
    Category: Living , amp, Leeping
    SKU: 770-074-105236

Brevi Changing Mat Tablet
    Brevi Changing Mat Tablet.

    Brevi Changing Mat Tablet The Perfect Solution For A Space-saving Changing Area. Do You Have Only Little Space In Your Flat But Still Wish To Supply Your Little One With A Comfortable And Cosy Place For Being Changed In? Then You Will Fid The Brevi Tablet The Ideal Solution. The Changing Mat Comes With Non-slip Feet So That You Can Use It On Any Surface. It Provides Your Child With A Soft Surface That Can Be Wiped Clean Easily. It Will Turn Out To Be The Perfect Place For Cuddling And Pampering Your Child As Well As Enjoying All The Wonderful Moments Together. The Brevi Tablet Also Features Large Storage Compartments Which Come In Super Handy For Keeping Essentials Such As Baby Creams And Nappies Easy To Reach. The Changing Mat Comes With Matching Adaptors So That You Can Easily Attach It To Either A Travel Cot Or Your Baby’s Crib. Choose One Of The Adorable Designs – Made In Italy! Details: * Age Suitability: Right From Birth * Available In Various Designs * Including Adaptors For Attaching The Changing Mat To Travel Cots Or Cribs, Storage Compartments * Suitable For Travel Cots With A Depth Of At Least 61 Cm/ Max. 63 Cm * Suitable For Cribs With A Depth Of At Least 63 Cm/ Max. 70 Cm * Changing Mat: 2 High Side Parts, Washable * Size: 76,5 X 54 Cm * Made In Italy

    Manufacturer: Brevi
    ID: 006-673
    Category: Baby Care
    SKU: 006501-105674

Ză¶llner My Julius Vario Cot Bumper
    Ză¶llner My Julius Vario Cot Bumper.

    Zöllner My Julius Vario Cot Bumper Add Some More Vibrant, Colourful And Trendy Oomph To Your Little One&am P;rsquo;s Nursery! The Amazing Designs Of The “my Julius” Collection By Zöllner Delight Parents And Children Alike. The Easy-care Fabric Features Adorable All-over Prints Which Create A Particularly Pleasant Atmosphere And Definitely Strike The Eye. The Cuddly Soft Padding With Polyester Fleece Prevents Your Little One’s Head From Bumping Against The Bars Of The Cot While Protecting Her From Unpleasant Draught At The Same Time. The Cot Bumper Features Cotton Bands With Which You Can Attach It Randomly To Your Child’s Cot. Of Course, The Vario Cot Bumper Is Tested And Certified According To The Oeko-tex Standard 100 And Provides Optimum Safety And Protection At All Times. Details: * Fancy Designs From The “my Julius” Collection * Size: 35 X 180 Cm * Including Bands For Attaching It Randomly To The Cot * Fabric: 100% Cotton * Filling: 100% Polyester * Head Protection, Supplies Child With Safety And Comfort * Washable At 30°c * Certification: Oeko-tex Standard 100 * Made In Germany

    Manufacturer: Ză¶llner
    ID: 82401 1765 0
    Category: Living , amp, Sleeping, gt, all About Sleeping
    SKU: 824-105920

Chicco Baby Senses Soft Toy Dino
    Chicco Baby Senses Soft Toy Dino.

    Chicco Baby Senses Soft Toy Dino The Colourful Soft Toy Dino By Chicco Has Everything That Will Make Your Little One’s Heart Beat Faster. Various Fabrics Encourage Your Child To Grasp For And Touch This Cute Toy. Its Labels Attached To Its Body Are Perfe Ct For Discovering Them With The Fingers. This Will Arouse Your Little One’s Curiosity, Stimulate His Or Her Visual Senses And Foster Fine Motor Skills. The Teething Ring Attached To The Toy Is Made Of Soft Synthetic Material That Soothes Your Little One’s Gums And Eases Teething Pain. Its Special Feature Is Its Flat Shape, Like A Blanket, Which Is Particularly Suitable For The Smallest Among Us And Thus Brings Them Joy And Entertains Them. Details: * Age Suitability: From 3 Months And Up * Made Of Various Fabrics * Many Labels * Teething Ring * Flat Shape, Easy To Grasp

    Manufacturer: Chicco
    ID: 00007894000000
    Category: Toys, gt, baby Toys
    SKU: 7894-105968
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